Amazing Health Benefits of Vanilla Bean

Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the world, one that we are all very familiar with. It is a warm, sweet flavor that is most commonly found in some of our favorite desserts, such as ice cream. But there is more to this plant than just the sweet taste, as it also provides numerous health benefits.

When we think of healthy food, we typically think of bland, boring foods, rather than something that could be sweet and comforting. The vanilla bean gives us the best of both worlds, allowing us to feel like we are enjoying a guilty pleasure when in reality we are providing your body with a host of health benefits.

In this post, you’ll see…

  • Why you should be eating more vanilla every day
  • Different ways you can add vanilla to your diet


  • Lowers Cholesterol – Vanillin, a product of the extract from vanilla bean, has been shown in studies to lower cholesterol when you consume 200-400 mg. This leads to better heart health and reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke [1].
  • Alleviates Arthritis – For hundreds of years, vanilla has been used to decrease inflammation in the body, which can help to reduce and relieve arthritis. It can also contribute to alleviating some symptoms of gout and is especially useful in reducing liver inflammation [2, 3].
  • Protects Our Immune System – Vanilla bean is rich in antioxidants and can help preserve your immune system. Antioxidants help protect your cells from breaking down and stimulate cellular regrowth. Not only that, but vanilla also acts as a natural antibiotic. This works to promote faster recovery when you are sick [4].  
  • Improves Blood Pressure – One large vanilla bean can contain around 100 mg of potassium, which has been shown in studies to help lower blood pressure. It is most effective when you increase your potassium intake, while also decreasing sodium intake [5].
  • Cancer Prevention Free radicals in the body can cause damage to cells and lead to the development of cancer. Vanilla contains antioxidants that protect cells from damage and mutations by free radicals [6, 7].

Organic Vegan Protein SuperfoodHOW TO GET MORE VANILLA BEAN

The vanilla bean is the second most expensive spice in the world, second to saffron. Because of its high cost, the majority of vanilla that you consume, about 90%, is manufactured.

In order to get the benefits of vanilla bean, you need to consume more foods that are made or flavored with real vanilla bean or even all natural vanilla extract. Luckily this is one flavor you won’t have to force down as it is sweet and delicious and so there is no need to cover it up. You can add it to your smoothies, meal replacements, and to your desserts. Vanilla is more versatile than most other flavors available. 

Vanilla bean is so tasty and has so many different benefits to your health that it was a no-brainer when deciding how to naturally flavor our vanilla Organic Vegan Protein Superfood. This is what makes this protein so clean, so healthy, yet taste so great without having to resort to the artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Plus, this protein blends smoothly into any shake, smoothie, or food you’d like to make. Yes, you can even use it to bake with.    

Using Organic Vegan Protein Superfood is the best way to get more vanilla bean into your diet, as it is delicious on its own, or can be used to complement a variety of other flavors and foods. Keep in mind that consuming the protein is only one way one to consume more vanilla and it is recommended that you try adding additional natural sources to your diet.

Because Morellifit only uses the highest quality, all natural supplements, you know you will be consuming vanilla bean, rather than an artificial replacement. Remember, 90% of the vanilla you consume from other products is artificial. Many companies prefer to use artificial vanilla in place of real vanilla bean because it is cheaper to produce, meaning you are not getting the full quality that you may be paying for. With our Organic Vegan Protein Superfood you can be sure that you are not getting artificial flavors to cut down on costs, but are getting the real thing. 

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