15min All-Out Ab Assassin

You either clicked on this blog because you were scared or excited by the title. Good! Why are we calling this the Ab Assassin? Well, because your abs should be dead by the time you’re done with this amazing core workout.

Your core muscles can be some of the hardest muscles to work, and there are two specific reasons for that. First, you use your core A LOT during the day, and those muscles tend to be very strong. You have to do a lot of extra work on them to “feel the burn” that you’d like. The second reason is that your abs and obliques are a set of muscles that most people only target with crunches even though that isn’t the only or most effective exercise for this group of muscles.

So check out this fantastic workout below as we take you through an ab burner that you’ll want to add to your weekly routine. We pulled this workout directly from our HIIT Max Elite program where there are other ab specific workouts like this if you enjoyed it, along with many other body changing workouts that target all of your muscle groups.

You can find more workouts like this inside our HIIT Max Elite membership platform, and we want to extend a 30-day Free Trial for you to get inside and experience the power of HIIT workouts.

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