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Archives for October 2015

How to Carb-Cycle this Halloween

Happy Halloween Morellifit Family! This year with Elmo, we teach you how to carb cycle with candy. This is a five-day carb-cycle so you can eat whatever you want. There is one catch. If you follow this carb cycle and eat what you want, you have to promise to not feel guilty. You have to own your cheat. So, #ownyourcheat and own your cheat on social media. Here’s how to do it:

How To Carb-Cycle With Candy

  • Day one – Medium carb day. That means you consume .5 g of carb for each 1 lb. of body weight.
    Eg. 150 lbs. would be 75g of carbs in the day. When you have carbs in your system, your fats are low and you fill in the rest with protein. That is important because protein is the building block of muscle.
  • Day two – No carb day. If you’re panicking that you cannot sustain on zero carbs, remember that carbohydrates are the only non-essential macronutrient and you can live a perfectly healthy life without them. Some people actually thrive on the heavy fats high protein diets, like the keto diet. For this day, eat lots of green veggies, protein and consume a little bit higher in fats.
  • Day three – No carb day. And when we say carb, we mean no active carbs. Veggies are a nonactive carb. Fill this day with veggies, proteins, and fat. Also, make sure you’re drinking a lot of water.
  • Day four – Own your cheat! Do not feel guilty. Do not feel depressed. Do not feel bad about it, because you’ve set yourself up for success. You should have been working out this week and with the carb-cycle, you’ve set up your nutrition as well. So enjoy your cheat, and feel good about it.
  • Day five – No carb day again. Drink tons of water, because you might have some alcohol and you’ll want to flush it out. The same goes for all the sugar from candy or sweets. Follow the no carb day of high levels of green veggies, protein, and healthy fats.

Now this is aggressive, and you can go Medium Carb, Low Carb, No Carb instead. But, we suggest trying it like this. By carb-cycling like this, you are setting yourself up to absorb the carbs on Halloween because you are depleting the days before. Typically, low carb days tend to be lower calorie days as well. So you will be able to afford to have your calories on Halloween.

Enjoy yourself and own your cheat. Happy Halloween! #ownyourcheat

Train Like a Monster – 4 Spooky Chest Exercises!

At Morellifit, holiday weekends don’t mean a holiday from health. Working out during the holiday, no matter what one it is, is a great way to stay on track. We love to have fun, so in the spirit of Halloween, we bring you a monster of a workout with our very own Cookie Monster and Elmo.

Check out the video and watch cookie monster get schooled on how to do a chest workout. Their hilarious antics will show you proper form as well as go through a workout that you can actually do for your chest.

Chest Workout:

  • Bench Press – 3 sets of 12-15 Reps
  • Decline Chest Press – 3 sets of 10 -12 reps
  • Cable Flies – 4 sets of 12-15 reps
  • Incline Dumbbell Press – 4 sets of 10-12 reps
  • Pushups – As many as you can do until fatigue!


Challenge yourself with more workouts like this through our HIIT MAX™ and Custom Training Programs!

Happy Halloween!


Don’t Let Halloween Scare You – How to keep your kids happy and healthy

Halloween can be a scary time a year for any parent trying to keep their kids from becoming overloaded on the excessively sugar-laden treats so popular on this holiday. But as a parent, the struggle to not take all the fun out of the holiday puts pressure on you to let your kids participate in the festivities.

Fortunately, there are several ways to enjoy the holiday in a healthier way. With a little bit of planning and creativity, your kids can participate without becoming filled up with processed sugar or junk.

The Halloween Fairy

Planning on the number of edible treats your children can keep and have ahead of time prevents having to make the hard decision later. Ten pieces of candy seem like a lot until you are staring into a four lb. bag of sugary treats. Let your children know that they can keep “x” amount of treats and the rest get traded to the Halloween Fairy for a toy they desire.

After picking the treats they are going to actually hang onto, the remaining candy gets left outside to be traded. Parents can then do away with excess candy and in its place leave the toys they were traded for. Kids feel like they get some of the treats they went out for and feel good about trading the rest for something they really want instead.

