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BIG BACK (workout)

We’re BACK to BACK! Training with my boy Chauncey, going through another back workout.

The last back workout was a higher volume higher intensity style workout, where as this one was shorter, still effective, still managed to get a great workout, great sweat and great back pump. The last one was more metabolic strength (more calories burned) vs hypertrophy strength (more muscle building) as shown below.

On back days, I like to warm up using a mix of horizontal pulls and vertical pulls. This ensures I hit the entire back in just 2 planes of motion and really get that back nice full of fresh blood for the upcoming working sets.

The pump is insane, and talk about sore the next day…a good sore of course. The sore that feels good when you flex and pump blood to the soreness, it’s a great feeling lol

Follow this workout to a T and experience the pump for yourself, it’s real, it will burn and you will love it!

Here’s our BACK-DAY workout:

Warm-Ups Sets:

  • Close-Grip Pull-Ups superset with Bent-Over Barbell (just the bar)

Working Sets:

  • Bent-Over Barbell Rows

(4 sets 12/12/10/10)

  • Chest Supported Reverse Flyes superset with Resistance Bands Pull-Downs

(4 sets 12/12/10/10)

  • Incline Pull-Downs superset with Elevated Seated Rows

(4 sets 12/12/10/10)

  • Assisted Pull-Ups superset with Swimmer Rows

(4 sets 12/12/10/10)


Btw, these workouts are being posted on our fitness Snapchat account username: morellifit

Last but certainly not the least, shameless BCAA plug, Even though I’m not in a “caloric deficit” I still drink my BCAAs intra-workout because they’re that damn good! With 9.5G of BCAAs, an Electrolyte Blend, Citrulline Malate, and sweetened with Stevia, every sip gives me an extra rep, or at least that’s what it feels like! Refreshes me for every set!

Thank you for giving us your attention today, and hopefully an opportunity to join you on your fitness journey, because that’s what morellifit is all about. It’s simple, we help you look and feel your best, faster and you can take that to the bank.


If you’re goal is REAL MASS (8-10lbs), this program is the step-by-step blueprint to achieve lean gains faster (remember what I said). Hypertrophic through TUT (time-under-tension) is the key to lean mass gains. You can learn more about TUT training in this short video blog.

You’ll want to immediately insert it if your goal is to put on lean muscle relatively quickly.


A 2 Year Old That Takes Supplements

Sometimes our diet needs supplementation so that we can lead a healthy lifestyle, and here are the ones that my two-year-old consumes on the regular.

Just kidding!

He doesn’t need supplementation, nor would I recommend that you start giving your kids supplements, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t ask for and drink some of mine from time to time.

And for the record…

I would NOT do this with just any ol’ supplements.

If you have kids, they’ve probably seen you drink your protein shakes, your BCAAs, and your superfoods. They are constantly watching, and remember, they want to be just like you. You know you a supplement like BCAAs, such as these 6 reasons, but your kids don’t need them yet.

As you probably know, I have two young kids, and my two-year-old son wants to do everything I do, and that includes eating the things I eat and taking the supplements that I take.

Now, I keep my supplement stack like my circle of friends, very small. I am very careful with the things I put in my body, not just because my kids are watching (although they are a big motivation), but because my body deserves the very best.

The best food and the best supplements, there is no compromise.

And because there was nothing on the market that met my needs I created my own line. Nothing, I mean nothing, both tasted good and was clean enough for me.

Either it tasted great (usually full of added sugar and chemicals), or it was clean and tasted bland, like chalk or cardboard. As you may know, these are supplements you buy but cannot take for very long because you can never get used to the crappy aftertaste.

But, back to my kids…

Kids are by far the hardest to please when it comes to taste. So if you can please a two-year-old, you’re doing alright, but the trick is making it clean enough for a 2-year-old body.

And well, we nailed it!

Of course, you’re talking about almost two years of back and forth with the formulation experts and scientists, but we nailed it nonetheless.

Now I am certainly not saying your toddler needs BCAAs and protein shakes, however, wouldn’t it feel reassuring to know when they ask for a sip (because they always do) you can confidently say yes without even thinking twice?

Carmello gets all of his nutrition from the whole foods we feed him. We have installed some extremely good eating habits from day one. My kids eat what we eat.


I think we can all agree that there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of our kids, but the truth is, it starts with the health and happiness of you.

