How 2017 Is Going To Be Your Best Year Yet

It is time to get serious.

Time to get serious about your health. Your wealth. Your relationships.

With 2017 approaching, it is time to get serious about the New Year, so I wanted to share some tips with you that will help you make it your most successful year yet.

If you follow me on Snapchat, then you already know my routine, how I prepare mentally, how I train physically, and how I eat nutritionally.

I care about you and our entire community, which is growing exponentially, and I get these common questions every day.

How do I create success in my life?

How do I break through a fat loss plateaus? 

How do I gain lean muscle?

How do I become financially free?

How do I build better relationships?

It is about being aware of who you are, and understanding your strengths and weaknesses. It is about carrying those strengths forward and minimizing those weaknesses.

It is about understanding who you are at this moment, because in this moment that you can take action. You can’t take action tomorrow and you can’t take action yesterday. Right here and right now is the only moment that matters. It is the moment that determines success in your future.

The first thing you should do is to every day, take a self-audit. Every night when you lay your head down, and you look back at all the things you did, the things you didn’t do, or the things you wish you did, you need to reflect. Recognize the times where you were strong and the times where you were weak.

Begin to assess those moments and identify the reasoning for that strength or weakness. Why were you so strong during one situation, then so weak during another? Was it something you ate? Something you did? Some sort of mindset at that moment?

We train our mind to lead us, so if you are not constantly putting the right things into it, you will set yourself up for major failure.

If you are watching TV all day, soaking up social media or spending all your time playing video games, it will be very hard for you to allow your mind to grow. When you can’t grow your mind, it can make it tough to grow in life.

Here are my top tips to leading a more successful life in 2017:

  1. Take a self-audit.
  2. Learn to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Hint: Your strengths are normally the things you enjoy doing.
  3. Learn to go all in on your strengths.
  4. Minimize your weaknesses by surrounding yourself with people who are strong where you are weak.
  5. Serve others unconditionally, without expectation or strings attached. Do it because you love and you care.
  6. Set concrete goals. Click here to learn how to set and achieve goals.

Take these things with you into 2017 and take action. Make each moment count and you will have your most successful year yet.

I look forward to an amazing 2017. Thank you for allowing me to be here to serve you and share with you. Thank you for giving me an amazing 2016 and I look forward to watching everyone in our community grow.



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