The Pre-Treat Trick

For parents who know a majority of the houses they will trick or treat at, going around beforehand and handing out treats, that they approve of, helps prevent any bad treats coming home in the first place.

This trick comes from a parent whose child had such severe allergies that they had to provide all of the treats they would be getting to the houses that they visited. The same trick can help in preventing the sugar-laden snack from making into your child’s bag in the first place.

Halloween Party

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in a group of like-minded parents who do not enjoy fighting with their kids about why they can’t have ten candy bars, then planning a party is an easy way to enjoy Halloween.

Finding a large yard and several parents who want to avoid the sugar overload is the perfect way to throw a costume party for your kids.
Children get to dress up and play games and have fun without being handed bags of sweets. Instead of candy, parents can bring healthier alternatives and give out smalls trinkets and toys.

Plus, by the time the kids have worn themselves out from all the fun, the last thing they will be thinking about is what candy they might be missing out on.

With a little bit of thought and preplanning, the holiday does not have to turn into a hyperactive cavity fest. Let your kids know what the plans you have for the holiday are, and get excited about dressing up. The holiday is about imagination and fun, not just gorging on junk food.

Holidays do not have to be a heath train wreck for parents who wish to stick with their health goals for their families.

Custom Arm Workout by Chris

Meet our Morellifit Coach Chris! Chris is passionate about fitness and has been since high school. Since age 18, when he found weights, he has worked tirelessly to improve his body and mind. Chris was adamant about going to the gym five days a week and never missed a workout. Being teased for being small as a teenage fueled his desire to become fit, and in just 18 months he was able to gain 50 lbs. of muscle. Besides being passionate about working out, he also became passionate about teaching people how to do it too.

His start in a fitness career was at a gym selling fitness packages while he worked tirelessly on the side to teach himself everything he could from every fitness magazine and resource he could get his hands on. During that time Chris also got certified with ISSA. He then went on to train at other gyms, but found it hard to work under gyms with bad management and almost gave up on his dream of working in this industry.

However, a gym with a great leader picked him up and under the new conditions, Chris thrived as he helped people change their health. His passion brought him to the level of Fitness Director, all while allowing him to work with hundreds of clients along the way. It was then Chris found opportunity at Morellifit and continues to reach thousands of people through his new position creating custom training plans and operating the HIIT MAX™ Elite program. With his knowledge and dedication, he is able to work in the industry he so loves and share his passion for health and fitness that he truly believes in.

Chris’ Custom Arm Workout:

For Each Exercise:


If you like this workout and want to see more, tune into the YouTube Channel and check out all of the Morellifit Coach’s workouts. Let us know what other custom workouts you would like to see!

All Pro Science: PreCharge Supplement Review

Pre-workouts are a highly requested review that we are asked to do here at Morellifit quite often. Of course, some of you might know that Michael and most of our Morellifit Coaches use Grind Coffee as a pre-workout, but they are always wanting to try and bring the best information to you. This is why this week, Michael and Chris test out and talk about All Pro Science: PreCharge.

Michael chose to review All Pro Science because he knows this company does a lot of the right things when it comes to supplements. Although it isn’t as good as Organic Vegan Protein Superfood, it speaks to how natural the company tries to be. The pre-workout is labeled as “natural,” and even though we are not big on pre-workouts, when something is labeled as natural we tend to be curious about it.

So to really give this product a fair trial, Michael tested it out for a week. He liked the way it made him feel while on it and working out, so he sent it out for further investigation. If this truly was an all natural product, then maybe there was a way for Morellifit to do an all natural pre-work out for Morellifit Nutrition. Unfortunately, the data came back and told us that it was in fact, not an all natural supplement. There are actually some synthetic ingredients in it. There are actually some synthetic ingredients in it and informed us, there is no way to make this product an all natural blend.

