Does Freezing Your Fat Really Work?

Have you ever heard of this new trend where people are freezing their fat?

It sounds crazy and really bizarre, but this is a relatively new technique that a lot of people are going in for as an alternative to liposuction and plastic surgery.

This technique is called cryo lipolysis and is a medical technique that aims at destroying fat cells and reshaping the body. This procedure reduces fat deposits by cooling the area to approximately 39º F (or 4º C) and killing off fat cells.

Keep reading to find out:

  • If freezing your fat really works
  • And if it works, is it safe?
  • What a better, safer alternative may be

Does Freezing Fat Really Work?

According to the research, yes, it does work. In fact, the average patient saw a 28% reduction of fat (using caliper measurements) after just a couple of treatments [1, 2].

Because fat cells are more easily damaged than skin cells when exposed to cold temperatures, this procedure attempts to destroy the fat cells that exist under the top layer of skin, allowing them to dissolve. Controlling the temperature that is exposed to your skin is very important for it to be cold enough to destroy fat, yet not cold enough to cause frostbite and destroy skin cells. This is one reason that this should only be conducted by a professional who is licensed and knows what they are doing.

This technique was developed at the Wellman Center at Massachusetts General Hospital, where they began to research pigs before publishing their findings in 2008 [3, 4]. Their findings were tested on human patients, and they found that when cooled to a certain temperature, fatty tissue begins to die and that results in a reduction of the fatty tissue layer over the next several months. The procedure was approved in 2010 by the FDA and has grown in popularity since then. Treatment time varies patient to patient and can take up to 45-60 minutes per site. It can be used in several parts of the body and can cost up to $1500 per treatment.

While this procedure works to reduce fat, it is only a temporary, short-term fix and without the change in your eating habits and exercises, the fat is likely just to pile back on. Cryo lipolysis only destroys existing fat cells but does not prevent your body from creating new ones.

More Importantly, Freezing Fat Safe?

For the most part, cryo lipolysis appears to be safe, with only a 0.38% of patients reporting major complications, including fat embolism syndrome, cutaneous necrosis, and extended infection. While that is a small number, there is still risk involved, and a whopping 21.7 % of patients reported minor complications. Some of these minor complications include palpable and visible irregularities, serious, cutaneous hyperpigmentation, overcorrection, cutaneous slough, and local infection [5].

Other side effects that people have reported are bruising, reddening of the skin, and swelling. It is also noted that of patients notice a decrease in sensation in the area the treatment was performed for up to 8 weeks after [6].

So will the procedure kill you? No, you’ll survive, but there is definitely risk involved from major to minor complications and side effects. The treatment itself is also known to have various reactions, as some patients report it to be painful, while others report a “pins and needles” or burning sensation beneath the skin during the procedure.

Overall, it does not sound pleasant.

What is a Better Alternative to Freezing Fat?

Of course, we always recommend doing things the natural way. It may not be an instant fix, but the side effects include a healthy life where you feel and look good.

The best way to do this is through diet and exercise. People who sign up for a Custom Meal Plan and exercise regularly, see results faster as we hack into their bodies by providing them with the foods and portions that are best suited for them. Everyone is different, so not everyone has the same nutritional needs. We take into account your likes and dislikes, body stats, and activity level to help you get to your goals as quickly and safely as possible.

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