Here’s why…

If you have young children, you know they want to be just like you, and everything you do, they want to do t0o. This is how they learn, by modeling our behavior. I know, because my son is like a little mini-me, and he has to do everything I do, eat everything I eat.

This is another reason why it is so important for me to model healthy eating to my children. I want my kids to grow up knowing what foods they should eat and what they shouldn’t. They won’t have to struggle with eating healthy and developing healthy habits because this will already be instilled in them as they grow.

And, when it comes to supplements I want the same to be true. This way, when they are adults, they know that there is a BIG difference between all-natural supplements and the garbage out there.

Because my supplements are so clean and so natural, I am not against letting my kids take a sip (ok Mello drinks more than just a sip) because they are my formulations and are free of chemicals, artificial, and even sucralose, which is in everything these days.

Not to go off on a tangent, but sucralose is terrible for you and certainly doesn’t belong in anything your kids consume.

So then the question becomes…

Doesn’t it make sense to use the same caution and care with your body as you do your kids? I mean, isn’t the goal for you to be around as long as possible so you can teach and care for them?

You see more often than not we only value our health once we begin to lose it, then it’s too late. The quality of your supplements is just as important as the food you eat.

There is no compromise on health, at least that’s the way we live. We lead by example and hope you’ll join us in our quest for next-level-living.


Ok so we don’t eat a lot of cake (very rare occasion), but we do have our sweets (substitutes like brownies from my book “The Sweet Potato Diet”), and we certainly do lots of smoothies. Here’s one of my all-time favorite meal replacement recipes and it’s to die for!

Whenever I make a protein smoothie, my kids always seem to be right there. It’s almost a guarantee that as the blender winds down, I’ll see Carmello and/or Carina with a smile and I can’t help but grin.

I know what’s coming next (haha!), it never fails.

“Dada, can I have some?”

And then…

“No, I want my own.”

Ok Mello, yes you can.

I could never do that before creating my own line.

Now I do it with confidence.

If you’re like me, then you also want the best for your body, and of course for your family. You should aim to find a line so clean and so natural that if your kids wanted some, you could give them a glass without worry.

While I don’t think you should get your kids hooked on supplements, I do encourage all parents to set good examples for their children. Mom, dad… your kids are watching your every move, they want to be just like you.

I invite all parents to start teaching their kids from an early age, the difference between healthy food and unhealthy food. And it starts with leadership.

Be the example, and lead by it.

Here’s a tip:

Do your best and nothing less.

Because if you do your best, no one can say a word.

How to Gain Muscle Fast with Blood Flow Restriction Trainingxq

Low-intensity training performed with occlusion bands provides a unique experience for those interested in rapid muscle growth in a short period of time.

Using blood flow restriction training, it is possible to achieve noticeable results using intensities as low as 20 percent of what you can normally lift for one rep. Significant muscle hypertrophy can be observed in as little as two to three weeks using blood flow restriction training.

One of the leading BFR researchers, Dr. Jeremy Loenneke has been quoted saying:

“Studies have found that lifting as low as 20% of maximum strength can produce increases in muscle size and strength similar to that of traditional resistance exercise which uses closer to 70% of an individual’s maximum strength. The beneficial effects have primarily been noted in muscles under direct BFR (e.g. arms and legs), however, there is some data that suggests that skeletal muscle not directly affected by the cuff may also benefit. For example, a handful of studies have found that doing the bench press with cuffs applied to the top of the arm, increases muscle size and strength despite the chest not being under BFR.  The mechanism behind this “indirect” effect of BFR is not known, but may be related to the fatiguing of the triceps.”

Here are the ways it works:

  1. INCREASED TYPE II FIBER ACTIVATION – The Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) bands reduce oxygen supply to the muscles in order to pre-fatigue slow twitch muscle fibers and diminish their response to workout loads, but to enable fast twitch muscle fibers to respond quickly to exercise training loads, resulting in faster lean muscle growth.
  2. INCREASED GROWTH FACTORS – By only slowing venous blood flow out of the limbs, BFR disrupts the body’s homeostasis – effectively increasing muscle protein synthesis, NOS-1 expression, and mTOR signaling, resulting in increased muscle growth. The bands also boost muscle growth and enhance the potential for muscle gain by reducing Myostatin concentrations.
  3. BETTER “MAPPING” – Your brain’s primary job is safety & prediction before performance. The BFR Bands provide mechanical tension that activates mechanoreceptors (stretch) and baroreceptors (pressure)in the limbs that may enhance your brain’s “map” of where your body is relative to space. With this increased awareness, your brain’s threat level goes down which means strength & performance goes up.
  4. ORGANIC COMPOUND SATURATION – By slowing blood flow away from leaving the limbs, organic compounds such as lactic acid accumulate at a rapid rate. This increase in lactic acid signals the production of IGF-1 and growth hormone, leading to a more muscular, athletic physique.