A lot of pre-workout products on the market are not just made with caffeine anymore. They can also be paired with amino acids, branch chain amino acids, glutamine, creatine, and other variations of these things. Even though these seem like all good additives, these are not the only ingredients in your pre-workout. On top of those things they add additional stimulants other than caffeine, sometimes even stronger, that can be pounding away at your nervous system. That said, the caffeine in PreCharge is not coming from a bunch of chemicals, which is why it can probably be labeled as natural, but is actually just a natural form of caffeine.

What we found is the amount of caffeine in this is relatively low. There is a mere 30mg a serving, which pales in comparison to an actual cup of coffee, which would be around 90mg a serving of caffeine. If you are someone who is very sensitive to caffeine and just want a little perk with the added benefits of glutamine, amino acids, creatine, and B vitamins then this would be a good product. This is a product that won’t give you crazy jitters or make you go over the top when working out.

All Pro Science: PreCharge pre-workout summary:

Pro: Good flavor, no artificial taste. Natural caffeine used. No jitters and no crash.

Cons: Not all ingredients are natural. Not a big boost of energy for those who already drink coffee or take other stimulants. Better as an intra-workout supplement based on the ingredients.

This is a good product intra-workout due to the low levels of caffeine as well as this list of ingredients:

  • 2g amino acids
  • 3g creatine
  • 4g glutamine
  • 2g taurine
  • 7g natural sweetener from cane sugar

Plus a list of other vitamins and electrolytes

Overall this product is one of the better ones out there in terms of how natural it is. This product can be good for someone wanting to switch to a less intense than a product than something like C4. If you were to cut out that product, or even a good amount of straight caffeine and reset, then this product would be something you could be successful on. It would be able to give you a little clarity and focus for your workouts without the jitters or a crash.

Training to Break Through Your Plateau – In a Nut Shell

When training, even at any level, a lot of people struggle with progress after training for a while and hit a plateau.

When training for fat loss, this can be extremely frustrating when the numbers on the scales won’t budge.

So often it’s easy to look too deep into it and forget that the solution may be as simple as a small change. Often we tend to complicate training like we do with our diets. So you might be wondering why are you plateauing when your diet is dialed in.

The best way to start is to ask a few questions…

  • When was the last time that you tried to use heavier weights?
  • When was the last time you changed up your exercises?
  • When was the last time you tried a machine that you have never tried before?
  • What about flipping around the sequences of the workouts?
  • When was the last time you changed up a number of reps you are doing?

You have to manipulate the training variables because if you don’t change the stimulus, you won’t change the response.

If you are one of those people who is racking their brains trying to figure out why you plateaued, then first you should look at your diet and then your training.

Look at the variables in your training to see how many have you changed in the last 30-60 days. The variables should never stay the same from workout to workout.

This week’s shoulder workout should be different than last week’s shoulder workout. You must change the stimulus in order to change the response.

Figuring out how to do that can be difficult and confusing.

That’s why Michael created HIIT MAX™. High-intensity interval training is the best form of exercise for fat loss. Fifteen to twenty-five minutes every other day is all you need.

Since last may, HIIT MAXhas changed over 105,000 lives. There is a reason why that many people have bought into that program. It works, it’s guaranteed, it will put you on the other side of any plateau. That is training for fat loss in a nutshell.

Why You Don’t Need to Waste Money Buying Organic?

Organic shopping, while the best way to buy produce, can be very expensive and hard to budget for. With growing concerns over pesticides and fertilizers and what they can do to your health, it seems right to consider organic no matter the price. However, sometimes at the going price of organic in some areas, it is just not reachable for some families on a budget.

The truth is that there is a way to make sure you’re protecting yourself from pesticides and it doesn’t require eating all organic. After researching the amounts of pesticides consumed on organic and nonorganic produce, researchers put together a list of produce that had the most pesticides left on them after washing and peeling.

From this, the dirty dozen and the clean fifteen lists were put together. Produce on the dirty dozen lists are all highly sprayed and permeated with pesticides and are worth spending money on to buy organic. The clean fifteen had the lowest amount pesticides and can be purchased nonorganic.

