Custom Arm Workout by Chris

Meet our Morellifit Coach Chris! Chris is passionate about fitness and has been since high school. Since age 18, when he found weights, he has worked tirelessly to improve his body and mind. Chris was adamant about going to the gym five days a week and never missed a workout. Being teased for being small as a teenage fueled his desire to become fit, and in just 18 months he was able to gain 50 lbs. of muscle. Besides being passionate about working out, he also became passionate about teaching people how to do it too.

His start in a fitness career was at a gym selling fitness packages while he worked tirelessly on the side to teach himself everything he could from every fitness magazine and resource he could get his hands on. During that time Chris also got certified with ISSA. He then went on to train at other gyms, but found it hard to work under gyms with bad management and almost gave up on his dream of working in this industry.

However, a gym with a great leader picked him up and under the new conditions, Chris thrived as he helped people change their health. His passion brought him to the level of Fitness Director, all while allowing him to work with hundreds of clients along the way. It was then Chris found opportunity at Morellifit and continues to reach thousands of people through his new position creating custom training plans and operating the HIIT MAX™ Elite program. With his knowledge and dedication, he is able to work in the industry he so loves and share his passion for health and fitness that he truly believes in.

Chris’ Custom Arm Workout:

For Each Exercise:


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