Another component of the effectiveness of blood flow restriction training is based on how your body responds to stress. When blood is allowed to enter a target muscle and prevented from leaving, the cells will begin to swell. The swelling of the cells signals “danger” to your muscles. In response, your muscle lays down new fibers and grows bigger to compensate for the extra load you’re placing on it. BFR training also increases the buildup of lactic acid in the muscle. Lactic acid stimulates IGF-1 production as well as protein synthesis, thereby increasing growth.

The typical BFR training workout calls for three to five sets of a particular exercise until volitional muscle fatigue is reached. The metabolic buildup that occurs with this type of training causes a rise in the production of human growth hormone that is equal to or greater than the levels that occur when using regular weight training at higher intensities.

Who Can Use BFR?

BFR training is ideal for:

  • Those who are unable to tolerate high loads during weight training due to joint pain
  • Those who are undergoing cardiac rehabilitation or those recovering from surgery
  • Athletes who need active recovery training sessions
  • Astronauts who have recently returned from space
  • Women who want to gain muscle and strength but don’t want to lift heavy weight
  • Men looking to break through strength and size plateaus

In the last decade, muscle training performed using a combination of low external loads and partial blood flow restriction training to the limb being exercised has become more popular as a way to gain muscle strength and increased muscle mass.

Although the cellular mechanisms responsible for muscle growth are not fully understood, it has been shown that weeks of high-frequency, low-intensity muscle exercise with blood flow restriction causes an increase in muscle strength along with muscle size.

Ten male subjects, averaging 23 years of age, performed four sets of leg extensions to failure with blood flow restriction applied to the thigh. Eight men of the same age as those in the control group performed training sessions without blood flow restriction.

Muscle biopsies were obtained at the start, after eight days and at the end of the 10-day training session. This study was the first to show that short-term low-load resistance training performed with BFR can lead to an increase in muscle cell growth in human skeletal muscle.

The same was found to be true for those who performed squats and bench press exercises while using BFR. Chest and upper arm girths were significantly increased during the test phase.

Because blood flow restriction training uses a cuff placed on the limb to be trained, it is often thought it can only be used on arms and legs. However, the research clearly suggests it has an effect on the distal musculature as well such as the chest, back, shoulders, calves, etc.

Blood flow restriction training limits blood flow from the veins to the heart. Keep in mind that BFR does not prevent blood from entering the muscle. It only slows blood from leaving the muscle. Studies have shown that blood flow restriction training can help increase bone mass and muscle growth when used alone or with low-load intensity training.

Unlike the traditional weightlifting training methods, blood flow restriction training can be used for both trained and untrained lifters and strength. Even simple walking with BFR is beneficial for those unable to exercise more actively due to injury or old age.

One study performed with the BFR Bands had 10 well-trained males perform BFR walk training for 3 weeks. What the study found was astonishing. Their VO2 max went up, their 1.5 mile run times decreased, and thigh muscle size increased – all from simply walking!

When properly executed, blood flow restriction training is a safe and extremely effective form of exercise. When applying the elastic wraps, the user should place the wraps at a perceived tightness of approximately seven out of ten. No pain should be felt at this point. If any pain is felt before exercise begins, the wraps are too tight. If any tingling or numbness is felt at any point, the bands should be loosened.

Throughout the workout, this perceived tightness should be monitored. Another method to monitor optimal pressure throughout the workout is to check blood refill speed in the hand (or inside of the knee for lower body). The way you do this is simply to press your thumb into the palm of the opposite hand. It should take approximately 2 seconds fo the color to refill. If it takes longer, the bands are likely too tight.

As always, those interested in new exercise regimens should speak with a healthcare provider before beginning anything new. BFR may be contraindicated for pregnant women and those suffering from varicose veins, high blood pressure or heart problems, DVT, diabetes, or any other circulatory disease.

Low-intensity exercises, when combined with blood flow restriction training, has a positive effect on the secretion of growth hormones and muscle hypertrophy. Studies have shown that this exercise technique can also be used to help those recover from surgery. When the training was implemented from the third to the 14th day, muscle atrophy was decreased significantly.