Keep reading after the video to find out…

  • What foods you should ALWAYS buy organic
  • And which foods you can buy conventionally without worry

When consuming off these lists there is a large difference in pesticides that make it into your body between the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen. EWG did studies that pointed out that just five fruits and vegetables consumed off the dirty dozen list a day lead to eating up to 10 pesticides and day as compared to being able to eat the same amount from the clean fifteen list and only consuming less than 2 pesticides a day.

This is particularly important for developing babies, young children and people who are exposed to these pesticides long term. To minimize the potential long-term damage from these harmful chemicals shop with the following lists:

Dirty Dozen: Shop all Organic 

  • Celery
  • Peaches
  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Nectarines
  • Bell Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Cherries
  • Kale/Collard Greens
  • Potatoes
  • Grapes (imported)

Clean Fifteen: Lowest in Pesticides

  • Onions
  • Avocado
  • Sweet Corn
  • Pineapple
  • Mangos
  • Sweet Peas
  • Asparagus
  • Kiwi
  • Cabbage
  • Eggplant
  • Cantaloupe
  • Watermelon
  • Grapefruit
  • Sweet Potato
  • Honeydew Melon

By shopping from these lists, you can save yourself money by just buying only the most sprayed and absorbable produce organic. Other ways to save money when shopping for your meal prep for the week include going to farmer’s markets to find organic produce at better prices and buying in bulk when possible.

Preplanning saves money when buying even some food organic so it does not go to waste. Meal plan for the entire week and write down all the produce you need so you don’t over-purchase and go over budget.

Use these guides to shopping smart, save money, and still protect yourself and your family from harmful pesticides.

Exposed! Do fat burner supplements work?

Most people who have gone into a store to look for supplements have seen that there are shelves lined with fat burners. We want to break down and look at what is in these and how they will affect your body if you take them. Cellucor’s Super HD is a good example of a popular fat burner that a lot of people have heard of or even taken already. We explore what is in them, why you would want to take them, what happens when you do, and good alternatives to it.

When it comes to fat loss products, it’s no secret that there are some that do really work. So let’s start with the ingredients and see what is in this particular one. There are several natural ingredients listed in Super HD. There are some B vitamins and, as some people know, this help facilitates metabolism.

When your body is stressed it tends to run out of B vitamins because they are water soluble and our bodies flush them out. There is niacin and green tea listed, along with tyrosine, which is an amino acid, Rhodiola, which is a herb to suppress hunger and cayenne pepper which helps increase body temperate to help burn more calories. When you look at the label, you can see that every ingredient in there is helping boost metabolism and shuttle fat into the bloodstream for use as energy.

Although none of these ingredients jump out as scary or harmful because most are herbs, vitamins, and amino acids, there is still a downside. These products tend to be abused by the users. Unfortunately, even though there is a way to cycle on and back off it the right way, most people assume that the more you take off this product, the more weight you are going to lose. This is a big issue and where the product gets used incorrectly the most. Another downside of this product arises when you need to come off of it.

This is not a product that you can stay on forever, eventually, it will stop working. When you come off of it, you are likely to gain the weight back and that is the psychological teeter-totter. It can make you want to go back and buy more of the fat burner to get back to where you were. That reliance on a product to feel clean is where major problems arise.

When people become dependent on these fat burners to stay lean, instead of addressing the true problem with their diet and exercise, they can often get caught in the cycle of buying fat burner after fat burner to get back to where they want to be. But, staying in that cycle is harmful to your body.

You beat the crap out of your body because you are pushing it into overdrive all the time. This is where people can run into health problems. It can mess up your thyroid and in the long term mess up your metabolism. Instead of going to fat burners, the best thing you can do is make dietary changes, like the ones you see on our Custom Meal Plans.

