5 Steps to Get Your Best Summer Body…

Summer is just around the corner and it seems like there is nothing but poolside BBQ’s, talk of beach vacations, and the need to wear less clothing.

When was the last time you felt good poolside? When were you confident in your swimsuit? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long. Or, if you can remember, wouldn’t it be nice to get back to that?

Summer is the perfect time to commit to getting healthy, eating right, and getting back on track with your fitness. The weather is a perfect motivator to get you out and moving. Plus, with fresh foods growing in abundance, the menu options are even better. It seems like everywhere you look summer fitness challenges are popping up, and so we answer the question: Is this summer challenge right for me?

Here are 5 reasons a Summer Challenge is right for you:

  1. Custom Nutrition – Getting your diet back on track is the number one way to improve your health quickly. You are what you eat, and eating better foods leads to feeling better. A summer challenge will give you the nutritional guidance and meal planning you need to eat for your best body.
  2. Workouts – The challenge offers curated workouts to get you to your best body, and compliment your meal plans. These workouts can be done at home, at the park, or at the gym. With that kind of flexibility, there are no excuses for not being able to fit in a workout!
  3. Lose weight – Extra weight is not good for your health, or your confidence. If you are trying to lose extra pounds before the summer hits, this challenge focuses on weight loss in a quick and healthy way.
  4. Support – With any challenge, comes the question of who will be there to push you. This challenge is exactly how it sounds: Challenging. You know what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you! The support of our coaches will help you push through, hard, all the way until the end. Most importantly, these challenges are fun. They bring a sense of a team to those who join and band together. The forums are there to help you connect with other people who are also working towards their best body.
  5. CA$H – At the end of the challenges, the transformations come in and four lucky winners will be receiving cash prizes! We will have a first place male and female winner. They will each receive $2,000. Then we will have a second place male and female winner, who will each get $500.

There will never be a better time to get going on what you may have been putting off for months. 

Our Summer Shred FAST Challenge has now closed, but make sure to get on the list so you can be the first to know when our next challenge is up!


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