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Archives for January 2015

The Simple Mind Hack To Make Anything Easier

I read.

A lot.

I love learning, I love self-development, expanding my knowledge, and above all, helping you guys.

And one of the amazing tips I picked up recently is all to do with reaching your goals. Actually, not just achieving your goals, but smashing your targets out of the park, and making them a breeze to accomplish.

I learned this trick from my buddy Tai Lopez.

It’s genius, and you will love it.

Before I reveal it, though, let me tell you what this will help you with.

In this post, you’ll learn how to …

  • Why you should set goals
  • How to use contrast bias to your advantage

The Art of Goal Setting 

Goal setting is key to your success.

Without having set, defined, determined and realistic goals, you’ll get nowhere.

So many people want to lose weight, get leaner, feel fitter and healthier, live longer, build bigger arms, or finally achieve that six-pack.

But few follow through and do it – why is that?

It’s rarely a lack of desire or even a lack of knowledge – rather it’s a lack of goal setting.

Or rather, it’s because people are scared to commit, and fail to use contrast bias.

And that’s what today’s blog is all about.

The Man on the Moon

Before we put a man on the moon, how incredibly unachievable and implausible to you thinking shooting someone off into space and having them land on another planet sounded?

It must have been pretty crazy, right?

Pre-1969, few outside of NASA truly believed we’d ever do it.

But we did.

Despite this being such a lofty ambition, it was achieved, because a few dedicated, committed and disciplined folk dared to think big.

And this is where contrast bias comes in.

How to Use Contrast Bias

How tough do you think it will be for you to lose 10 pounds?

How about to run that triathlon you’re thinking about?

Or to get your ideal beach body?

Right now, you might think it’s pretty tough, and therefore, you’re unlikely to give everything 100%.

But do me a favor, and put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a moment …

So you have 10 pounds to lose and you’re scared.

Well, what about those guys and girls on ‘The Biggest Loser?’ 

Or people who’ve got themselves from being morbidly obese and at death’s door, to slim, fit and healthy?

They had a lot more to lose than just 10 pounds, yet they did it. So what’s stopping you from shedding your excess body fat?

Let’s talk about performance for a second, too.

You might want to run a 5-mile race in, say, 45 minutes.

At the moment, if your only exercise is the odd walk or weekly yoga class, then achieving this probably feels like little more than a pipedream.

But there are people out there running 5 miles with one leg.

Heck, there are amputees and war veterans running 50 miles and completing ultra marathons with one leg.

Suddenly, your goals don’t seem quite as scary.

Think About Mr. Armstrong

Whenever you’re planning your goals, think back to Neil Armstrong.

That man on the moon gig – that was huge.

Just like losing 200 pounds for someone is huge.

Just like conquering a disability to complete an Ironman is huge.

Your goals – as important as they may be – really don’t seem all that difficult when compared to such immense physical and mental feats.

Just bear in mind, whenever you’re a little scared, a little worried and a little nervous about setting yourself a target – be that for weight loss, burning fat, or sports performance – people before you have achieved much more difficult things, and plenty more in the future will do too.

Your goals are more than doable, provided you commit to them and back yourself.

As always, I’m here in your corner as well, cheering you on every step of the way.

Plus, you can also check out our Custom Meal Plans and Custom Training Plans so we can help you achieve your goals!

If you need me, all you have to do is send me an email, or drop a comment in the video below:

How to Set Up New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

Did you know that as many as 25% of all people who make New Year resolutions fail within the first week?

Scary stuff, huh?

And that’s why I waited until now to put this blog out.

See, if had I released this at the end of December, or the very start of January, it wouldn’t have been much use – you’d have been all amped up and ready to go.

That fire in your belly would be there to get on and smash your 2015 goals.

But now, though – over 50% of you will probably have slipped up, and perhaps already even given up for another year.

But I don’t think that’s the case, and even if you have made a bit of a resolution faux pas, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t get back on the grind and CRUSH it for the rest of the year.

After all, if you’re reading this and following me, that sets you apart from all the others who’ve already broken their resolutions.

So read on to find out how to set New Year resolutions that stick using…

  • 7 Day Goals
  • 30 Day Goals
  • Tricks to make these goals stick

Step 1: 7-Day Goal

A year’s a long time, right?

That doesn’t mean we need to look that far in advance, though.

Sure, you may want to drop 30, 40, or perhaps even 50 pounds.