Athletes who perform training with BFR will run out of energy much more quickly than with other forms of training. Err on the side of less weight when you are first starting out until you find your “sweet spot.” Less weight is necessary when using BFR to achieve the same results, with recommended weights around 20% of your 1 repetition maximum or less.

Blood flow restriction training is most effective when you push yourself to the point of muscle failure. When you work to failure, you amplify the effects of BFR training, yielding better results in less time.

Although many workout magazines and training websites try to repaint old methods as “breakthrough” techniques for building muscle faster than ever before, they are usually just generic ideas that provide insignificant progress at best.

When used alone, blood flow restriction training can have similar effects on the body as traditional weight training. However, when combined with strength training, it can increase your results many times over.

To your gains,

Kusha Karvandi, PES, CES, CSCS




Does Restricting Blood 💉 Flow Create Faster Lean Muscle?

You’re not slowing blood restriction in, you’re slowing blood restriction out.

If you’re doing it any other way, you’re doing it wrong.

Let us show you the right way to restrict blood flow.

You won’t believe this workout, and you won’t believe the golden nuggets Kusha (CSCS) drops throughout the workout.

A short video worth watching until the end.

Here’s some more insight into a new method of training “Occlusion Style”.


Here is everything you’ll get from this post…

  • Whether restricting blood flow during training is dangerous
  • A great follow along workout!
  • Top benefits of blood flow restriction training
  • What supplements with improve this workout technique

Is blood flow restriction training dangerous or beneficial (BFR)

Blood flow restriction, or Occlusion training, is a technique that works by restricting blood flow to the veins, but not the arteries using straps/bands. Since arteries take blood flow to the limbs while veins carry it out, BFR training allows you to saturate your target muscles with nutrient-rich blood – enhancing the “pump” effect. This, in combination with the collection of lactic acid to the muscle, stimulates a massive hypertrophic (muscle growth) response.

This method is most effective by wrapping your arms for upper body workouts and legs for lower body. You don’t want to have any numbness or tingling. If you do, loosen it up a bit.

Using very light weights, a lot of sets (~4-10 sets),  and rep ranges between 15-30 reps are ideal and most effective. During your rest breaks, do not take the straps off. But do be sure to keep rest periods short, about 10-20 seconds ideally.

Here are a few couple of key things to keep in mind with BFR:

  • It can be used as a standalone method of training, which can be useful for recovery, but for strength and hypertrophy, it works best when used as a bolt-on to a heavy routine.
  • It’s important to start with the bands a little looser than you would think, and use the warm up to achieve the right pressure (which is a level “7” on a scale of 1-10, 10 being tightest).
  • BFR training works for more than just arms, it also works for nearly all muscle groups. For any upper body muscle group, such as chest, you would still wear the bands on the upper arms.

Here are the reps, sets, and rest time for that^^ workout. It’s intense. Make sure you focus on the contraction and remember to squeeze the weights, don’t lift them.


Warm-Up Squats w/BFR Bands

4 sets starting with 30 reps, then 15, 15, 15 (only 15 seconds rest between sets)


Working Sets (without BFR Bands)

  • 1st set Squats – 5 reps – 135lbs
    • 1 sec down – hold it for 5 secs
  • 2nd set – 185lbs
    • 1 sec down – hold it for 5 secs
  • 3rd set – 225lbs
    • 1 sec down – hold it for 5 secs

Wide Stance Straight-Leg Deadlifts 1:1

  • 3 sets of 10

Explosive Leg Press

  • 5 reps (Heavy)

Superset with Explosive Squat Jumps

  • 10 reps

Leg Curls

  • 3 sets of 10
    • Lift with 2 legs lower with 1 leg (5 reps each leg)

BFR Finisher

  • Leg Extension w/BFR Bands
    • 4 sets starting with 30 reps, then 15, 15, 15 (15 sec max rest between sets)

3 Instant Benefits From Blood Flow Restriction Training

  1. It drastically reduces the amount of energy available for slow twitch muscle fibers, forcing your body to activate fast twitch fibers without using heavy weights.
  2. Been shown to increase growth hormone and IGF-1 production as a result of higher than normal lactate accumulation, which amplifies metabolic and hormonal growth responses of blood flow.
  3. The restricted blood flow stretches the fascia (basically your muscles tight wrappers) which increases room for muscle growth!

⚡ Related: Learn the Science Behind BFR, including top studies.


