3 Proven Tips to Curb Cravings & Ignite Fat Loss


Let’s talk about cravings.

Everybody gets them.

I know that because it’s a question I get every single day.

From people seriously struggling to control their cravings.

Are you having a hard time with cravings?

I feel for you because these cravings can kill your efforts.

Your resolve only lasts so long, and at some stage, you WILL give in.

Willpower is Finite


No matter how hardcore you are, how dedicated you claim to be, and how much you want to reach your goals, at some stage, you will cave.

Say you’re on vacation:

Pancakes at the breakfast buffet?

You might be able to avoid those.

Cookies while you sit on the beach?

Not a problem – you’re not really a “cookie person” anyway, so you do just fine sticking to your clean eating plan.

But then evening comes – and you go to a pizza restaurant.

And oh boy, that’s when those cravings really ramp up, you say “screw it!” and dig into a deep-dish pepperoni, completely forgetting about your dreams, aims and desires for a beautiful, healthy body.

Suddenly, you’ve wrecked a whole week of progress, thanks to those cravings.

So let’s look at 3 ways you can easily avoid them.

#1 – Eat Satiating Foods

These are whole, nutrient-dense, healthy foods.

We’re talking quinoa, green vegetables, and sweet potatoes.

These are GOOD for busting cravings, but they’re not GREAT.

Do you know what is great?



This is the secret to killing food cravings for good!

Protein takes longer to digest than fat and carbohydrate and keeps you fuller longer. So whenever you sit down for a meal, eat your protein first, and by the time you get to the higher-carb, higher-fat foods on your plate, you probably won’t even want them.

I’d also urge you to eat every 3 hours … trust me, this is a life-saver.

In the video, I give my top tips for other satiating foods, as well as the best protein sources to eat at every meal.

#2 – Drink Your Water

Sometimes when a craving strikes, it’s not hunger – it’s thirst.

Ergo – drink more water, get fewer cravings.

As a baseline, drink half an ounce of water per pound of body weight, spread throughout the day.

Another guaranteed method is to drink an additional glass every single time you feel a craving coming on, and BOOM – instant craving-buster.

#3 – Get Minty

Grab yourself a mint, or a piece of chewing gum, and roll with that.

It sounds crazy, but this, combined with the water trick are proven tips for keeping your cravings at bay.

The flavor gives your mouth and taste buds something to focus on, and also means that any candy, pretzels, chips (or whatever else you’re yearning after) will taste pretty nasty!

The Wrap Up

shutterstock_92733478-300x218Use these tips and you really can’t go wrong.

Cravings will be a thing of the past.


See – these are 3 parts of a 4-part puzzle.

That missing piece?

Is a plan that suits you.

Because how, when and why cravings strike is just as much an individual factor as the number of calories you need to consume, your metabolism, your hormones and your precise, specific nutritional needs.

With a generic plan, there’s no thought of helping you beat cravings.

But with a Custom Meal Plan, it’s one of the very first things we address.

Not only do we delve into great detail to determine exactly what kind of diet will help you lose fat fastest, guarantee results and fit your lifestyle, we also analyze the following:

  • Your trigger foods
  • The times of day your cravings strike
  • When you feel tired and hungry
  • Social factors that could ruin your progress

And we ensure that every one of these is covered.

We guarantee your success in reaching your goals.

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