When someone’s diet is not dialed in, and they are drinking on the weekend and having too many cheat meals, then the cycle for them cannot change. More often people won’t even see results from these products due to such bad diets, and then beat themselves up for not getting the results a product claims like getting you chiseled overnight. Without the diet and training component, it’s better to just toss supplements like these out the windows because they will not be able to get you where you want to be.

At Morellifit, we do not want our clients hooked on fat burners. That’s why if you go to our Morellifit Nutrition supplement page, you will not see a single fat burner for sale. There is more money in selling fat burners than any other supplement on the market because it had the biggest markup and that is where the money is at, but that is not the path we want people to go on.

Michael believes in quality products, like our Organic Vegan Protein Superfood, and instead of putting a chiseled guy to sell a fat burner on his website, he invests in quality supplements that will actually benefit your health.

So what do you do if you want to reap the benefits of a natural fat burner without the downside of possible crashes and metabolic damage? You can use caffeine. We use Grind, an organic fair trade coffee, to help burn fat.

You can find organic fair trade coffee at your local health store, online, or even in some local coffee shops. Michael drinks Grind coffee because he knows where it comes from, he believes in it, and the caffeine in it works as a fat burner. It’s the most underutilized fat burner on the planet. It’s been working for Michael for years and he once came from a list of supplemental fat burners that messed him up.

At one point he was taking pre-workouts just to function and had become so accustomed to it that he needed it every single day. Pre-workouts are very similar to fat burners in the way that they stimulate your body. Now, with coffee and the natural energy of caffeine, the energy is cleaner.

We will be reviewing more supplements as we go, and letting you know how you can benefit your own health and workouts.

Cellucor Super HD Summary:

Pro: Most ingredients are natural and not harmful in moderation.

Con: The teeter-totter of dependence on a product as well as the chance of long-term metabolic damage.

Rely on more natural sources of caffeine instead of all the other stuff that are in fat burners and pre-workouts. Those supplements have long-term effects and the thyroid issues and we suggest to stay away from products like that. Change your diet and your lifestyle if you are looking for long-term, sustainable healthy change. No one has any business doing supplements until their diets get dialed in, or else it’s just like throwing your money into the trash. Remember, be patient, stay the course, and let get fit together!

Is the Post Workout Window for Real?

What is the post-workout window?

Eating after a workout had caused many debates. Some people say you only have thirty minutes after a workout to eat and benefit your body. Others argue that it’s beneficial to eat up to sixty minutes after, and even some people argue that it’s not necessary to eat at all. Those who work out late at night might worry about eating after a working out at all, due to the fact that they would be eating right before they go to bed.

Let’s look at what is most important. Instead of fretting the details, remember why you would be eating after a workout in the first place. You need to eat after a work out because it’s logical that your body needs to be refueled.

If you are at the gym working out extremely hard, then you are not only depleting glycogen, you are also tearing and ripping the muscles during training. If you are looking to repair your body and build muscles, your body needs the fuel to do so and recover from your workouts. The importance is in doing so in general, and not in how many minutes after your work out.

Protein is the building block of building muscle, and it’s important to get protein after a training session. Consuming protein will help repair and build muscle. But, just as important to muscle building and maintenance as protein, are carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are often overlooked, especially if you work out late at night in fear that they will work against your goals.

But, you must have carbohydrates post work out because it is carbohydrates that shuttle the other nutrients into the muscles. It’s one thing to consume the nutrients, but if they don’t make it to your muscles then they don’t benefit your workouts at all. Be sure the carbohydrates are quality and not just processed junk.

Here is a recipe that incorporates both protein and quality carbohydrates in one after workout smoothie.


  • 3 scoops of Organic Vegan Protein Superfood
  • 3scooplife
  • 1/8 cup Steel Cut Oats
  • 1 cup Unsweetened Coconut Milk (use less for thicker shake)
  • Couple of ice cubes

Blend into a smoothie and enjoy!

This recipe gives you both protein and carbohydrates together. If you do not have steel cut oats to throw in your smoothie, just have a small amount of sweet potatoes on the side instead. Either way, refueling is important and can help you make the most of your workouts.

