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Why It Is So Important To Build A Support System?


When you begin your weight-loss journey, it can be difficult to make that lifestyle change and stay on track as you build up new habits.

Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to find support, such as…

  • Letting your family and friends in on your goals
  • Getting a workout buddy
  • Use online support to get motivation 24/7

Tell Your Friends and Family of Your Goals

One of the best things that you can do is to build up a support system for yourself. Let your family and friends know what is it you are trying to do. Share with them your goals and how you plan on achieving those goals. Get to know people that are like-minded and want to make healthy changes to their life.

People who have a good support system behind them, not only increase their chances of reaching their goals but also tend to get there faster.

Having people around you who understand what it is you are trying to do, not only provides motivation and accountability but also provides you with support through the hard times, a sort of personal cheerleader. They are essential for those days when things seem bleak and you want to throw in the towel.

Sometimes, our own motivation is not enough and we need that extra push to keep us going. You may even find yourself providing inspiration and motivation to the people within your support group to create for themselves a healthier lifestyle.

Get a Workout Buddy

If you can, grab a buddy who will take the journey with you. People who have a workout buddy tend to stick to their routines and are more likely to reach their goals.

By taking a friend with you to the gym, you are much more likely to enjoy your workouts and when you enjoy them, you are more likely to continue them. Having someone with you at the gym, workout out with you cuts away from the boredom that can come with working out alone, as you talk and socialize with one another.

Having someone who is working towards a common goal can be extremely motivating, as well as the friendly competition that it can add. This can make you want to push harder towards your goals.

When it is just you, it is so easy to make an excuse why it is ok to skip a workout. Skipping one workout leads to skipping two, and so on. However, having someone that counts on you, just as much as you count on them also gives you more incentive to continue your workouts as you hold each other accountable. When you make a plan to do something with someone, you are much more likely to follow through with that plan than if you were only reliant on yourself.

Get Online Support

Another place to get support is through an online group or community, such as provided through a Facebook group or through a community like our membership platform. These places allow you to collaborate with like-minded people, as well as get advice from people who have gone through the same experiences. 

Support can come from many places. What is important is that you have kind of support that will keep you motivated, hold you accountable, and be there to cheer you on as you strive to reach your goals.

$100K Challenge – Up For Grabs $100,000 In Cash & Prizes


Maybe you have seen it before, maybe you have just heard of it. Or maybe you didn’t register last time, and felt like you missed out on a huge opportunity! Well, the 100k Challenge is back! And registration starts January 1st.

What is the 100k Challenge?

The 100k Challenge is a chance to transform your body into your dream body, win 100k in prizes, the top one prize being a private luxury resort stay with our Morellifit Coaches and Michael, and join a community of excellent support while you do it!

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You don’t have to do it alone. You have the help of the coaches, our amazing meal plans, our trusted Elite workouts, and the 100k Challengers! Our support system is there to keep you on track and to help you win both the body of your dreams and a chance at 100k in prizes.

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6 Super Simple Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

If you feel like your weight loss journey is an uphill battle with your metabolism, here are 6 amazingly easy ways to give it a boost.

In this blog you’ll learn:

  • Why sleep is important to your metabolism
  • What you can add to your diet to lose more weight
  • The best exercises to increase your metabolism

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep regulates your hormones and keeps your metabolism running the way it should. When you don’t get enough sleep, this can interrupt your body’s ability to regulate both [1].

A decrease in quality sleep can decrease insulin resistance and increase appetite, too. Getting enough sleep is important to staying balanced and regulating your metabolism [2,3].

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Add Some Spice to Your Meals 

Want to rev your metabolism with something simple that you already have in your kitchen?

Look no further than your spice rack and the cayenne and chili peppers! Cayenne increases thermogenic expenditure (which helps boost metabolism), it can increase fat oxidation (good for burning fat) and can curb your appetite [4, 5].

Have a Bit of Caffeine

Caffeine is a great metabolism booster and is widely available. Caffeine from a coffee can give your body the extra edge it needs before a workout while increasing fat oxidation [6].

Even better, drink oolong or green tea. On top of the caffeine, you also get a dose of catechins (powerful antioxidants) that can fuel your metabolism for a few hours after you consume them [7].

As with coffee, make sure you’re consuming organic and ethically-sourced tea to avoid pesticides and unfair trade practices.

Incorporate HIIT Training Into Your Routine

High-Intensity Interval Training has shown to have greater fat burning benefits when compared to steady state cardio. HIIT can create higher levels of energy expenditure for several hours after a workout [8, 9].

