How to Eat Twinkies All Day and Still Drop Body Fat

Have you ever hear of the Twinkie Diet?

In 2010 a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University named Mark Haub, aka the Twinkie Guy, went on a 10-week diet where he lived mostly off Twinkies and other processed goodies, such as Oreos and Doritos, and lost 27 lbs. His diet also consisted of protein shakes and servings of veggies.

This raises the question of whether or not you can eat an unhealthy diet… or rather, a really unhealthy diet… and still lose weight?

The answer is yes.

Now just wait before you rush out and start loading up on Twinkies. Although you can lose weight by eating junk food, it is not worth it.

This was able to be accomplished through the simple process of calories in, calories out. Mark Haub consumed fewer calories than he burned throughout the day and so, naturally, lost weight. He went from eating 2,600 calories per day to 1,800 calories a day. In fact, he also saw an improvement in his cholesterol, as his LDL (bad cholesterol), decreased and his HDL (good cholesterol) increased by 30%. Which makes sense, as cutting calories and losing weight in itself can be highly beneficial for someone who is obese.

This sounds great, but the fact is, it is only a short-term fix… like putting a band-aid on a broken leg.

The truth is, weight is not something that determines whether or not you are healthy. While excessive weight gain is a good signifier of your health, it is not the only one. You can be a healthy weight, yet still be unhealthy and at risk for diseases.

In this post, you’ll discover…

  • How the way you look on the outside doesn’t always match how healthy you are on the inside
  • All the nasty ingredients found in Twinkies
  • Why health isn’t just about losing weight

Doesn’t Being Skinny Mean Being Healthy?

Dieting is more than just losing weight and being “skinny” should not be the overall goal. Skinny does not always equate to healthy.

What is important is how your body functions on the inside and whether or not it is healthy enough for you to live a long, active life.

This type of diet may have worked for Mike Haub in the short-term, but those 10 weeks don’t show what a lifetime of this diet will do to a body over the years. It doesn’t show cancer, diabetes, and heart disease that can arise if the highly processed, sugar-filled diet had been continued.

While Make Haub reports the weight loss and the improvement of his cholesterol, what he seems to leave out is how his body reacted and how he felt overall. We are guessing that he wasn’t able to fully thrive on Twinkies.

This type of diet can leave a person feeling less energized, with headaches and so much more.

A diet that is overly processed and includes large amounts of sugar, chemicals, and artificial ingredients can have disastrous effects. Overconsumption of these things can lead to insulin resistance, type 2 Diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and breast cancer (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). All that damage is not worth the Twinkies every day.

And just take a look at the ingredients found in Twinkies:

What you find are a lot of sugar and artificial ingredients…

The unsurprising part is that Mike Haub could have gotten these same weight loss results, if not better, and lead a healthier life in the long run if he had consumed the same amount of calories in whole foods.

Before his diet, Haub was consuming a 2,600 calorie diet which consisted mostly of carbohydrates, which can lead to inflammation, water retention, and signs of metabolic syndrome. While we don’t shy away from carbs, and even base our carb cycling Custom Meal Plans on them, they can become an issue if you don’t consume them correctly.

So What Does This All Mean?

If there is one thing to learn from this type of dieting, where we see short-term results from unhealthy food, it is that one of the biggest problems is not just what we consume, but how much we are consuming.

Over the decades, our portion sizes have grown exponentially to the point where overeating is a common practice and hardly noticed anymore.

When we focus on eating the right portion of food, along with the right kinds of food, our bodies thrive. Portion sizes haven’t always been as big as they are now and have grown substantially over the years.

Overall, while it is possible to lose weight on a healthy diet, it is not recommended, nor is it a permanent fix for any health or weight problems you may be having. The best way to maintain your health and lose weight is by eating clean in appropriate amounts.

There is no one size fits all diet for everyone, that is why we created our Custom Meal Plans, where there is no guessing. We tell you how much to each so that it is appropriate for your body and your activity level. Plus, we tell you what to eat so you know you are also eating clean food that will work for your health, not against it. And don’t worry, we only include the foods you like, including pizza!

Stay off the fad diets and get on one that is sustainable and long-lasting.

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