For the absolute best results when training with weights, it’s important to call on as many muscle fibers as possible, during your workout as often as you can.

That means explosive power combined with strength work as you saw about halfway through the workout. Those reps hurt!

The kind of training where fatigue can, and often does, find you midway through the workout. Two supplements BCAAs and X-CELL work in conjunction to extend the rate to perceived exertion. They also increase absorption for better nutrient uptake, preserve lean muscle tissue, and increase strength.


Ditch the creatine.

Trust me.

Look to your right.

At one point they were on the fence like you are now if you’re still reading this.

It’s your call.

All you’re doing is delaying the most intense workouts you’ll ever have.

You know the workouts you never forget.

Yeah “those”.

Add in MFIT — Focus your mind, and they will be intense, and laser-focused.

That “contraction” is the best I’ve ever had.

6 Reasons You Should Ditch Creatine

Creatine is yesterday’s mashed potatoes, and we can prove it.

We’ve got something far superior for performance, strength, power, and…

Scroll down to “6 Reasons To Make The Swap”.

In this post, you’ll learn…

  • What the most versatile supplement on the planet is
  • Why nucleotides are so great
  • Top reasons to throw your creatine out!
  • …and top reason to replace it with nucleotides.

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements for people who are looking to build muscle and improve their strength. It is a supplement that is generally regarded as safe and trusted by almost everyone who takes it.

Creatine is an amino acid that is normally found in meat and fish, but it can also be bought in supplement form. It is often used by bodybuilders and athletes as a way to rapidly produce more energy so you can continue to train harder. The extra training can help the individual builder larger muscles faster.

And aside from a few side effects, it is generally safe for you to use, but that doesn’t mean it is the best thing for you to use and that there isn’t something on the market that is a better use for your money.


For years, this supplement has been the one everyone turns to in order to get bigger gains in the gym, but recently it has seen some major competition in the form of nucleotides – it’s called X-Cell.


Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA and RNA, and they control everything that happens within our body. We consume nucleotides from a variety of sources, including meat.

X-Cell, a new groundbreaking supplement, uses five different strands of nucleotides that are found in DNA and RNA to boost cell division and enhance your workouts and physical endurance. These are some of the same reasons people take creatine.


  1. Interacts with Coffee – One issue that people find is that while they are taking creatine, their body reacts to the addition of caffeine. This is because caffeine tries to expel the water the body may be holding onto, while creatine is doing just the opposite. Creatine actually makes the body hold onto water.
  2. Water Retention – As mentioned, creatine holds onto water, which, depending on your goals, can be a good or bad side effect. For many men who are trying to build muscles, water retention can make muscles appear larger than they actually are… Although it also makes them look a bit “mushy”. For those who are trying to slim down, as the majority of women are, the last thing you want is added weight due to your body holding onto water. This can make you appear to have more body fat than you actually do.
  3. Nausea and Upset Stomach – One complaint that many people have is that creatine can upset their stomach, which can be uncomfortable, especially if you are trying to work out.

One of the reasons a nucleotide supplement, like X-Cell, is a far better option is because it bypasses these side effects with immense benefits, with lots of research to back it all up.


I have been using X-Cell for over 8-weeks now and here’s why I am taking this cutting-edge Swiss-made nucleotide:

  1. Better Recovery from Workouts – X-Cell improves red blood cell regeneration, thereby improving oxygen uptake and reducing lactic acid buildup. You will have better recovery, reduced fatigue, and better adaption to training programs (Bigger, faster, stronger, leaner). [1]

  2. Promotes Muscle Development – Facilitates super efficient protein synthesis, therefore helping the development of muscle instead of fat. (This one is enough on its own!) [2]
  3. Repairs Intestines – Enhances mucosal (gut lining) repair, enabling better absorption of nutrients from food and other supplements. More uptake means more nutrients, which leads to better health. If someone’s spending hundreds of dollars on supplements they better be sure they are absorbing it properly! [2]

    Nucleotides have been shown to help repair your small intestines. Studies have shown that it can help heal ulcers, decreases them by number and size, and it can help heal damage caused by taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin. [3, 4]

  4. Boosts Your Immune System – Enables immune cell regeneration to reduce foreign bugs and viruses to prevent infections. A better immune system means less sick days. Clients with autoimmune issues have seen major benefits, such as changes in their activity levels and better recovery from bouts of illness. [5]

