Best Alcohol Choice for Losing Weight and Staying Thin

If you’re middle-aged, overweight and struggling to shed those pounds, then there is a good chance that alcohol is at the root of your problem. This is the case for countless Americans. They don’t want to give up those weekend binges and those evening nightcaps and because alcohol is loaded with empty calories, it gradually pushes them away from their weight loss goals and towards the version of themselves they really don’t want to be.

Alcohol is not the devil. Everything is fine in moderation and that applies as much to this calorific liquid as it does to anything else. In fact, moderate alcohol intake has been shown to provide a number of benefits and may help to extend your life. The problem is, it’ll expand your waistline at the same time, so the trick is to focus on moderation as well as making the right choices.

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 How to Drink Alcohol if You Want to Stay Thin

Alcohol is alcohol—it’s the same calories for the same amount and there’s no getting away from that. Light beers have fewer calories because they have less alcohol and if you’re drinking to get drunk then you’ll just end up consuming twice as many of them as you would the regular ones. However, there are hidden calories in some alcoholic drinks and there are better alcohol alternatives for weight loss.

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No Cocktails

First and foremost, avoid cocktails at all costs. They are loaded with simple sugars which will send your calorie count soaring and will also cause a sugar crash at the end of the night, adding even more calories to your daily total as you go on a mad hunt for cheap pizza, wings, and chips.

Most cocktails use syrups, fruit juices and concentrate and a night of excessive consumption always leads to a morning of regret and a week of trying to undo the damage. If you like your alcohol sweet, then opt for a Bloody Mary (168 calories) or a Sazerac (140 calories), which have fewer calories and less of a sugar spike.

Stick to Spirits

Vodka is a pure, simple spirit that will give you a shot of alcohol without any additional calories. A 1.5fl oz shot comes in at fewer than 100 calories, and it’s a similar story for rum, whiskey, gin and other spirits.

If you can’t drink the spirit straight then don’t add it to diet soda. These drinks have been linked to the rise in obesity and may be altering your metabolism.

Red Wine

A small glass of red wine contains fewer than 100 calories. It’s not as clean as vodka, but those added calories bring a host of other benefits. Red wine consumption has been linked with an improvement in heart health and blood pressure and is a key ingredient at the heart of something known as the French Paradox, which focuses on the longevity associated with the French diet, despite it being rich in saturated fats, red wine and other “rich” food.

Drink Champagne!

Champagne has far fewer calories than white wine, which means you have the perfect excuse to drink it. If you love your beverages carbonated then it’s actually one of the best alcoholic drinks for weight loss, as it has far fewer calories than the majority of other carbonated drinks. A small glass of Champagne has fewer than 100 calories, often coming in at around 89.

Not the Tonic

Gin and Tonic may seem like the perfect alcoholic drink for weight loss, but it’s not. Far from leaving you refreshed and revitalized, this drink will just push you closer to your daily calorie allowance. There are about 200 calories per serving of Gin and Tonic, with the sugar in the tonic contributing as much as the alcohol in the gin.

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Consuming Alcohol When Trying to Lose Weight — Top Tips

  • Avoid the Late Night Feast: Alcohol makes us hungry for fatty, greasy foods and a binge is often followed by a food feast that pushes us well above our daily calorie allowance in a single meal.
  • Snack: Light snacks throughout the night will fill you up and restrain those takeout urges. It will keep your blood sugar from dropping, which is what sends drinkers into the pizzerias.
  • Save it for the Morning: If you’re going to feast, save it for the next day when fatty, greasy foods may actually help your body to recover. A big breakfast is fine as long as you eat light for the rest of the day.
  • Drink Water: Dehydration will make you hungry, it will deplete your body of essential nutrients and it will leave you in a moaning, groaning mess the following morning. Drink occasional glasses of water throughout the night and when the night is over make sure you have a bottle of water by your bedside.
  • Leave the Pills at Home: If you’re on any kind of weight loss pill, be it a stimulant or appetite suppressant, leave it at home. Mixing any drugs with alcohol can be dangerous.
  • Stay Strong: Cheat days can be a ticket to excess and if you’re of the all-or-nothing mindset as many of us are, then it can destroy your diet. Don’t tell yourself, “I might as well go all-out”, tucking into countless calories on the day you drink and the day after. Don’t create more work for yourself in the future and know that every drink and greasy takeout you avoid today and tomorrow, is less fat that you have to burn-off in the future.

Binge Drinking and Losing Weight

Have you ever wondered why some binge drinkers seem to consume as much alcohol as they want and never pile on the pounds? They prop up the bar on Friday and Saturday night and yet they have flat stomachs and look great in their evening attire.

Country to what you might think, they don’t have some magical alcohol-zapping metabolism. Chances are they just limit their calorie intake on the days they drink and the days they recover. It’s a trend common in binge drinkers who are conscious about their weight, but it’s a dangerous habit to acquire.

Calorie counting and excessive drinking don’t mix, because a night of excess could push you beyond your daily calorie limit in alcohol alone, which doesn’t leave much room for actual food. Binge drinking should be avoided at all costs if you’re trying to lose weight, but if you can’t resist the occasional session then make sure you swap a few of those end-of-the-night shots for some wholesome food and allow yourself to go over your daily limit if it means eating well. To be sure you are eating healthy, get on a Custom Meal Plan and let a nutritionist help you plan your meals. You can then have a better idea of how many calories you are consuming and easily keep track of the food you are putting in your body. 

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