The Silent Killer! How to Safely & Quickly Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a hot topic in the health industry. It creates millions of dollars for the prescription drug industry and mystifies those who do not know the specifics of how it affects their health. Education on cholesterol, what is does in your body, what you can do to control it, and why you should, can benefit everyone.

What Is Cholesterol?

The first thing to understand is the terms good and bad cholesterol. When we talk about good or bad cholesterol, we are really talking about HDL which is high-density lipoprotein and LDL which stands for low-density lipoprotein. HDL is the good cholesterol and LDL is considered the bad one. We want to bring the levels of LDL down and get the levels HDL up.

When someone is diagnosed with high cholesterol, the premise is that the levels are out of balance and the HDL is too low and the LDL is high. In short, the bad cholesterol is too high. Often this diagnosis is followed by prescription statins which are used to control these levels. But, these prescriptions do not address the underlying factors that are causing the health problems in the first place. Instead, long-term management of this problem requires changes to lifestyle and diet.

The first thing you can do to lower bad cholesterol increases your consumption of vegetables. Add more vegetables your diet, and add them to every meal. Make sure you have something from nature, that grew from the ground, at every single meal. Eating these powerhouse foods will help to keep your cholesterol down. It might seem overwhelming to find a way to add in all these foods into your diet, but services like our Custom Meal Plans can help you fit in all of the cholesterol positive foods into your meals. Your health goals are considered when putting together each individual plan and can help you control issues in your health you want to address.

The second thing you can do is increase your healthy fats. If you are consuming really bad fats in your diet, you could be hurting your cholesterol levels. Saturated fats are often seen as the enemy, and it’s not the type of fat itself but the source that makes the difference. You need to choose foods from grass-fed animals. You need to be consuming more natural omega 3’s. You can get those from wild caught fish like salmon and grass-fed beef. You can also get omega 3’s from supplements like krill oil or fish oil. You can also get them from walnuts, chia seeds, and flax seeds. By increasing the amount of omega 3’s in your diet, you’re naturally going to bring down those bad levels of cholesterol.

A third change you can make is increasing fiber and eliminating processed foods; like refined carbohydrates and refined sugar. Processed foods like white bread and processed sugars reek havoc on your health and often do little to nothing to benefit to meet your bodies needs. Even those “fortified” with vitamins and minerals are not the best way to get these nutrients into your body. By getting these out of your diet, which can lower your triglycerides down, you’re going to positively affect your cholesterol levels.

And lastly, daily exercise is another way to lower bad cholesterol. Moderate exercise each day can raise the levels of HDL in your body. Getting your blood pumping will help with balancing cholesterol levels. Working your way up to at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day will positively impact your cholesterol and your health overall.

Take Away:

  • Increase your fiber through vegetables.
  • Increase your natural omega three consumption.
  • Cut out processed junk food from your diet including processed wheat and sugar.
  • Exercise on a regular basis, at least 30 minutes a day.

By following these four steps, you can naturally lower your bad cholesterol levels.

Happy Hour The Right Way

protein strawberry shake

While we all know the old happy hour saying, “It’s 5’clock somewhere,” here at Morellifit HQ we have our own mantra. At the end of the week, we like to have happy hour the right way. Reward your hard work and your progress each week with a “cocktail” that will help you reach your goals. Make yourself a protein shake that is not only delicious but is delicious and made with the best quality ingredients.

Here is our favorite Friday “Cocktail”:

Strawberry Smoothie



Blend until smooth


  • Calories 214
  • Protein 25g
  • Fat 2g

We always use Organic Vegan Protein Superfood for our “cocktails” because it is made from all natural ingredients. This protein shake is made with 100% all natural ingredients. If you want the best out of your protein “cocktails” you have to put the best ingredients in them and you’ll get the maximum benefits.

So what are you waiting for? It’s 5’oclock somewhere and it’s always Happy Hour the Right Way with an Organic Vegan Protein Superfood.

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