    One study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that supplementation with nucleotide-based products counteracted the impairment of immune function after heavy exercise. Another study found in animal studies that a dietary supplement can improve liver regrowth and immune responsiveness to a microbial challenge. [6, 7, 8]

  5. Reduces Stress Hormones – Suppresses the buildup of stress hormones, like cortisol, and repairs the DNA of cells under “stress”, i.e. from training/cardio.This is very important for reaching body composition goals, as high levels of cortisol will encourage more abdominal fat. [2]
  6. Enhances Brain Function – One of the most exciting benefits of nucleotides is the impact they can have on your brain function. A study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry found that rats who were given a diet supplemented with nucleotides portrayed an increased ability in learning, due to the possible influence nucleotides may have had on lipid metabolism of the cerebral cortex. [9]

You see what we mean.


Simply put, “the edge”.

That’s what you have over every other person in the gym.

Because very few know about X-Cell.

We are the only one in the US with X-Cell and we launched not too long ago.

But the word is spreading fast.

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to grab it today.

At least you know about it now.

Do some research on your own. Click through to some more of our blogs and learn even more.

Fitness is changing.

You’re gonna start hearing about…

“Nucleotides and DNA” more and more.

You’re ahead of the curve big time on this.

The Best Form of Cardio for Fat Loss (Hand Down)

Recently one of our members shot over an email asking why my HIIT programs did not have any dedicated, built-in cardio sessions. We answered back of course, but I couldn’t get the question out of my head. So, I decided to take this opportunity to share with you the benefits of using HIIT workouts, like my HIIT MAX Elite platform, over traditional cardio.

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is a highly effective type of cardiovascular exercise where you alternate between periods of high-intensity anaerobic exercises and rest periods. Entire workout sessions may only last half an hour or less, however, individuals who consistently engage in HIIT workouts gain profound benefits. Some of these advantages include incinerating fat by igniting your metabolism, improving your cardiovascular system, boosting the efficiency of your body’s oxygen consumption, and warding off disease. All this is gained without the need for traditional cardio workouts.

We might not be elite athletes, but YOU can still achieve elite health

Some advanced fitness professionals follow my programs and even some athletes, but I know that most of you don’t have the time to dedicate hours a day jogging, working out or whatever. Let’s face it. Life is busy. Work consumes eight or more hours a day, not to mention drive time, and then factor in family life, kids, activities, basically anything and everything which demands our attention and time – and you’re left with very little time to work on yourself.

HIIT saves you time.

I mean, think of all the moms out there. You ladies are like superheroes! You juggle waking up kids, feeding them breakfast, getting them ready for school while you’re getting ready for work, making sure lunches are packed, shoes are tied, and kids are on time for the bus, or maybe you’re even driving them. And once the kids are off to school, then your reward is fighting traffic to get to work on time! Towards the end of the day, you essentially do everything mentioned above but in reverse. Seriously, you all have my highest admiration and deepest respect!

But don’t get me wrong. HIIT isn’t just for moms. It’s for anybody who has a busy, hectic, crazy life. (Men, that’s us too). Just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we have an excuse to allow our fitness to suffer, because that can spell disaster in the long term. You deserve a workout that fits your hectic life. My membership platform, HIIT MAX Elite delivers just that.

HIIT sessions last, on average, 20-30 minutes. You can do the entire program anywhere you are. We have members who do their daily HIIT sessions at home, at the gym, in a dorm, on the road and even in hotels. Wherever you are, you can do High-Intensity Interval Training.

‘But what about cardio. You can do cardio for 20-30 minutes almost anywhere too, right?’

Sure, but here is where we get into the scientific benefits of HIIT.

HIIT ignites the metabolism.

HIIT ignites metabolism faster than regular cardio. An article out of Experience L!fe, a health and fitness magazine, interviewed certified strength and conditioning specialist Mike Robertson. When asked about the benefits of using HIIT for fat loss Robertson responded, “If you’re trying to lose fat, it’s pretty clear that HIIT is a more efficient tool than long distance cardio.” [1]

The article went on further:

Physiologists have yet to develop a full explanation of why this is, but one reason may be the so-called afterburn effect, in which the metabolism remains elevated for hours – and sometimes even days – after an intense workout… one 1994 study at Laval University in Quebec, Canada, found HIIT was nine times more effective for losing fat than steady-state cardio. [1]

The human body responds better to HIIT than cardio!