I developed my HIIT MAX™ program to get your heart rate up in very little time. It’s a complete workout in 25 minutes or less, and compared to doing steady state cardio, it keeps your metabolism going for hours post-workout, which can translate to greater amounts of fat burned throughout the day [10].

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Eat Potassium-Rich Fruits and Veggies

Whenever you can fit in more fruits and vegetables, you should. Try to focus on those that are rich in potassium, as there’s a strong correlation between a higher lean body mass percentage and high consumption of potassium-rich fruits and vegetables [11].

The findings suggest that diets with a rich abundance of these foods can relieve the acidosis (increased acidity) caused by the standard American diet, which can be inflammatory. Inflammation can cause imbalances in the body, and of course, can affect our weight when our bodies are not running in balance [12].

Plus, vegetables and fruits with both soluble and insoluble fiber will keep your metabolism working properly and keep you fuller for longer [13].

Supplement with Protein

You might already be eating clean protein, but it’s important that you’re getting enough. When you’re working out, getting enough protein is important for lean muscle gain. A high protein diet can benefit the metabolism, reduce fat, and help build lean muscles [14, 15, 16].

In addition to your regular protein intake, you can supplement with a such as Mfit’s Organic Vegan Protein Superfood.

Let these easy-to-incorporate tricks work for you while you go about your everyday life.

Discovering the right nutrition for you and what works can be pretty tricky. Check out our Custom Meal Plans and receive help from our expert nutritionists so you can make sure you are on a proper nutrition program designed for your body and your goals.

Don’t Let Tomorrow’s Worry Overshadow Today’s Accomplishments

We all get busy around the holiday season and can easily get caught up in the chaos. With everything we are doing, whether it is getting ready for celebration or organizing family and friends, we forget to take a step back and just be present. Often times, the holidays tend to fly by we find ourselves not enjoying the things we should be. With everything that may be going on, we don’t get to enjoy our family and friends, the people in our lives that matter the most.

This holiday season, give the people around you the gift of you and allow yourself to just be present in the moment. One of the best presents you can give the people you love is your time and devotion. Don’t worry about the things that have yet to happen or the need to make sure everything goes according to ‘plan’. Take the time to reflect on your life and the things that truly matter to you. Take the time to let the people you love know how you feel and how much they mean to you.

Take the time to also be present in the world around you, not just your immediate friends and family. Be present in the world by reaching out and giving back, do something for someone else, someone you may not know. Be thankful for the opportunity to be there for others and the ability to live within the moment. By remaining present this holiday, and reaching out to others, you will remind the people close to you to do the same.

What Does Booze Do To Your Weight Loss And Health?

The saying, “you can’t have too much of a good thing” is something we hear all of the time. And time after time, we see studies showing the benefits of moderate alcohol on some aspects of health. It can lower blood pressure, helping with the heart and stress, which we all know is a huge taxation on our bodies. But, let’s just take a closer look at what more than just a few glasses of wine a week could do. We look at what more than moderate alcohol can have on someone who is trying to lose weight, or even on their health long term.

5 Effects Booze Has on the Body

  1. Weight Gain – A 2003 study supports that that increased alcohol consumption caused weight gain and even obesity in men. This isn’t a hard concept to grasp because most of us do not factor in liquid calories day to day. Especially calories that come up unexpectedly, like a friend offering to catch up over a glass of wine. But alcohol has a lot of calories in it, and can easily put you over the amount you need for the day.Alcohol also inhibits our decision making when we drink too much. That means that often we can make bad decisions after drinking on what we should be eating, or give into cravings that we normally wouldn’t [1].
  2. Liver Cancer – Alcohol causes cirrhosis of the liver in people who are considered heavy drinkers. This, in turn, can lead to developing cancer. Your liver is important to detoxifying your body and keeping all toxins out. Your liver is also important in fat bringing for your body, and clogging it up with alcohol means that it won’t be taking out other toxins and working for weight loss for you [2].
  3. Ulcers – Gastritis is chronic inflammation, irritation, and erosion of the lining of the stomach. It can lead to peptic ulcers. Unfortunately, ongoing alcohol consumption can cause irritation and inflammation that can lead to gastritis. Even worse, someone who has gastritis and peptic ulcers can worsen the conditions when drinking heavily. Your stomach is key in helping break down and absorbs vitamins and minerals from your food, so damage and inflammation could be standing in the way of actually getting the vital components of food to your body [3].
  4. Heart Disease – There have been so many studies showing a consistent link between moderate alcohol consumption and coronary heart disease. The only other stronger link between the substance and a disease is smoking and lung cancer. On top of countless studies that show this link, the studies show the correlation in both animal and human tests. Aside from the damaging effects that alcohol has on, these studies also found that it damaged skeletal tissue [4].
  5. Weak Bones – The fact that many older adults are facing deteriorating bones in an age where it seems like everything is fortified with calcium is alarming. Bone is living tissue that continues to grow and replace itself even after we become adults. Long-term alcohol consumption can interfere with this process and can lead to decreased bone density. Even short-term alcohol use can lead to PTH [(parathyroid hormone)] secretion which draws calcium from the bones [5].

