Best Daily Carbohydrate Prescription for Rapid Fat Loss

If you wish to rapidly burn fat but feel you are walking in the dark, or you’re struggling to find a starting point, then you have come to the right place.

Last week, you were presented with a video on “Back-Loading Your Carbs for Faster Fat Loss.” Many of you responded with a variety of questions on the topic, unaware as to where to start when it comes to daily carbohydrate consumption.

So, I’ve designed a straightforward “starting point.”

Here you’ll find a beginning (basic) daily carbohydrate prescription for rapid fat loss detailed in this post and the video below:

And be sure to stay after the video to find out:

  • How to pick the right carbs to lose more weight
  • Where to start when deciding how many carbs you need
  • How to get rapid fat loss

Choosing Carbohydrates for Faster Fat Loss

When we are talking about carbohydrates, what are we really discussing here?

  • Whole Foods
  • Vegetables
  • A little bit of fruit
  • Safe starches
  • White rice
  • Oats
  • No processed foods, refined carbs, and sugars

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The key here is “whole foods.”

Eat foods as close to nature as possible. When recording the video on how to backload carbs, I stated that you should consume 75% of your carbs later in the day. This refers to whole foods derived from nature. By no means is a pass to plop down on the couch and devour a bowl of ice cream.

Furthermore, focus on vegetables and only a little bit of fruit. You can have some safe starches. Sweet potatoes are the ideal safe starch because they have a low glycemic index.

And if you like rice, then choose white rice as opposed to brown rice, as the bran is removed in white rice. In short, this prevents the rice from oxidizing and growing rancid in the body, both of which strip food of nutritional value and vastly eliminate a number of vitamins they originally contained.

Also, when it comes to oats, be sure to opt for steel-cut oats or organic steel-cut oats as opposed to grains. Last but not least, eliminate processed foods, refined carbs, and sugars! This is non-negotiable if you desire to rapidly lose fat.

The Carb Prescription Starting Point 

Your “carb intake” or a number of carbs in your daily diet should consist of half your body weight in grams. For example, a two-hundred-pound person should start with one-hundred grams of carbs per day.

Next, combine your carb intake with a number of proteins and fats you eat daily. After doing so, what is the percentage of your daily intake of carbs in relation to the percentage of proteins and fats you consume?

If it is 30% and you are trying to lose weight, a number of carbs you are consuming is too high. You need to bring your carb intake down to 25%, and then down to 20%. Manipulate the numbers to balance the equation. And while your carbs go down, your fats and proteins should go up at a proportional rate.

Achieving Rapid-Fat Loss Results

To succeed, you must remain patient and clear-headed throughout this, with your intentions dead set on your overall goal.

This process entails some trial and error because it involves tuning into the needs of your unique body. Your moods are good indicators of what your body needs. So, stay mindful of which foods and activities bring you down and which ones bring you up. Avoid those that bring you down while gravitating towards those that lift you up. If you are feeling frustrated trying to figure out what you should and shouldn’t be eating to maximize your fat loss, sign up for one of our Custom Meal plans and let us do the work for you.

Make sure you keep up with your workouts as well. Maintaining a healthy mental state and a regular workout routine is just as crucial as staying disciplined with your diet. Our HIIT MAX™ guides provide great workouts that are challenging and produce results.

Stay the course.

After you implement this, please leave your comments and/or questions below.

Let me know how this carbohydrate prescription for rapid fat loss is working for you.

And until next time, take care.


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