The Top 10 BEST Protein Bars You Should Be Eating

We all need protein, whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or recover from a workout and as much as well all love the Mfit Organic Vegan Protein Superfood, we may not always have it on hand to mix up into a healthy snack. Sometimes we need just to be able to reach for a quick snack that is easy and healthy, something we can grab while we are out running around.

Chances are you’ve eaten a protein bar or two, and as you have probably noticed, you have a lot of choices to pick from. Walking down any grocery store aisle, convenience store, or your local health store, you’ll find an endless supply of protein bars.

And some of them look absolutely delicious!

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the clever marketing techniques and colorful packaging, because only a few of these protein bars may be worth reaching for.

In this blog, I’ll show you…

  • My list of top 10 protein bars
  • Why I think these protein bars are the best on the market


#1  Morellifit Protein Bars

Ok, so these aren’t out yet, but you know they are going to be great because you’ve had our supplements and you know I won’t put out anything other than the best. It is our reputation for having the cleanest and best-tasting supplements around that I know they will blow all other bars out of the water!

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You’ve seen our products, you’ve seen our services, so you know that I expect the very best. Whether you’re consuming our Organic Vegan Protein Superfood or BCAAs, nothing beats our supplement line when it comes to quality as we have the cleanest ingredient decks on the market! You’ve come to expect the highest quality in our supplements and my protein bars with be no different. You know you’ll only be getting the best.

This means the best ingredient deck and the best nutritional profile around. You may not be able to get these yet, but I am including them on the list because you will be able to get them soon and I already know that they are the absolute best.

#2 Jane Health Bars

Jane is known for being a genius at natural herbs and ingredients, and her bars are no different. They are clean and delicious. Every bar contains 15 grams of protein and uses 100% grass fed whey. You won’t find these on the shelf, but you can order a box by clicking here.

This bar has the #1 macro profile and ingredient deck at the moment. It is loaded with flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. The nutrient density of this bar is second to none!

#3 Epic Bar

This is one of the cleanest bars out there on the market with one of the smallest ingredients decks as it is mostly beef (or whatever meat you choose to get). The only issue I have with this bar is that it has too little protein in it. Depending on the flavor you get, it only has about 8-9 grams of protein per bar so if you are going to have this one, it is best to eat two.

These are my top 3 bars and the ones that I will turn to anytime. They are some of the best bars on the market today. When picking a protein bar you want to check the ingredient deck to make sure you’re not consuming harmful ingredients. Make sure to go for an all-natural bar that is free of any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colorings.

Did you know that the use of artificial colorings are banned in many countries all over the world, yet the FDA allows so many products here in the US to use them? With all the consequences that they can have on your health and especially how they impact your kids, it’s crazy they all this! Click here to see what other ingredients you may be consuming that other countries ban due to health risk.

Now that I’ve talked about my top 3 bars, here are 7 more of the BEST protein bars for you to choose from. Most of these are easy to find and can be found at your local grocery store or supplement shop.

#4 Tanka Bar

The Tanka bar is pretty close to the Epic Bar and in my opinion, they are a tie and should both come in at #3. It does have a gram or two of less protein in it, depending on the flavor you get, so just like with the Epic Bar, if you are going to choose this one, eat two. Or better yet, have one of each!

#5 Bulletproof Lemon Cookie Collagen Protein Bar

Out of all the healthy protein bars on the market that I have tried this is the absolute best tasting. And the ingredients are fantastic! It is made with collagen protein, which is amazing and one of the best proteins you can get. The attention to detail in the ingredient deck is extraordinary! And, you just can’t beat the flavor, Overall, the nutritional profile could definitely be better and it best used on low carb day because it is a bit higher in fat. And while it does have 12 grams of protein, I would still like to see some more in it.

#6 EXO Bar

This is definitely one of the most interesting bars on the market as it is made with cricket protein. Now, before you turn your nose up at it, give it a try. The idea behind using cricket protein instead of traditional sources of protein is an attempt at producing a sustainable protein source. Plus, it tastes pretty good and has an excellent ingredient deck.

There are, however, a few downsides of this bar when you begin to look at the nutritional profile. It is rather high in sugar with 13 grams, high in fat with 20 grams, and low in protein with only 10 grams. This bar is one of the most calorically dense bars on this list as it is packed with 300 calories. This is almost a meal.


There are so many things I love about this bar. I like that it is made with egg whites, giving people who are sensitive to whey a great option. I also absolutely love the packaging. The ingredients are right on the front and it is very transparent. You know exactly what is in it when you pick it up. The downside to this bar is that it is pretty high in sugar with 15 grams per bar and only contains moderate protein with 12 grams per bar.

#8 PaleoKrunch Bar (Steve’s PaleoGoods)

This bar contains a good combination of seeds and contains few ingredients, which I really like. The seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, provide extra nutritional value. The downside to this bar is that it is low in protein with only 7 grams and it is high in fat with 13 grams per bar.

#9 Perfect Bar

I love that this bar is all organic and non-GMO, however, this bar is high in sugar with 18 grams, high in fat with 18 grams and low in protein with 13 grams. It is also just as calorically dense as the EXO Bar with 300 calories. This bar also contains nonfat dry milk in is and is something you need to watch for, especially if you are lactose intolerant. Unlike whey powder, where the lactose is removed, dry milk still contains lactose.

#10 LäraBar

The LäraBar is all natural and uses natural sources such as dates and raisins to sweeten it, which I really like as an alternative to artificial sweeteners that you see in so many bars on the market. I also like that there are only 6 ingredients in this bar. Plus it is vegan, providing a healthier option to those who do not consume animal products. However, this bar does contain more sugar (18 grams) and less protein (only 4 grams) than I like to see a bar. This low protein and high sugar are what lands this bar at the bottom of my list of BEST protein bars.

Protein bars can be a great option if you are on the go and in need of a healthy snack, but you should know which ones are the better option. There are some low-quality protein bars out there, and you may as well just be eating a candy bar.

Find out our Top 10 WORST Protein Bars, so you know which ones to stay away from and what they may be doing to your health. Chances are they one of these is your go-to protein bar!

Of course, protein bars don’t meet all of your nutritional needs, so be sure you are eating a nutritious diet and supplementing with a high-quality protein powder. Just like protein bars, there are only a few protein powders even worth trying and you know we have the very best.

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