How To Cool Down For Faster Recovery

No matter what your results may be, whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscle nutrition and exercise are both incredibly important to your results. In fact, your training is 20% of the equation of reaching your goals.

But are you doing your entire training routine correctly?

In this blog, you’ll see…

  • Top benefits of using a foam roller
  • Why you should be using a foam roller before your workout
  • How to properly use your foam roller
  • Plus, you’ll get a great workout to try after warming up with your foam roller!

Having a good cool down routine can be really beneficial to your workout and your results. And, one of the best ways to cool down from your workout is to use a foam roller. A foam roller is used to give yourself a deep tissue massage, and it can help you recover faster from your workout.

If you aren’t recovering properly from your workout, you could be leaving your results behind. Your recovery is important because it gives your body a chance to recover from strenuous activity and adapt to the stress that you are putting on your body. The better the recovery, the better your next workout can be and the better your body can adapt to the added stress.

When it comes to recovering after a workout, a good cool down routine using a foam roller can be crucial and the difference it can make to your time in the gym can have a major impact on your goals.


There are many benefits to using a foam roller, whether you are using it before a workout, after, or on your rest day. These benefits include:

  • Increased Flexibility – Using a foam roller can improve flexibility, especially right after use. To get more long-lasting results, a foam roller should be used on a regular basis [1, 2]. Plus, regular use can improve joint movement [3].
  • Enhanced Performance – Study shows that using a foam roller on a regular basis can help improve your strength, agility, and speed. Not only is it beneficial for overall performance, but it has been shown to be more benefits than traditional stretching [4].
  • Faster Recovery – Foam rolling can help to speed up your recovery time, reduce the soreness of your muscles, which can not only help you feel better after your workout but also help you get ready to get back in the gym [5].
  • Prevents Myofascial Tightness – Myofascial refers to the skin around your muscles and foam rolling can help to avoid tightness of this skin post-workout [6, 7].


The most important time to use a foam roller is during your cool down routine after your workout, but this isn’t the only time you can use it for improved results.

It can also be implemented as a warm-up before you start working out. By using before your workout, it can impact your mobility and will allow you to function better in the gym.  

I would also recommend using it even on the days that you are not working out. Just because you aren’t working out, doesn’t mean that your body won’t benefit from using a foam roller on your muscles. In fact, using a foam roller on your rest day can help you recover faster so you can get back into the gym and push towards your goals.


Using a foam roller is pretty simple, and as you make your way through the ever-changing calendar of workouts inside of HIIT Max Elite, you will really want a foam roller so that you can get through all of your exercises. Watch below as I walk you through a great foam roller exercise that you can use before and after your workout.


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Want to give the foam roller a try? Here is a bonus workout that you can try, beginning and ending with some of the foam rolling techniques used in the video above. And if you like this workout, you can get hundreds more in HIIT Max Elite, where you get new workouts every day of the month!



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