Overall there are a lot of health risks associated with consuming too much alcohol. Even postmenopausal women are at higher risk of breast cancer and studies show that decreasing alcohol intake can decrease risk [6]. Of course accidents and alcoholism are two other risks that also are affected by the consumption of too much alcohol. Instead of fearing alcohol, it’s important to realize that a little bit goes a long way, and not having the recommended safe amount of drinks, for women, one and for men, two [7]. We know socially there are times that it’s great to cheers and its ok to have a little, just remember that long term you have better control of your health if you make sure to keep it just once in a while.

However, we understand that drinking does happen, especially when you are placed in social situations. If this happens and you do drink, here are some tips to help limit yourself and make healthier choices. If you drink, go for a red wine or a clear liquor with water and lemon or lime. If you do drink, the key here is moderation, so try to stick to one drink. If you feel the social pressure to drink more or want to avoid the “why aren’t you drinking” question, switching from the clear liquor and water, to plain water, won’t raise questions about your sudden cutoff.

If you are going to go for wine, try to get a wine that is paleo approved, such as the ones provided by Dry Farm Wines. In fact, we have all seen the studies talking about the health benefits of wine. However, all wines are not created equal and many of the wines that you find in the grocery store can be just as bad as liquor or beer, canceling out any benefits you may have been hoping to get. This means, with the right kind of wine, you don’t have to cut all booze out forever.

The Dangers of Diet Soda: It’s Making Us Fat and Maybe Even Worse…

Diet soda is marketed just like it says, to make you feel like you should be drinking it on a diet. And with as many people around the world trying to get control of their weight, this is probably pretty appealing. They tell you that you can still drink your favorite super sweet carbonated beverage with the same taste as the regular with none of the calories and lose weight.

But these dreamy models with slim waistlines swigging on diet colas are nothing but good marketing. Diet sodas not only hinder weight loss, in the long run, it could actually be making us fatter and even worse, destroying our health. So where has this beverage and all of this marketing steered us wrong? Well, let’s take a look at the effect of drinking diet sodas.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Avoid Diet Soda

  1. Increases Abdominal Fat – Diet soda, in a 2015 study, was shown to be associated with increased abdominal fat. It can dull your sensitivity to sweets. Things that are naturally full of sugar should register as sweet and with a dulled sense of sweet, you could over consume the foods that would usually trigger you to stop eating after a while. It also has the ability to negatively affect the feeling of being full, and your body doesn’t know to stop even if you have consumed enough calories. This can lead to overeating and eat way more than you need, which leads to weight gain.
  2. Triggers Insulin Spikes – Diet soda still triggers an insulin response from the body as if you consumed real sugar. Even if you think you’re sparing your body the insulin response, you really haven’t. Your body is responding just the same as real sugar and constant spiking of the insulin system can lead to damaging it in the long run.
  3. Disrupts Gut Bacteria – Diet soda contains phosphoric acid that can disrupt the bacteria in your gut that helps metabolize nutrients from our food. It could literally be robbing your body of its chance to absorb vital nutrients when you consume foods that you need.

    ⚡ Related: Learn What 10 Foods Can Help Support Your Gut Health

  4. Raises Risk of Disease – Drinking diet soda raises the risk of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Drinking diet soda gives you a 36% greater risk of developing metabolic syndrome and it also has a 67% greater incidence of type 2 diabetes than those who do not drink it. It’s no surprise to see that people who drink diet soda were found to have developed higher fasting glucose levels after starting to drink it.
  5. Raises Parathyroid Hormones – Studies show that after drinking diet soda the levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH) rise. This hormone is present in the body when calcium levels get too low and stimulate your body to break down your bones for calcium. Researchers believe that this could be why there is an underlying connection between diet soda consumption and lower bone density in women who drink it.