Perhaps you desperately want that six-pack but know it’s still a ways off.

It’s great to have lofty ambitions, but you need to start small.

Give yourself a goal to hit over the next 7 days, and keep it simple. It could be something like –

  • Get 5 workouts in this week
  • Spend 3 hours per day with your kids
  • Get your diet 90% right – whether that’s eating lean protein at every meal, getting 4 servings of veggies a day, or taking all your supplements.

Got one? Good, let’s move on.

Step 2: 30-Day Goal

This is a little different.

Switching things on their head, let’s look at a BAD 30-day goal –

“I want to lose weight.”

This is just far too vague.

It doesn’t mean anything – you can lose weight from one day to the next, or drop half a pound by sweating in a sauna, yet neither of these is what you want.

Try this instead –

It’s February 20th, 30 days from today. I have lost 2 inches off my waist, 7 pounds, and my clothes fit better. I am happier, healthier, and feel fitter than I did just 4 short weeks ago.

 See the difference?

These goals can be measured.

They put you at the finish line.

Step 3: Grab a Pen … 

And write these down.

Get two sticky notes, and write both goals on each.

Put one of these in your car (on your steering wheel or your dashboard) and the other on your bathroom mirror.

That way, you’ll see them multiple times every single day.

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Step 4: Call Me!

Accountability is a huge part of goal setting and one that’s all too often overlooked.

That’s why I want you to reach out to me.

My job is to help you as much as possible, and I want to empower you to achieve great things and crush your goals this year.

None of us can get where we want on our own – we need that support and motivation.

So get in touch – either by commenting here or on the video, on Facebook, on Instagram or via email, and let me know how you’re doing.

If you tell me what I can do for you – whether that’s creating products, hosting webinars, or putting out blog posts on different topics – I’m happy to do it.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Since implementing these tactics – the 7-day and 30-day goals, writing them down on sticky notes, and the accountability factor, I’ve hit every goal I’ve set for myself.

Before this, I was haphazard and sporadic, and 9 times out of 10, I failed.

So follow my lead, break down your goals, and let’s get fit together in 2015.

Oh, and if you need some help losing that last bit of winter excess? Then HIIT MAX™ could be perfect for you, you can check it out here.

The BEST Low-Sugar, High-Protein, Healthy Dessert

I don’t often make bold claims, but I genuinely do believe that the recipe I have for you in today’s blog is one of the healthiest desserts going.

Not only that, but it tastes fantastic too.

Oh, and it takes virtually no time to make – there’s not even any cooking required.

The other beauty of this dessert is that it can be adjusted to suit any day on the Custom Meal Plan, so whether you’re on a no-carb, low-carb, or high-carb day, this will work for you.

People often say that you can’t eat dessert (or even any tasty food whatsoever) when you’re dieting, but if you know me, you’ll know I’m all about making your fat loss diet as enjoyable as possible, because if you enjoy it, you’re more likely to stick to it, and get better results.

What’s a Good Dessert?

First up, let’s talk about the basics of a good dessert, and why “fun foods” can still be fat loss friendly.

For one, you need protein in there, and we have that in today’s recipe.

It can be difficult to get protein in sweet foods, as people typically think of protein as coming from meat and fish (which it does) but there are other ways you can get it too.

Ideally, it should also be low in carbs, or the carbs in there should at least be nutrient-dense and packed with fiber.

It definitely needs to be low in sugar, and not too high in fat or calories either.

Again, my recipe here ticks all the boxes.

The Recipe

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer – here’s the recipe:

  • 3 heaped tablespoons of yogurt
  • 1-1.5 scoops of Organic Vegan Protein Superfood
  • Big handful of blueberries
  • Almonds (on a low-carb day)
  • Give it a good mix, and enjoy.

That’s it – incredibly simple, incredibly filling, and unbelievably delicious.

To see just how easy it is, watch me make it in the video

“Can Something This Good Really Be Healthy?”

Great question.

And the honest answer is yes – 100%.

See, from the yogurt alone you get around 20 grams of protein, and the protein supplement adds another rich dose of protein on top, giving you more protein than a chicken breast or a lean steak.

Berries give you that immune boost from all the micronutrients they contain, as well as a big dose of fiber, and slow-digesting carbs for energy.

On a high-carb day, I suggest opting for a lower-fat, higher-carb yogurt, while on a low or no-carb day, you’ll go for a higher-fat, lower-carb yogurt, and add in a few almonds (or another raw nut of your choice.)

