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Welcome and thank you for investing in yourself through a custom meal plan.

Introduction to CMP


To ensure you have success with our plan, it’s really important that you take the time to plan ahead; such as prepping your meals in advance. If you do this for the next thirty days, you will be floored. Literally!

You had no idea what’s possible in 30 Days until you’ve given our Custom Meal Plan a go.

Trust the process.

We’ve done over 70,000 individual plans in the last couple years alone, which means there’s nothing we haven’t seen or overcome. 

With that in mind...

Often times the unexpected arises and we are not prepared for it. Often times you reach for convenience food instead of making the smart choice. 

Stay prepared and WIN. Period.


There are a few different options as far as your food selections go.

 It’s up for you to decide how you would like to prepare them, just try to avoid over extra salt, and sugar. Remember healthy fats (dressings) go a long way and are very calorically dense.

A little Olive & Balsamic is the optimal choice.

Then from there you can decide how you would like to proceed. 

Drink lots of what. At least 1/2 your body weight in ounces per day. So if you’re 150lbs then that means you should have “at least” 75 ounces spread out throughout the day.

Our team is extremely motivated to help you look and feel you best faster. We care about one thing, your results, and your experience with us by your side.


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Custom Meal Plan Walk-Through

Custom Meal Plan Guides

Recipe Guide

Grocery Guide

Macro List

Supplemental Meal Plan Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

00:37 Can I change the carb cycling days to my work out and my daily schedule
01:35 How do I weigh my foods? Should they be cooked or uncooked weights
03:00 How can I swap something out that I do no like for something else?
05:00 When can I drink BCAAs?
05:57 How many hours should be separated by each meal? What if I can’t eat so often?
06:53 I don’t understand my meal plan, what do i do?
08:20 Where can I find some of the ingredients on my plan?
09:31 What Supplement should I be using?
12:27 Can you drink coffee?
13:43 Can you drink Alcohol?
14:55 Can you meal group?
16:35 How many veggies should I have?
19:35 Can I eat Qwest bars? If I don’t like them can I swap them?
20:29 What about Meal Prep? And how do I do it?
24:00 Can my family join in on the meal plan?
24:42 I wanna dine out, can I?
27:00 What about adding spices and seasonings to my meal?

0:19 = “MY STORY”
0:59 = “First things first” main points begin.
1:02 = Much more than getting your body right (mind too)
1:19 = “Let’s talk nutrition”
1:32 - “Hit the macros”
1:42 = Fast food
1:49 = Eliminate dairy
2:14 = Limit sugar
2:25 = “Don’t overdo exercise”
2:56 = Eat veggies until you pass out
3:07 = “Let’s talk about fasting”
3:09 = Fasted training
3:15 = Health benefits of fasting
3:29 to 3.57 = Detox Organics
3:58 = Other supplements
4:03 = When I take first dose of Thrive/Stamina/Boost
4:13 = When I take second dose of Thrive/Stamina/Boost
4:20 = Snacking

How to Print Your Custom Meal Plan

Support Options for Your Custom Meal Plan

48 Hours of Support Is Included For Free

Your Custom Meal Plan comes with 48 hours of email support so you can get everything dialed in.  All you have to do is respond to the email you received from your nutritionist when they sent you your plan.

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