Clearly, one huge benefit is that HIIT primes your body to continuously burn fat even after you’re done with your workout sessions. That means you’re more likely to effectively burn fat while doing all those other important things in your life.

HIIT contributes to heart health.

HIIT guarantees the strengthening of your heart. And HIIT has an advantage over traditional cardio by design. The high-intensity interval aspect of any HIIT workout requires that your entire body work harder, compared to traditional cardio.

Imagine jogging at a moderate pace for an hour versus sprinting in short bursts for 20 minutes. If you’ve ever done HIIT or sprinting (a form of HIIT), or anything else using intervals of high intensity, then you know that you’re gonna feel the effects of this training long after you’ve finished. HIIT forces your body and your heart to push the limits, and consistently pushing the boundaries strengthens everything, including your heart.

In an article from Women’s Health Magazine, titled “7 Reasons to Try High-Intensity Interval Training”, Dr. Jordan Metzl M.D., an exercise physician and the author of The Exercise Cure, talked about the strong relationship between HIIT and heart health:

When you turn up the intensity of your workout, as high-intensity interval training does, you’re making your heart work harder. And since this muscle (like most) becomes stronger after putting it through tough training, this workout is very beneficial for your heart health. [2]

HIIT beats Cardio in VO2 Max improvements.

VO2 Max is the maximum rate of oxygen your body can consume during physical exertion. Obviously, oxygen is required for us to carry out any task, but as we exert ourselves, our bodies need more oxygen to keep us going.

What many people don’t know is that how efficiently our bodies consume oxygen and that can vary widely. Elite athletes’ bodies typically consume oxygen at higher rates than let’s say a couch potato. That enhanced rate of oxygen consumption, or better VO2 Max scores, can be significantly increased by using programs like HIIT. In fact, scientifically speaking, HIIT gives larger improvements in one’s VO2 Max scores than traditional cardio.

A 2015 review of 723 participants in over 28 different scientific studies revealed that while both HIIT and traditional cardio increased VO2 Max levels, HIIT participants scored higher on their VO2 Max compared to other non-HIIT participants.

The review, titled “Effectiveness of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIT) and Continuous Endurance Training for VO2max Improvements: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Controlled Trials”, concluded:

Endurance training and HIT both elicit large improvements in the VO2max of healthy, young to middle-aged adults, with the gains in VO2max being greater following HIIT when compared with endurance training. [3]

And I want to be clear, I’m not discrediting traditional cardio in the least, but if your goal is to achieve maximum benefits within the shortest period, the research is very revealing – HIIT beats cardio.

HIIT benefits diabetics and those at risk of becoming diabetic more than cardio.

Diabetes is truly one of the great epidemics of our time. If you don’t have diabetes, I’m certain you know someone who does or who is at risk of developing diabetes. It is that prevalent. Obviously, any general exercise is a good way to help prevent the onset of diabetes and even help manage symptoms if you have diabetes. But some exercises offer more benefits than others, and again the advantages of using HIIT over traditional cardio to beat diabetes is a no-brainer.

An article on titled, “High-Intensity Interval Training More Effective, Efficient Than Traditional Exercise For Weight Loss Or Managing Diabetes,” gave insight into a study done by researchers from the University of Leicester and the National Institute of Health Research Leicester-Loughborough Diet, Lifestyle, and Physical Activity Biomedical Research Unit. Their research spanned 50 scientific studies and over 2000 individuals!

The article stated,

The researchers compared HIIT to continuous training and control conditions, which meant only moderate-intensity exercise or no exercising at all outside of the daily habitual movement. They found HIIT caused a reduction in insulin resistance, weight loss of just over 2 pounds, and lower levels of blood glucose (a common symptom in diabetic patients). The meta-analysis also found respiratory fitness improved to a greater level than it did in those who took part in continuous training, as well as those who were in the control group.

This study involved a meta-analysis of experimental research, allowing us to pull together evidence and establish cause and effect,” lead researcher Charlotte Jelleyman said in a press release. “We have demonstrated that HIIT conveys benefits to cardiometabolic health, which, in the cases of insulin resistance and aerobic fitness, may be superior to the effect of traditional continuous training. [4]

All my HIIT workouts on HIIT MAX Elite, as well as HIIT MAX and HIIT MAX Vol 2, are customizable and adaptable. That means if you need to modify some exercises so their intensity is less, or you need to take a few more seconds to recoup during your rest period you can do that. You’ll still have the benefit of pushing yourself to achieve better fitness and improved health no matter who you are, or what conditions you might have.

