BURN 545 calories with this HIIT Workout [Follow Along]

We don’t often post many workouts like this anymore, but I remember how this HIIT workout kicked my butt! And I wanted to share it with you so you could get in a great workout as well, while also having some fun.

No matter who you are or what your goals are, you will most likely be incorporating exercise into your life to get you to your goals. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight, put on lean muscle, or simply trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise is something can be beneficial to all of us. And HIIT workouts are perfect for everyone.

This particular exercise is perfect whether you enjoy going to the gym, exercising in the park, a hotel, or in your home. You can do this workout anywhere. One of my favorite workouts straight from HIIT Max membership site.


  • 30 Seconds of Arm Circles for
  • 30 Seconds of Neck Circles
  • 30 Seconds of Alternating Lunges
  • 30 Seconds of Air Squats


  • 30 Mountain Climbers
  • 30 Second Plank (Do an extended plank for more of a challenge)
  • 30 Bird Dogs
  • 30 Bicycles
  • Maximum Effort with a Burpee Buyout!

Make sure to watch the video for full details of each exercise.

When you are pushing hard to get through a workout, it is important to be able to keep up your energy levels so that you can finish strong. Being able to get through your workouts can have a direct impact on your ability to accomplish your goals quicker.

Did you see what I did in the video that helps me get my insane energy and make it through every workout? If you missed it, the secret is all in using a good BCAA supplement throughout your workout.

Using a high-quality BCAA intra-workout is an excellent way to provide your body with the much-needed energy to complete your training. And the ones we have now are even better than the ones I was using back when we filmed this workout.

We are continually trying to make everything we do better, whether it be the way we live, what we eat and ingest, and the products we provide for you. And that is why we have continued to make our BCAAs better. We liked this workout video because it showcases our old BCAAs and it is fun to take a trip down memory lane.

Our BCAAs were always good, but we knew we could make them better. The old formula, as clean as it was, still had Sucralose and that just wasn’t going to do it for me.

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I knew I needed to get that Sucralose out and so we came up with a formula that still tasted great but didn’t require you to consume harmful ingredient. If you haven’t seen our new BCAAs, you need to! Our new formula has no artificial ingredients, flavors or dyes. Plus, it will increase your endurance, stimulate muscle synthesis, and helps you ward off hunger.

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