If you needed just one reason to stop drinking diet soda, you could stop at it’s derailing and opposite effects on your weight loss. But taking just a closer look, it’s clear that diet soda is more harmful in the long run on our bodies than just extra fat.

Besides the potential to rob our bodies of essential nutrients that we should be absorbed in our gut, risks for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes go up with consumption. And of course, as everyone looks for reasons why we are calcium deficient, despite all the milk we drink, it’s easy to see that you might be hurting your own bones by drinking diet soda.

So, instead of ditching regular soda for diet soda, ditch both for water. It’s the beverage your body really wants, and can actually improve your health instead of damaging it. By eating a nutritious diet, like the ones found on our Custom Meal Plansand regularly exercising, you can not only lower your risk of diseases such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes, you will also start to see visual results as your body becomes healthier and you lose that extra weight.


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An Attitude of Gratitude Gives Life a Whole New Meaning

Having gratitude is a sure-fire way to improve your everyday quality of life.

It’s no question that gratitude can make you happier and mentally healthier. When stress arises in our lives, it’s easy to lose track of all the good things we have and just worry about the problems at hand.

Adopting an attitude of gratitude year round can help alleviate the stress holidays have on us when they roll around.

While we all look forward to the holidays, sometimes we know we are also looking forward to a lot of stress. It can be hard to take a step back from the chaos of organizing holiday traditions and remember what the holidays are really about.

But holidays are supposed to be a time for giving thanks and appreciating the people in our lives. So how do you do that without losing your mind over all the small things that normally can stress you out and drive you crazy?

Adopting an attitude of gratitude year-round, and especially during the holidays can be as simple as practicing a few easy steps each day and turning what could be a house full of woes and worries into something that you can truly give thanks for.

Make these adjustments and practice them every day to help you adopt this attitude, not only through the holiday but also throughout your entire life.

1. Say, out loud, what you are grateful for and then write it down.

Start your morning by doing this. Being mindful, taking the time each day to actually count all of your blessings, no matter how small, will help you keep them in mind all day. Knowing what you are grateful for is a wonderful way to focus on being grateful. Don’t forget the small stuff either. It all counts.

Listing a thank you note you had received, or a chance to spend time with a neighbor you don’t see often is just as important to recognize as the big blessings, like your family or your health. Do this right when you wake up and take a few minutes to do this again before bed.

2. Show your gratitude.

Making plans to thank people and show them how grateful you are. Planning to show gratitude makes you more likely to do it, and it also helps with remembering what you are grateful for by thinking about it in depth.

Just a thank you or a call to see how someone is doing who’s helped you before can really remind you how much in your life you have to be grateful about.

3. Post pictures of what makes you grateful.

It’s easy to push the good things out and focus on the stress in your life when the good things are out of sight and out of mind.

Pictures of the people you appreciate and love, as well as the things that make you happy, can be a happy reminder throughout the day to be grateful and appreciate all the good in your life.

4. Make it a habit.

Going through the exercises of being grateful will make these practices a habit so that no matter if you’re having a good day, or a bad day that pushes your stress limits to the maximum, you will be able to practice gratitude and be happy through the challenges of life.

Adopting an attitude of gratitude is a great way to navigate some of the life’s more trying moments.

It can quickly put into perspective the problems you are facing and allow you to embrace them and work through them with a calm that only gratitude can bring.

In fact, it’s this attitude that leads to presence, joy, and happiness in your life. Holidays tend to make us forget all of the things we are grateful for while we stress and run around, instead of letting us enjoy all the blessings that we have in our life.

Use these steps every day and practice them until they become a habit. Then, let yourself enjoy the holidays, as well as every day your so blessed to have.

Top 6 Exercises with Chris

Here are your Top 6 Exercises with Coach Chris! Incorporate these into your workout to help you achieve maximum results. Check out the video to see each of these Top 6 Exercises:

Top 6 Exercises:

  1. Barbell Squat: Push through your heels, keep your head up, chest out, and push your butt back as you lower yourself down. Then drive through the heels and squeeze your butt on the way up.
  2. Deadlift: Weight through your heels, chest out, shoulders back, and focus on your glutes as you hinge from your hips, pushing your butt back. On the way up, squeeze your butt, keeping your head up, and pull your shoulders back as you lift the weight.
  3. Barbell Bench Press: Slowly lower the bar down to mid-chest with a controlled motion, keeping your chest out and shoulders back. Then push the bar back up without locking your elbows and repeat.
  4. Push Up: Ensure your hands are positioned below your shoulders with your thumb in line with the mid-chest, the core is tight, butt lightly squeezed, and head up to ensure good posture. Slowly lower your body down with control, touching your chest to the ground, then push yourself back up without locking the elbows and repeat.
  5. Pull Up: Ensure that you flex your lats in order to keep your shoulders down throughout the full range of motion. Pull yourself all the way up as much as you can then lower yourself down with control, ensuring that you do not fully relax your shoulders or lock your elbows, then repeat.
  6. Barbell Hip Extension: Utilize a barbell pad to protect your pelvis. Place the bench on your scapula and relax your arms. Push through your heels as you lean back and drive your pelvis upward, squeezing your glutes. Hold for 1 second at the top of the movement and lower yourself down without touching the floor and repeat.

