How to Boost Your DNA and Recovery Time

X-Cell is right for just about everyone!”

How can I say that without even knowing you? That’s a good question, but the answer is so simple. It quite literally lies in your DNA!

Keep reading and you’ll see…

  • What X-Cell really is
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Let’s Talk About X-Cell

First off, what is X-Cell? Why do I use it, and why do I highly encourage you to check it out and use it too?

X-Cell is a new, groundbreaking supplement, that uses a proprietary blend formula containing all five nucleotides found in DNA and RNA. X-Cell combines these nucleotides with other vitamins to further support cellular regeneration. In a nutshell, X-Cell will increase your endurance, speed up your recovery time and give an extra boost to your immune system.

So yeah, that’s what X-Cell is all about, and why I use it. And when I find things that change my life I have to share them with my family. That’s why I encourage you to try it and experience the same profound benefits I have gotten.

Remember when I said, “it quite literally lies in your DNA”? Here’s how:

Everyone who has been through high school science class has heard that DNA is the blueprint of life. By “blueprint” we mean that DNA contains all the codes for every single trait and function imaginable within your body. Your eye color, hair color, skin color, linings of your organs, immune system functions, and protein synthesis are all controlled by your DNA.

Many of us erroneously believe that we have rather permanent living bodies. But that’s simply not the case. From birth onward, our bodies are in a constant state of regeneration. For example, our stomach lining regenerates itself every 5 days. Our red blood cells regenerate themselves every 120 days. Even our bones are theorized to be constantly regenerating themselves, although that timeframe is closer to 10 years [1]. The point is, DNA is needed to fulfill these essential aspects of ongoing functions and constant regeneration.

Remember back in those science classes, the picture of the “double helix” DNA strand? Basically, it looks like a spiral staircase. The “steps” up the staircase, on the double helix DNA strand, are made up of nucleotides.

Like I said before, all 5 types of nucleotides are contained in X-Cell. Four of these nucleotides are used in the DNA itself, and the fifth is used by RNA. Think of RNA as DNA’s assistant to replication and cellular regeneration. RNA gathers the right nucleotides, in the right order to make it possible for DNA to replicate itself over and over, endlessly throughout our entire lives.

These nucleotides include:

  • Guanine
  • Cytosine
  • Adenine
  • Thymine
  • Uracil

In DNA, guanine only bonds with cytosine. And adenine only bonds with thymine. Uracil is used only in RNA.

Now imagine if you’re training to tone up, gain muscle, or simply just to stay in shape, feel good, and live a long, happy life. If your body is lacking in these nucleotides you’re going to feel sluggish, and your recovery from training sessions will take longer. Most likely, you will struggle to achieve that much-needed training intensity to really make a difference. Basically, you’d be wasting your time and you’d feel miserable. What’s the point in that, seriously?!?!

X-Cell ensures your body has an abundance of nucleotides, and that your DNA has all the fuel needed to perform its essential functions of regeneration. Remember, protein synthesis is an enormous part of DNA’s replication and regeneration process and training mandates your body synthesize tons of new proteins to tone up, bulk up, or just stay in shape. Whatever your fitness goals may be, you need nucleotides. And that’s why you need X-Cell!



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