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Archives for May 2015

Top 3 Protein Shakes to Build, Repair and Recover

Protein shakes: What’s the deal?

They’re the #1 selling muscle-building supplement in the world and can supercharge both your lean mass gains and your fat loss efforts.

But what are the best types?

It’s one of the most common questions I’m asked, as there’s still a ton of confusion surrounding these “protein powders.”

Below, you will see…

  • What is better for protein? Supplements or Whole Foods?
  • What is the BEST protein shake?
  • How to plan your protein intake

Protein Shakes vs. Whole Foods

Drinking your protein in shake or powder form will never be as good as eating it from whole foods such as chicken, beef, eggs, or fish, but when you’re in a rush, on the go, or looking for a quick muscle-repairing hit post-workout, then protein shakes can be ideal.

Whole foods generally contain more vitamins, more minerals, and more micronutrients, so are a much more complete nutrition source.

However, one place where protein shakes do have the advantage is in terms of their bioavailability.

(This means how easily and efficiently your muscle cells uptake and utilize the protein contained within them.)

In fact, you might be surprised just how effective the protein in some shakes is. This isn’t myth or heresy, it’s based on science, and I explain it all in the video.

You need to watch the video to understand the next section, so take a few minutes to let you take it all in, then let’s move on.

The BEST Protein Shake

In this crazy world of modern marketing, we’re constantly being told that a certain supplement is the best one.

It’s no surprise, as supplements are a huge industry, but what it really comes down to is what shake has the best bioavailability, this means it’s going to be the most effective, and less protein gets wasted as you consume it.

Your top 3 choices (in order) are:

  • Organic Vegan Powder
  • Whey Isolate
  • Egg

Ingredient Investigation

Aside from the bioavailability, your top concern when picking a supplement should be the ingredient quality.

After all, you are what you eat, and to perform optimally, look your best, and build muscle and burn fat faster, you need to be fueling your body with top quality ingredients.

So many powders on the market are packed full of nasty fillers and additives that do you no good whatsoever.

My number one tip?

Go organic.

An organic protein powder will always be better than a standard off-the-shelf mass-manufactured protein powder.

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Granted, these may cost a little more, but it’s really an investment worth making.

Unfortunately, though, there aren’t too many super high-quality protein supplements out there at the moment, and this is why I created my own protein powder – Organic Vegan Protein Superfood.

I felt it was my duty to formulate a protein supplement that delivered everything I believed it should. We’re talking high bioavailability, a minimal list of ingredients, no manufactured additives, and a cutting-edge nutrient profile.

Stay tuned for some seriously exciting news regarding Organic Vegan Protein Superfood, and how you can get your hands on it first.

Organic Vegan Protein Superfood

Surprise Bonus … Is There a 4th Best Protein Powder?

Now you know the top 3 protein powders to build, repair and recover –

But there’s also a fourth (another vegan option) that I didn’t mention in here.

For that, you’ll have to check out the video.

This is especially useful for all my vegetarian and vegan friends, and even if you’re a hard-hitting meat-eater, you’ll still benefit from being aware of it.

So watch the video, pick your protein powder, throw any questions my way, and let’s get fit, together.

Planning Your Protein

If you’re wondering how protein shakes can fit into your plan, let me tell you.

There are three times during the day when having a shake can be helpful. (And in fact, can actually be BETTER than eating food.)

It sounds a little crazy that consuming something “processed” like a shake can at times be more beneficial than a meal, but it really is true.

A shake consumed either –

  • First thing in the morning
  • Straight after training
  • When you don’t have time for a full meal

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Can literally save your fat loss and muscle-building results.

Not only that, but sometimes, you just don’t want to spend half an hour cooking, or have to carry around Tupperware containers full of chicken or turkey.

This is why I make all my custom meal plans as easy to follow as possible.

I tell you exactly what shakes you need and when, to help ramp up your progress, and get results quicker (and easier!) than ever before.

Don’t forget to grab your very own done-for-you meal plan, customized to your goals, body type, tastes, and schedule.

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