A No-Carb Breakfast To Die For [Recipe]

We all know bacon is what’s for breakfast. But Brussels Sprouts? This no carb breakfast pairs this unlikely duo with the protein-packed power of eggs to make this dish not only filling and delicious, but it also has no carbs! No carb breakfasts are an excellent way to start off the day for those looking to burn fat or to add to your low carb day on your Custom Meal Plan. Either way, this breakfast is sure to satisfy.


3 Slices of natural thick bacon

1 cup of chopped up Brussels sprouts

2 large eggs

salt and pepper to season


Use a large frying pan and place over medium heat and when warm, add bacon. Cook your bacon until it’s desired crispness. Then using tongs, carefully transfer the bacon to a paper towel to drain.

Turn the heat under the frying pan down to a lower heat and place the chopped Brussel sprouts in the cooked off bacon fat. Cook Brussels sprouts until they start to get tender and crispy which could take around 5-7 minutes. Move your Brussels sprouts to one side of the pan and crack your two eggs into the frying pan.

Cook your eggs until the white is cooked through, and the yolk is at desired doneness. To cook a little faster you can place a cover over your frying pan.

Using a slotted spoon, move your eggs and Brussel sprouts to a plate and add the drained bacon. Then just enjoy!

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