HIIT workouts are amazing, and because of HIIT’s super-effective benefits in very manageable 20-30 minute sessions, HIIT has made its way into all walks of life. Even celebrities use HIIT to achieve their best in fitness and their active, constant on-the-go, performance lifestyles. Some very well-known celebrities who swear by HIIT include Carrie Underwood, Heidi Klum, Usher, Karolina Kurkova, Seal, Britney Spears, Doutzen Kroes, and Kourtney Kardashian.

Andrea Orbeck is a former Olympian, celebrity trainer, and a pregnancy fitness specialist. She studied Kinesiology at the University of Calgary and is certified for Intracellular Physiology, Postural Assessment, and Myofascial Release Therapy. 

In an interview with Shape magazine Orbeck had this to say when asked about her vision on her fitness, as well as her approach to training others:

When it comes to getting results, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) trumps long, boring workouts any day… You’ll burn more calories and tone more muscle in the same amount of the time it took your friend to find parking at the gym. [5]

HIIT workouts are the way to go!

We covered a lot of ground, so let’s reiterate the top reasons HIIT beats traditional cardio:

  • HIIT is more time efficient and more effective than traditional cardio
  • HIIT ignites your metabolism better than traditional cardio
  • HIIT benefits your heart better than traditional cardio
  • HIIT increases your VO2 Max (oxygen consumption) better than traditional cardio
  • HIIT is better than traditional cardio for managing and even preventing diabetes

With all this said, I want you to join me. I want you to feel better than you’ve ever felt before. I want you to wake up with more energy, more stamina, and an overwhelming sense of self-satisfaction. I want you to live longer, happier, and healthier.

I developed HIIT MAX Elite a while back, and it’s been a huge success. I’ve reached thousands of people through this online platform. Included in HIIT MAX Elite is a daily workout calendar, so you know what to do, and you can easily track your progress. I’ve included a BMR calculator, tons of healthy recipes to encourage proper (and delicious) nutrition, an online forum, example videos of every movement and exercise performed, and so much more. HIIT MAX Elite takes all the guesswork out of achieving the health and fitness you deserve.

I’ve been to gyms where they require commitments up front – 6 months to a year – to me that’s utterly ridiculous… and suspicious. If your service is great you don’t need to force people to stay. That’s why HIIT MAX Elite requires zero commitment. You can sign up and cancel in a month. But I’m betting, like so many other HIIT MAX Elite members, you’ll want to stay because HIIT MAX Elite is the best of the best in High-Intensity Interval Training!



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7 Full Body Exercises That Burn 3X The Calories

Next time you go to the gym, try this intense, full body workout that will really have you working up a sweat. These are the types of workouts you can get when you become an Elite member. When you join us, we will give you a full calendar of workouts every month that constantly changes so you never get bored. When your workout changes your body never has a chance to adapt and you never get tired of doing them.

Full Body Fat-Burner Workout:

Warm up:

  • Butt kicks 1-2 minutes
  • Jumping jacks 1-2 minutes
  • Leg swings: 20 each leg

Circuit 1

  • Upright row 3 x 20
  • Alternating knee to squat with dumbbells 3 x 10 each leg
  • In and out abs with towel 3 x 30

*Repeat circuit 3 times

Circuit 2

  • Weighted Sumo squats with pulse and jump 3 x 20
  • Shoulder press 3 x 20
  • Side oblique plank tap 3 x 20

*Repeat circuit 3 times

Circuit 3

  • Weighted pistol squats 3 x 15 each leg
  • Front dumbbell raise 3 x 15 each arm
  • Ball Pushups 3 x 20

*Repeat circuit 3 times

Circuit 3

  • Weighted pistol squats 3 x 15 each leg
  • Front dumbbell raise 3 x 15 each arm
  • Ball Pushups 3 x 20

*Repeat circuit 3 times

Circuit 4

  • Walking side squats (stay LOW) 20 each way
  • Hammer curls 3 x 15 each arm
  • Ball hamstring curls 3 x 20

*Repeat circuit 3 times

If you like this workout then make sure to sign up for Elite, where you will get butt-kicking workouts every day on an ever-changing calendar. This means you will continually get brand new workouts so you never get bored in the gym and your progress remains continuous. We have so many workouts and nutritional resources within Elite, including our Forum, where you get access to a personal trainer and nutritionist. This is someone who really knows their stuff and can answer any training or nutrition question you have. 


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