That’s the one area where people always go wrong with low-carb days – they think that low-carb also means low-fat, but it doesn’t.

By going for the higher-fat yogurt and the nuts on your low-carb days, you avoid the energy slumps so often associated with traditional low-carb diets and stay on track to fast fat loss.

The Proof is in the Pudding

What did you think?

Tasty, right?

Let me know your thoughts below, and I’d love to hear of your own tweaks to this.

Anything you change to suit your diet or any awesome ingredients I might be missing out on? I always like getting new ideas for quick, tasty, fat loss recipes, so share them here.

Supplement Secrets You’re Missing Out On

Supplements Secrets:

Some people love them, some people hate them.

On the one hand, you get those who base their diet around supplements and have food and training as an afterthought.

Then you have those who will never, ever touch supplements under any circumstances, deeming them “processed” and “un-natural.”

The truth is, both these camps are way off the mark.

Supplements won’t make or break your fat loss – in fact, you don’t NEED them, but there are a few that can have huge benefits, and get you to your goals even quicker than with training and diet alone.

The trouble is, there’s a lot of supplement confusion out there.

But today, I’ll clear that confusion up once and for all.

And keep reading after the video to learn more about…

  • Vitamin D
  • Krill Oil
  • Multivitamins
  • Creatine
  • BCAAs
  • CLA
  • Karbolyn
  • Protein

Vitamin D

Do you live somewhere that’s sunny all the time?

Where it hardly ever rains and you can walk around in short sleeves 11 and a half months of the year.


Then you’d benefit from a vitamin D supplement.

Our bodies synthesize vitamin D from the sunshine, and it plays a vital role in the immune support and fighting off colds and sickness.

Krill Oil 

The healthy fats contained in oily fish have so many benefits that they could make up an entire article of their own.

All I’ll say for now, though, is if you want stronger joints, healthier bones, and quicker weight loss, then a fish oil supplement is a must.

You could just eat oily fish every day, but even doing that you wouldn’t get quite enough of the essential fatty acids, plus, do you really want those fishy burps?

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Even if you eat a varied diet and include fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, you can’t go wrong with a good quality multivitamin.

They’re inexpensive, easy to get hold of, and will make you feel instantly better.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine isn’t just for bodybuilders or those looking to get bigger and stronger.

It helps in the regeneration of ATP – the fuel your muscles use for exercise – so will mean you can train harder, for longer, and ramp up your results.

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Need a boost in your workout?

Then BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are your answer.

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Another fat-fighter, CLA helps keep you lean your round, and supports an effective fat loss diet.

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For my Carb Cycle program, I rely heavily on Karbolyn.

On the high-carb days, it can actually be difficult to get enough carbohydrate from whole-food sources, so a high-carb powder like Karbolyn is a lifesaver. Not only that, but it digests quickly, making it ideal pre-workout for an insane muscle pump.

Protein Powder

My preferred protein powder is anOrganic Vegan Protein Superfood.


Because when I turn to supplements, I want to make sure that they don’t contain any artificial ingredients. This means no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. 100% organic protein.

Protein Bars

For a fat loss snack, you can’t beat protein bars.

The only issue with many protein bars, however, is the sneaky added fats, sugars and oils that make their way in when manufacturers try to cut corners.

You don’t get that with Quest Bars, though. ☺

I’ll admit – I actually have a bit of a Quest Bar addiction. They’re not the worst thing to be addicted to, though – with over 20 grams of protein per bar, and a whole load of fiber, they’re an awesome on-the-go snack.

So, there you have it – my 9 favorite supplements.

Now, you don’t need to buy all of them. In fact, you don’t need to buy any of them, but if you want to try some out, and see how supplements can speed up your progress, these are the ones to go for.

I’ve made specific recommendations in the video and linked everything that I personally use, so if you want to see these more in-depth, click the link and head on over.

The BEST Cardio for Faster Fat Loss

So I’m going back on my word.

I guess this could sound like a contradiction.

See, I’ve always come across as pretty anti-cardio.

I bash long-form cardio and decry it as a method for burning fat.

Here’s why –

Your typical person who relies on long-form cardio (i.e. a 60-minute steady session on the treadmill, the elliptical or the recumbent bike) is around 20% body fat – possibly even higher.