These are the Top 6 Exercises you should be integrating to improve your workouts. These Top 6 Exercises are throughout all of our programs from HIIT MAX™ Elite to our Custom Training Plans.

If you like these, then let us know! Also, let us know below of any exercises you would like to see our Coaches work out with!

Solutions, Not Resolutions

(This post is the third in a series on making New Years Resolutions work. Click here to find out how you can set resolutions you can finally stick to, all year long.)

In our first three-part post, we debunked the New Years Resolution MYTH! We showed you why most people slip from their New Years Resolution in weeks.

In our second post, we showed you how to set goals that stick. We showed you FIVE simple guidelines that give you willpower, motivation, and the year-long “stickiness” you need for success.

Now that you’ve made the choice to choose real health and wellness, you must set a plan for achieving those goals. Otherwise, the best-planned goal is nothing more than an idle promise.

In addition to a plan, great goals flourish when given a great support system. Working with like-minded people helps you stay motivated when times get tough. It also challenges you to complete this journey whenever you’re feeling frustrated.

So, the most important next step is finding the right PLAN which includes the right SUPPORT SYSTEM for you.

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Here at morellifit, we hear two common types of goals more than any other: The goal to lose weight and the goal to live a healthy life. That’s why we developed success paths and support systems for both. Here are two of our favorites:

The Custom Meal Planning Program – If your goal is to live a healthier life, food is where you start. Often, eating healthy is overwhelming and expensive! Our Custom Meal Plans help you set a healthy meal plan that you will enjoy. In addition, your personal coach provides much-needed support. (And believe it or not, you actually save money by eating healthier on our plans! Seriously.)

HIIT MAX™ – If your goal is to lose weight, exercise is the most important piece. Often, simple cardio is boring or simply not effective enough. HIIT MAX™ gives you a straightforward plan for losing weight that is easy on your schedule. In addition, HIIT MAX™ gives you tons of support with videos, a detailed program and more than 100,000 other members working out with you!

Obviously, these solutions are our favorite ways to lose weight and live healthier. But they are by no means the only ways to find a clear plan or to find support. You can always follow us on social media, continue reading our blog for tips, and interact with Morellifit members on a one-on-one basis.

As you can see, there are unlimited ways to get in shape and change your life. If you want to work out with us, you can always visit Morellifit for more great articles and programs that offer both plans and support. Just know we’re in your corner and here to support whatever path you choose!

5 Tools Every Successful Person Uses To Dominate Their Competition

(This post is part of a three-post series on setting better New Years Resolutions. For part one: click here.)

As you may remember, if you read our first blog post, setting New Years Resolutions like everyone else is a recipe for disaster. Studies say we’re going to fail within 30 days! That’s why we decided to set informed goals, instead.

How do you set great goals?

A goal by definition is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. But what makes a “goal” different (and better) than a “resolution” is that a goal gives us the why behind it. When we make choices to do something for a reason or desired result, then we have a why and we have a stronger tie to the things we choose to do. This increases our motivation and helps us stick to our goals in a way we could never stick to a resolution. Furthermore, we can always get back on track with a goal. While a Resolution is a “one strike, you’re out” commitment.

So now it’s time to set a goal.

