How I said “Goodbye” to Misery, Depression and a Fat Physique And “Hello” to an incredible body and a happier life.

How A Japanese Doctor
Helped Me Lose 16% Body Fat
In Just 90 Days…

Without giving up the foods I love… without joining a gym…
without any extra motivation… and in just 15 minutes a day!


This simple way to “hack” my workout transformed me from over 24% body fat to below 8% body fat, in 3 short months.

Not to mention, then this same “workout hack” has helped 108,568 people change their lives through my HIIT MAX program… got me interviewed as a fitness expert on ESPN… and gave me a combined Instagram following of over 4 million people.

What’s more; this simple “hack” works best when you’ve tried fasting… when you’ve tried detoxing… when you’ve tried workout DVDs, routines, even yoga… and nothing has worked for you.

When I found this simple hack, I was sluggish… miserable… run down… and as much as I tried to eat clean and stick to a healthy diet, I just felt like crap and struggled to get out of bed in the mornings.

A study out of Laval University found that those on a 15-week HIIT training program burned 15,000 calories more than those on a 20-week steady state program.
An Australian study observed 6 times more body fat loss comparing sprinters with those running at 60% of their maximum heart rate (i.e. jogging).
HIIT takes your metabolism through the roof. This was the finding of the American College of Sports Medicine, who concluded that there was s significant rise in metabolic rate for a whole 24-hours in HIIT trainers.
And finally …
Researchers at Trondheim University in Norway discovered a 100% decrease in fat-producing enzymes with a HIIT protocol.

One day, I was in the living room of my 1,000 square foot apartment and I threw together a quick workout using this new “hack” I’d been thinking of. Immediately, I felt results.

The naysayers said I needed to hit the gym, and that home workouts wouldn’t cut it. Plenty of people told me I needed to go jogging, or take up swimming or cycling to burn calories. They were wrong.

With nothing more than a lonely old set of dumbbells, I dropped a staggering 27 pounds of pure body fat. Not only that but I built lean muscle mass. increased my aerobic capacity and got substantially stronger. And I’d like to share these results with you.

These same “tiny workouts” burn 15,000 more calories… they burn 6x more fat than traditional exercise and working out… they turbocharge your metabolism… and this is all backed by scientific study after scientific study!

I have created a special article for you, that explains my simple workout “hack” and how you can harness it’s power for yourself:

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