They do their workout, finish up feeling, well – pretty fresh still, hardly having broken a sweat.

They repeat this 5, maybe even 6 days per week, and get …

Absolutely nowhere.

See, there are 2 reasons why this long-form cardio is absolutely useless for our above individual.

1. They’re not focusing on their diet

It doesn’t matter how much cardio you do, if you’re not cutting down on junk, monitoring your caloric intake, and eating plenty of good, wholesome, clean foods, you simply won’t burn fat.

2. They’re not an endurance athlete

This slow, steady state cardio definitely has a place if you’re a runner, a triathlete, a cyclist, or if boosting stamina is your main goal.

If not, it’s a pretty lousy way to torch fat.

Finding Your Foundation:

Before deciding on what the “best” form of cardio is, you need to sort out your foundation.

The foundation is the mode of training you base your whole routine around.

When it comes to fat loss, that needs to be weight training.

No ifs, no buts – weight training is by far the most effective way to rid yourself of unwanted body fat, torch calories and boost your metabolism.

After you’ve got this in place, taking the number 1 spot, it’s time to work out what comes in after the weights in terms of importance.

What is HIIT: 

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training.

After weights and diet, it’s just about the best thing you can do to get that lean, ripped body.

It’s a form of cardio, but it’s far superior to long-form cardio.

HIIT combines very short but very intense, periods of all-out maximum effort – think sprinting, running up a hill, or even pedaling a stationary bike at a super-high resistance for all you’re worth.

You intersperse these “sprints” – whether they last 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or even a minute – with resting periods, where you don’t stop, but take it a bit easier to recover, and get ready for your next burst.

This cardio is seriously effective.

I’ve actually got a whole program dedicated to it, that’s how much I believe in it.

HIIT MAX™ has been downloaded by over 35,000 people in just the first 6mo of its creation, and is changing bodies and lives the world over, helping men and women shed fat faster than ever before.

Here’s why HIIT is so great –

  • You get an insane metabolism boost, which increases your body’s calorie burning potential.
  • You keep torching calories AFTER you finish working out
  • You get better results in less time
  • It helped me (and thousands of others) go from 25% body fat … to sub-10% body fat. It is that effective.

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What is LISS:

Another acronym for you – LISS.

That’s Low-Intensity Steady State.

Now LISS involves working at a low-intensity, and often fasted, on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning (which is actually what I’m doing in my own training right now.)

The benefits of LISS include –

  • It’s an easy way to burn a few extra calories without compromising recovery
  • It can actually aid muscle recuperation, helping you feel less sore
  • It’s easier to do on an empty stomach, so you get the fat-burning benefits of fasted cardio without wanting to throw up
  • It hardly takes any effort. It’s a simple, straightforward, calorie-burning “win”.

Once again, LISS should NOT be the foundation of any fat burning program.

Just like the scenario, we started this article with – our guy or girl at 20% body fat – making LISS the mainstay in your routine is not a smart option.

You need strength training and you need HIIT.

That being said, LISS does have a place for certain people.

The main reason for this is that the pace at which you do LISS (around 135 to 145 heartbeats per minute) is the optimal zone for burning fat without sacrificing muscle.

And when you’re already very lean, (i.e. sub-10% body fat) that matters.

The Cardio Continuum 

Here’s how it goes.

How you need to schedule your workouts, your foundations, and your priorities –

1. Strength Work OR HIIT

Ideally, I’d like you to make strength training the key player in your regime.

But HIIT works too – if you do it right.

A program like HIIT MAX™ for example, incorporates strength training as a form of cardio, so you can choose this, or traditional strength training supersets and circuits.


This should always be seen as an addition.

If you’re starting your journey, it’s unlikely to be the best use of your time, but if you need a simple way to burn a few extra calories, or are pretty much “there” and just looking to burn some flab while preserving muscle, add LISS after your HIIT or strength work, or do a little first thing in the morning.

3. Long-Form Cardio

For most folks, this just isn’t needed.

But if you want to increase your endurance, or partake in an event like a marathon or triathlon at the same time as getting lean, then make some time for slow, steady, longer duration cardio.

There you have it.

Cardio has a place in everybody’s routine, it’s just that the type of cardio you do, and how you prioritize it depends entirely on your goals, and where you are in your transformation.

So, what method of cardio were you using and will you make some changes?

10 Super Snacks for Super Fat Loss

“Hey Michael, what’s the best thing I can snack on?”

