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Welcome to the Morellifit Shred Referral Page!

Important: Read Instructions and Criteria Before Submitting Your Referrals

All referral submissions are due by May 29th no later than 11:59pm.


All codes will be sent out on May 30th. Please register that same day before 11:59pm PST to redeem your free entry.

(Please Note: do NOT register before receiving your referral on Tuesday May 30th. Under no circumstance will we be issuing refunds on referral codes submitted AFTER your registration is complete.)

Before filling out the form please make sure that your referrals meet the following criteria:

  1. Your referrals have never been on a Morellifit Custom Meal Plan.
  2. Your referrals have never joined a Morellifit Challenge (including 100k Challenge, 2X Shred, 30 Day Shred).
  3. The Invoice number you provide must be the correct 6 digit Invoice number found here:

Example Invoice Number

Also Very Important:

Please make sure your referrals have already placed their orders and received their confirmation order emails. You will need the order number for each referral in order to submit this form and receive your free entry.

If your referrals cancel their orders or request refunds, your code will not be sent.

There are absolutely no refunds after registration closes (May 30th 11:59pm PST).

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