How To Turn 30 Days Of Progress Into 3 Years

So what are some of the biggest questions we get asked after people lose fat and are loving their results from programs like HIIT Max Elite and our Shred Fast Program?

In this blog, you’ll see…

  • How you can keep the weight off after you get to your goal
  • What you can do to keep the water weight off
  • How you can keep the weight off after fasting
  • How to keep the weight off after carb-cycling
  • How you can use exercise and the BMR calculator to maintain your weight


Once people see they are losing weight on these programs, the next big question is, “How do I keep it off?” For people inside Elite, they continue to work out month to month but need some help on the nutrition side. For people on our Shred Fast meal plan, they want to know how to keep their results for good! And this goes for any of our programs. Once you start seeing results, you’ll want to keep them off without endless hard work. And the good news it, it’s very possible to maintain those results, not just for a few months, but for years.

So let’s go over a few things you can do and types of weight loss you have experienced when using this program. Let’s start with the smallest piece, and that is water weight.


When starting a program and fixing up nutrition, right in the first few days you likely saw a few pounds drop off. That is probably water weight. This is from adding more hydration to your diet because being dehydrated tells your body to hold onto water just in case. This is also from eating whole foods that naturally supply your body with more water and less sodium than processed foods do. Eating a diet high in added sodium will also cause you to hold onto water weight, and this can lead to a few extra pounds that you don’t need.

  • Drink at least half of your body weight in oz of water every single day, and more for hot seasons and areas and for days you drink, eat lots of sodium and workout
  • Keep processed foods out of your diet that has a lot of added sodium and salt things yourself to keep sodium from being excessive in your diet
  • Remember things like coffee act like diuretics and do not count towards your daily water intake levels


If you are in the Shred Fast program, you’ll know that part of the amazing fat shredding benefits coming from carb cycling combined with fasting. There are several things you can do to keep the benefits and results going after you’re off the Shred Fast meal plan.

One of the options is to keep your fasting window a few days a week to continue to see the fat loss benefits it provides. Fasting is safe to do for years, and people continue to see weight loss as a result of keeping up with their fasting. You don’t have to fast every day, and like the plan, you can fast on certain days that work best for you. Also, for those that found fasting to be a little harder than they like, using 100% healthy fats like MCT oil and grass-fed butter in a cup of black coffee can help with hunger and won’t break your fast.

  • For best results keep a few days a week where you choose to fast that works for you
  • Use a 12 or 8-hour feeding window, whichever you are most likely to stick with
  • Incorporate 100% healthy fats before you break your fast to help you stick through it
  • Continue to eat healthy, filling foods, so fasting is rewarding for your body when you do eat


The second component to the Shred Fast plan was the power of carb cycling that helps your body burn fat without adjusting to the level of calories or carbs you’re eating and ensures you don’t hit a plateau.

But once you’re off of your carb cycle, the first thing you can do is just use your medium carb days to help you maintain. It’s an excellent balance between high carb days that are best used for high activity and heavy workout days and the low carb days that were used to burn fat for energy.

However, many people lose enough weight that they need an entirely new meal plan, and this is something you can assess by how much weight you lost. If you saw quite a bit of fat loss, the chances are that meal plan won’t work for you long term because you’d need to adjust the calories and carbs each day anyway. A good solution for that is getting on a regular custom meal plan and asking for a maintenance plan for your new transformation weight, and our nutritionist can make you a plan that will help you maintain your awesome carb cycling results.

  • Use your medium carb days to plan meals from
  • Determine if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight
  • Use a custom meal plan to maintain your awesome transformation at your new weight and caloric needs


The best part of incorporating exercise in with challenges like the Shred Fast plan and our other awesome programs is that exercise habits build better bodies for life. Establishing an exercise routine is essential in gaining long-term health benefits that not only keep your body healthy and able year after year, it also helps you maintain your hard earned fat loss results.

Using a program like HIIT Max Elite in combination with a Shred Plan or a custom meal plan will help you boost your results. It will also help you maintain them after your plans are finished. Just keeping a high level of activity up each day leads to better energy and more calories burned. Adding in fat burning exercises like the ones in Elite makes sure that your body is burning fat long after the workout is over by incorporating high-intensity interval training and strength training. It also provides progressive workouts so you’re constantly being challenged and able to keep your results.

  • Stay active every day by moving more
  • Add fat burning HIIT exercises that work to burn fat long after the workout is over [123]
  • Use programs like HIIT Max Elite to continually get progressively challenging workouts laid out for you so you can keep your results


Your BMR lets you know what calories you’ll be burning at rest at your new transformation weight and body composition. This is an excellent way to figure out how much weight you lost, and if it’s time to recalculate your calories to keep it off.

When significant weight loss happens, the number of calories your body needs changes too. Plus, add in your new exercise routine you love, and you may not have a good idea of what amount of calories you need to keep the amazing results you’re seeing. Use our free BMR calculator to figure out the calories you need to maintain your new transformation weight. This will give you a good idea if the nutritional plan you’re on will even keep working for you after such a significant change.

If you find that you require a different amount of calories for your new workout routine, as well as for the fat loss difference, you can then start looking into adjusting your meal plan or getting on a brand new one that will help you maintain your fat loss effortlessly. Our nutritionist knows how important it is to keep the weight off without stress, so they can design a plan that keeps your weight maintenance effortless!

  • Use the BMR calculator to determine how many calories you need to maintain your fat loss
  • Determine if your current nutritional plan will keep you in the calorie range
  • Contact our nutritionists to determine if a maintenance meal plan is right for you so that you can keep your hard-earned transformation for years to come


All of these easy tips will allow you to keep the weight off for years to come, but what if you still want to make a little more progress before maintaining? The best way to do this is to follow these tips for at least four weeks, and then do another Shred Fast plan to get even more results. We recommend waiting at least four weeks because these plans are so intense and should have some buffer time between sessions. After that, you’ll be ready to start shredding again and seeing even more results!

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