I get this question so much, you wouldn’t believe.

It seems that snacking right for fat loss is one area people just can’t quite get their heads around. And that’s understandable.

In today’s world of convenience foods, on-the-go eating, and where things need to be done as fast as possible, it can be easy to make the wrong snack choices, or worse, forget about snacking altogether.

People fall into the trap of buying “health foods” – things like low-fat cereal bars, (that are incredibly high in sugar) or highly-processed, poor-quality protein bars, that doesn’t help your fat loss at all.

Instead, I wanted to share with you my own personal favorite snacks – not just from a health and results point of view, but from a taste one too.

They’re all quick and easy to prepare and eat, can be made in advance and stored, and taste great.

You get a sneak peek inside my refrigerator, to see what I snack on, on a daily basis, and I reveal my top snacking tips.

#1 Deli Meat 

People often associate deli meat with being junk food or processed, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, if you buy the right type (which I reveal in the video) then deli meat is one of the best snacks out there. It’s high in protein, low in carbs (which is great for your low- or no-carb days on Carb Cycle) and full of the high-quality protein your body needs to build and repair.

#2 Veggies

The humble vegetable shouldn’t be dismissed as a snack.

It’s one of those things that most don’t even think of, but I always keep some pre-cooked, or even raw veggies in my refrigerator, ready to go, to give me that vitamin and mineral boost and get all my nutrients in.

#3 Protein Shakes

I’d always advise people to get their protein from whole foods (meat, fish, cottage cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and so on) but in a pinch, if you think you’re not going to be able to do so, then have a protein shake instead – it’s the next best thing, and better than skipping your snack altogether. And, if you are going to make your own protein shake, be sure you are using a quality protein such as Organic Vegan Protein Superfood.

#4 Yoghurt

I switch between low-fat and high-fat yogurt, depending on what day of Carb Cycle I’m on, but either way, yogurt is awesome.

If you want to make it like a dessert, then you can also mix yogurt with protein powder (for an extra protein hit) and berries (to get even more vital micronutrients and slow-digesting carbohydrates.)

#5 Tuna

It may be a bodybuilder’s staple, but canned tuna is one of the best go-to snacks for anyone on the quest for fat loss.

Like deli meat, it’s high in protein, with virtually zero carbohydrates, and it’s very low in calories.

I like wild Albacore tuna. It goes great with salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar.

#6 Nuts 

On those low-carb days where you just feel like you could just do with a little more energy and need to increase your fats, nuts are the best food to do this with. Tasty and nutritious – a handful of almonds is a perfect snack. Or, you can go with nut butter instead.

#7 Beef Jerky

If you’re worried about carrying deli meat around with you all day without a refrigerator, then beef jerky is the ideal solution. Again, it’s extremely high in protein, with a very low carb count. Make sure you watch the video if you want to find out exactly what jerky I go for.

#8 Granola


That sugary cereal?

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, granola really is in my top snacks. But it’s a specific type of granola, and I’d only recommend using it on a high-carb day. There’s also just one granola that’s extremely healthy, and the perfect higher-carb snack.

#9 Protein Bars

The protein bar market is flooded with products that are loaded with calories, packed full of sugars and artificial ingredients, and actually not that high in protein.

But there are a few diamonds in the rough too, and I’ll reveal my go-to bar for the ultimate in high-protein convenience and taste in the video.

#10 Dark Chocolate 

Nope, it’s not a trick – good quality dark chocolate really does make my list.

Again, it’s one that should be saved for a high-carb day, but pick the right stuff, and you really can enjoy chocolate as part of a fat loss diet.

Snacking doesn’t have to be boring. It doesn’t have to be bland, and it certainly doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Not snacking is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when losing fat.

Eating all of these regularly as part of your routine will bring you closer to your goals, and get you to a lean, fit figure even faster.

Top Tip: WHEN to Snack

If you’re undecided when to snack, here are the 2 golden times –

1. Between meals.

You shouldn’t ever go longer than 3 to 4 hours without food, so throw a snack between breakfast and lunch, and another between lunch and dinner.

2. Post-Workout

You train hard, right?

And hard training means you need nutrients to recover.

In fact, if you’re doing an intensive fat loss program, such as HIIT MAX™, you’re potentially sabotaging your results by not refueling after your session.

