How I said “Goodbye” to Misery, Depression and a Fat Physique And “Hello” to an incredible body and a happier life.

How I said “Goodbye” to Misery, Depression and a Fat Physique And
“Hello” to an incredible body and a happier life.


Hey I’m Michael.

That’s me – on the left. And in case you’re wondering – yes – BOTH of those photos are of me.

On the left I’m over 24% body fat, and on the right I went to below 8% body fat, all in 3 months.

Not to mention, in the after picture, I’m “today’s Michael” – the guy who’s helped 108,568 people change their lives through HIIT MAX, been interviewed as a fitness expert on ESPN, produced multiple best-selling exercise programs, with a combined Instagram following of over 4 million.

Flashback 3 years, and I was unhappy. Deeply unhappy. I had tried everything when it came to diet and exercise. And I mean EVERYTHING.

The fasts, the detoxes, the workout DVDs, the bodybuilding routines, and nothing worked.


Here was my issue. Not only was I getting nowhere,

I was always :

  • Sluggish
  • Miserable
  • Run Down

And as much as I tried to eat clean and stick to a healthy diet, I just felt like everything was failing me. Low-calorie diets made my weight drop, but I lost lean muscle mass and struggled just to get out of bed in the mornings.

Cutting carbs wasn’t an option – I had no energy. I didn’t want to live off shakes and supplements, because that’s not “living”

I needed a guaranteed way to shift stubborn body fat while feeling GREAT. And then it happened… I came across something called high intensity interval training, or HIIT.

The premise was simple – Burn more calories in less time… MUCH less time. Essentially, you train LESS and burn fat faster. I decided it was time to give this “new” type of training a go. So I set to being my own personal trainer, working out of my living room in my 1000 square foot apartment.


The naysayers said I needed to hit the gym, and that home workouts wouldn’t cut it. Plenty of people told me I needed to go jogging, or take up swimming or cycling to burn calories. They were wrong.

With nothing more than a lonely old set of dumbbells, I dropped a staggering 27 pounds of pure body fat in 113 days. Not only that but I built lean muscle mass. increased my aerobic capacity , and got substantially stronger.

And here’s the real kicker – for all these results. All the amazing fat loss, the incredible strength gains, and the astounding increase in self confidence and pride I experienced …

Not once did I train for more than 20 minutes. In fact, most of my workouts took just 15 minutes.

I almost didn’t believe the results myself. After YEARS of battling my weight – trying everything the magazines and internet “experts” told me, doing things my way was giving these crazy results.

Then I realized something

It was a Sunday morning, and one of my rest days. (Another shocker here during my transformation I had more rest days than workout days every week.)

I was chatting with a friend of mine David a fellow trainer who also held the RKC and CF-L1 fitness certifications, and a CPT from ISSA, and had shared my mentor James Fitzgerald of Optimum Performance Training.

“Michael” – David began.

“You do realize, this training you’re doing isn’t “technically” HIIT, right?”

Shocked, I looked back at him…

“I mean, you’re getting amazing results all right,” David continued, “but most guys, they do HIIT using just one exercise at a time.

So they might do some treadmill intervals, THEN do bodyweight squat intervals, THEN do a few burpees,
or pushups – that kinda thing. You’re doing HIIT wrong.”

I was about to argue.
But I stopped.

I know, this isn’t HIIT.
This is HIIT MAX


Burn 15,000 More Calories, and 6x More Fat

I realized what I’d done. Unintentionally, I’d taken something that worked incredibly well – HIIT – and created my own version. A veritable beast of a fat-torching inferno.

I took only the most effective exercises. The ones that guaranteed to burn maximum calories. And based it around a system already backed by hundreds of scientific studies.

  • A study out of Laval University found that those on a 15-week HIIT training
    program burned 15,000 calories more than those on a 20-week steady
    state program.
  • An Australian study observed 6 times more body fat loss comparing
    sprinters with those running at 60% of their maximum heart rate (i.e. jogging).
  • HIIT takes your metabolism through the roof. This was the finding of the American College of Sports Medicine, who concluded that there was s significant rise in metabolic rate for a whole 24-hours in HIIT trainers.
  • And finally …
  • Researchers at Trondheim University in Norway discovered a 100% decrease in fat-producing enzymes
    with a HIIT protocol.

So with all of THAT, Plus the fact that you only need 1 hour per week. Don’t need any equipment. And know that results are guaranteed, how can you let yourself NOT give HIIT MAX a go?


About the Guy, you know a bit about my story. And about how I created HIIT MAX. And, hopefully, you know A LOT about the benefits of HIIT MAX.But what makes me a guy you should trust? Well, I’m not generally one to brag, but if knowing my credentials helps you take the plunge, and change your life; to lose fat, take control of your health and get happier, here goes:

  • RKC, CPT-ISSA, CF-L1, and OPT certifications.
  • Studied programming and nutrition under the excellent James Fitzgerald of
    “Optimum Performance Training”.
  • My programs have reached over 108,000 people worldwide.
  • And over a quarter of a million read my daily newsletter.
  • I’ve also worked with hundreds of clients in a one-to-one basis, and have been
    interviewed as a fitness expert by ESPN.

But in all honesty, none of that matters. What matters is that I’ve been where you are.

Feeling the hurt, the desperation, the misery and thinking that getting lean, building a dream body and becoming fitter required deprivation, starvation and hours in the gym.

But I saw the light. I realized there was a better way, a smarter way. And dare I say it… an easier way!

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