5 Tips To Stick To Your Goals

  1. Start Goal Positively: It should be stated in the positive. For example: “I will choose whole foods to nourish my body,” instead of, “I won’t eat junk foods.”
  2. Maintain Your Goal: It should be able to be maintained by you. It should be something you can control. For example: “I want to have healthy choices when going to a restaurant.” That doesn’t work because you don’t make the menu. Instead, you can say, “I will choose restaurants that have healthy menu choices.” That keeps you in control of the goal.
  3. Define Success: It should define what success will be like on a sensory basis. For example: If your goal is to cook healthy foods every night, what will it sound like, feel like, taste like, and look like? Give yourself permission to imagine the day to day of living your goal.
  4. Know the Consequence of Failure: It should define what will happen if you don’t achieve it. You have to know what’s really at risk. For example: If your goal is to lose weight through diet and exercise you would want to evaluate what happens if you do and do not achieve it. If you do achieve it, you will feel healthier and be able to go for a run with your dogs. If you don’t achieve it you will not be able to be active with your children. You may not be there to watch them graduate from college…you might not be able to dance with them at their wedding…you may not be able to play with your grandchildren as they grow up.
  5. How Success Fits With Your Life: You should evaluate how your goal will fit into your life. Ask yourself not only how you will benefit, but ask yourself how your better health will affect others. Will it improve your current life and everyone’s life around you? Will you be able to volunteer more? Will you be able to travel more and share your experiences with your friends and family? If the goal is good and worth achieving, then it will positively impact everyone in your life, including you.

These five guidelines for developing goals that stick can help you change your life for the better. They have proven themselves to help you lose weight and get in better shape.

With these goals, the last step is to take action and make them happen in your life. By taking action you can stick to, and by getting the support you need to follow through, is how you succeed. You can read more about that here.

The way I have been able to successfully achieve all of my goals is by following these steps. And to help stay focused on my goals, I take MFIT — Focus your mind, an all natural brain support supplement that I used to crush my goals. I have always had a hard time focusing and I would become overwhelmed because I couldn’t stay organized and on task. If you have trouble focusing on your goals or you try to do too much, you’re not alone. Don’t let this stop you, check out what MFIT — Focus your mind can do for you.

[Part 1 of 3] Death Doesn’t Wait for Resolutions

Death Doesn’t Wait for Resolutions; Neither does Diabetes or Heart Disease

This time of year you will probably hear everyone talking about how “after the holidays I’ll get back on track” with their exercise… their diet… their health. They are probably talking about the New Years Resolutions they will make come January 1st. They are waiting to make the healthy changes they need by putting a timeline on it. But is this the right thing to do?

Just because your resolutions might wait for January 1st, your health might not…

What if you found out that you had diabetes or were developing heart disease? Would you tell your doctor that you’re going to wait to start to lose weight until after the holidays? No. Because disease and death don’t wait until a holiday to take control of your life and neither should you.

It’s a sad state to put your health on the back burner and wait until everyone else is making the change according to the calendar. Just because everyone else is waiting to eat healthy, workout, and lose weight until the holidays are over doesn’t mean you have to. Because let’s be serious, we all know a few large dinners and get-togethers doesn’t derail your health. We can work around all of that, we just choose not to. So, let’s stop blaming the holidays and “this time of year.” Why live by the calendar when you can just live now? Take the time today to set your health goals, because even if you can wait on a resolution, the odds are not in your favor to succeed.

New Years Resolutions don’t work, never have worked and never will work. Studies show that within one week, about 1 out of every 4 fail to keep them. By June 1st, only 8% of people are still going to their resolution. (That’s less than 1 out of every 10 people.) Those are not great stats and those are not great odds of your resolution panning out.

Luckily, there is a better way.

Instead of setting “resolutions”, let’s look at it as setting well-formed goals for ourselves for well-formed reasons. We want to do this because we are more likely to stick to life changes when our hearts and minds truly believe in why we are doing it.

Superficial goals won’t motivate us over the long haul. Don’t focus on bigger biceps or a 6 pack. Don’t even focus on the exact number of pounds you want to lose. Focus on the bigger goal, because it’s more motivating. Pick a goal like true health and wellness. Saying things like, “I want to be healthy for my kids and my grandkids.” This keeps our hearts and our minds on the goal and makes it more likely that we continue to strive for it as well. And every time we look at our kids’ faces, we feel another motivating surge.

Your first move to avoiding the resolution disappointment is to stop waiting around to make resolutions and waiting around for these resolutions to fail you. Instead, start by making some well-formed goals. These will be goals with several guidelines that we will give you in great detail in our next post. These guidelines help you make goals you can actually achieve. Then, your next move will be to find a solution to help you reach your goals. That will be in our third post, goals that have motivated our friends on social media and even motivated us here at Morellifit.

So, take the first step now. Choose not to wait on your health. Make that choice and we will help you make that new goal a reality. You can do this by checking out our Custom Meal Plans and Custom Training Plans, where we design a nutrition program and workouts specifically designed for you, your body and your goals. Because in the end, your health and wellness are more important than waiting until “the right time.” Don’t wait on resolutions, act now and find solutions.

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