All the above make fantastic post-workout options to kick-start your metabolism and start delivering essential compounds to your muscles.

Why Your Weight Loss Is Not Working (Probably Not What You Think)

So your weight loss has plateaued?

Those pounds you were dropping – stopped.

Inches were going down, but now …… nada!

And even though you’re putting in one hundred percent in the gym, that change just isn’t happening.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Here’s the thing, though – it’s not your fault.

There’s something that no one’s bothered to tell you before.

The secret trick that your program – despite being seriously tough – is missing.

That secret …..

Is weight training.

Muscle Eats Fat

The main reason why you want weight training ….. actually, scratch that – why you NEED weight training to help you get leaner, is because muscle eats fat.

More muscle equals faster fat loss.

The amazing thing about lifting weights is that it raises your metabolic rate.

Your metabolic rate is the key to fat loss success, and it refers to the number of calories you burn.

Unfortunately, regular old boring cardio might burn calories, but it does very little to raise your metabolism and keep you burning calories outside of the gym.

The same can’t be said of lifting weights, though.

See, when you perform resistance exercises, it’s such a shock to your muscles that your metabolic rate goes through the roof, which means not only do you burn as many calories as cardio during your workout, but that calorie burn stays high for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished lifting.

For more on this metabolic phenomenon, check my latest video –

And be sure to keep reading after to learn…

  • How to program your weight training for more fat loss
  • Top tricks for optimal fat loss
  • Why lifting weights won’t make you bulky

How to Program Your Weight Training

You might be confused about weights.

And that’s completely normal.

With so many machines, free-weights and programs around, figuring out where to start can be a serious puzzle.

The good news is, though, there’s no “best” exercise or best bits of equipment.

Whether you prefer to use dumbbells, barbells, fixed path machines – even kettlebells and cables, I’m not too worried for the moment.

What I am worried about, however (and what will get you the best results) is how you set up your workout.

Here’s what I like – 





What does this mean?

Each letter and number is an exercise – with the “1” exercise being an upper-body move, and the “2” exercise a lower one.

So you could have –

A1 – Squat
A2 – Push Press

B1 – Dumbbell Lunges
B2 – Kettlebell Row

And so on.

But that still doesn’t quite get in-depth enough for what we want.

TUT and TIBS – The Forgotten Tricks

Watch out – fancy acronyms coming up.

(Don’t worry, they’re incredibly simple.)

TUT stands for “Time Under Tension” – basically how long you’re working for in each set.

TIBS stands for “Time In Between Sets” – i.e. your rest time.

For optimal fat loss and lean muscle gains, your TUT needs to be 40 to 70 seconds.

So if one rep takes you 4 seconds using a 1-1-1-1 tempo (that’s 1 second each to lift, hold, lower and pause) then you need between 10 and 17 reps to hit that 40 to 70-second sweet spot.

As for TIBS – 45 seconds rest between each set is ample. You don’t want anymore, otherwise, you’re sabotaging your metabolic rate and your fat loss.

The final component – number of sets.

Let’s keep this nice and simple – 3 sets per exercise works incredibly well.

Oh yeah, and those letters – they indicate a super-set, where you don’t rest between moves.

Putting it All Together 

Right then, sample workout time, I’ll walk you through the perfect workout, step by step:

A1 – Squat
A2 – Push Press

Perform squats for 40 to 70 seconds using enough weight to really challenge you, then go immediately into push presses. Same deal – 40 to 70 seconds with a hard weight, but keeping good form.

Rest for 45 seconds, then do this twice more.

That’s your squats and presses done, you’d then move on and do exactly the same with another 3 superset pairings, such as –

B1 – Dumbbell Lunges
B2 – Double Kettlebell Rows

C1 – Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
C2 – Elevated Push-Ups

D1 – Ab wheel rollouts (I sometimes like to put ab moves in place of a final lower exercise)
D2 – Lat Pull-downs

Bonus: “But I Don’t Want to Get Big and Bulky”

Don’t worry – you won’t.

With the way this is set up, growing huge, brutish muscles just will not happen.

What will happen, however, is that you’ll get faster fat loss than ever before.

You’ll also get lean, toned muscles, rather than that skinny, saggy look that’s rife among the cardio crowd, who do nothing more than slog away on the treadmill and elliptical.

So if you want to torch body fat, take your metabolic rate up a gear and see new insane results ….. Start lifting!

Check the video for even more advice –

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How to Make 2015 Your Leanest Year Yet

New Year resolutions suck.

It’s all well and good having goals, but the trouble is, we don’t stick to them.

Think about it – how many have you had over the years?

Whether it’s been to take up the guitar, learn Spanish, become a master of ballroom dancing, or, our favorite – lose weight and get in shape – time and time again, we fall short.

So how about, this year, you make your resolutions properly?

You make them so precise, so goal-orientated and so targeted that you simply can’t fail?

Sound like a plan?

Why You Fail

A 2007 study by British psychologist Robert Wiseman found that only 12% of us stick to and achieve our resolutions come the end of the year. (1)

That depresses me.

It means that for everyone who starts January with vim, vigor, and a willingness to change their lives, 88 out of every 100 fails.

For whatever reason, they just can’t summon up that inner strength to make the changes needed to take them where they need to be.

To me, that issue comes down to 3 things –

  • Not finding your “Why”
  • Poor planning
  • Lack of social support

In this article, I’ll help you get all 3 of these right.

I’m guessing, if you’re reading this, then your resolution revolves around losing weight, getting lean and creating your best body ever?

If so, read on, and we’ll make sure we get you there.

Finding Your “Why”

This is just about the most important aspect of any resolution making or goal setting.

The “why” refers to your deep desire for change.

I’m not talking about saying you want to lose weight because you think you should, or because others expect you to – we need to find what REALLY drives you.

You might say you want to lose weight to look better, but that’s not enough.

Somewhere, deep down inside, you feel pain.

If being out of shape and overweight was the norm, and you didn’t feel judged, you wouldn’t really want to change, would you?

Yet, for the standards our society sets, and the way you feel others look at you, you’re not happy about the way you look – and THIS is your why.

Perhaps you were picked on at school.

Maybe people at work talk about you behind your back.

You might feel that you’re not setting a good example for your kids.

Whatever your “why” is – find it, and think about it every single day.

Use the doubters and the haters as motivation to drive you forward, and think back to them every time you feel like slipping.

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Plan Properly 

Do you have a precise plan of action, laid out with daily, weekly and monthly goals to hit your targets for 2015?


Most people don’t – and that’s why 88% of people fail, so let’s look at how we can break it down.

Your yearly goal may be to get a six-pack.

This is cool and perfectly achievable, but it’s not really actionable. What we need to do is figure out a way you can break this down into smaller steps.

Take 3 whiteboards – one small, one medium and one big.

Your monthly or long-term goals and actions go on the big one, your weekly goals go on the medium one, and daily targets go on the small one.

For instance…

Big Board –

– “Get a Six-Pack” might go at the top, but you could also have –
– “Drop to a 32” waist by May 15th (my birthday) and be performing 3 weights workouts consistently each week.”

Medium Board –

– This week –
– “Complete week 4 of “HIIT Max” and give 100% in every workout.”
– “Do my grocery shop by Thursday evening, and ensure I’m stocked up with fresh and frozen fruits and veggies to get me through the next week.”

Small Board –

– Today
– Get a lean serving of protein at every single meal
– Remember to take all my supplements


I would recommend that if you don’t have the space for the boards, try different sized sticky notes, pieces or paper or something similar – but aim for big, medium, small for whatever you choose.

Hitting daily goals means you’re more likely to hit your medium-term goals, keeping you on track to smashing your overall resolution goal.

Social Support 

Few folk can successfully go it alone.

You need support and structure to keep you going.

You also need the fear of failure, and the thought that others may judge you for not completing what you set out to.

So it’s for that reason that I encourage you to tell as many people as possible about your goals.

Tell your friends, family, colleagues and gym buddies.

Most will be helpful, supportive and encouraging, but even the doubters and naysayers have their use – along with your “why” think about these people almost hoping that you fail, and channel that into your success, pushing you forward to prove them wrong.

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Go Forth and CRUSH IT

Using these tips and tricks, there’s no way you can finish 2015 NOT in the shape of your life.

Being leaner, fitter, slimmer and sexier.

Remember, if you’re struggling for support, motivation, and encouragement, you can get me through the contact tab, or head on over to the Facebook page.

Here’s to a great 2015, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Oh, and if you need a little ‘kickstart’ – and want to lose 7-11 lbs, safely and naturally, then why not try my Detox Drop system?

It only takes 7-10 days and might be just what you need to start 2015 with a bang. 



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