This Supplement is Putting Fat, Stress, and Inflammation to Sleep

People always ask me what supplements and vitamins I take throughout my day to keep my body in top shape and to make sure that I stay healthy.

Whether you are someone that trains hard like me, or you are just looking to maintain that healthy lifestyle, supplementation can make all the difference in how you recover and how your body functions day-to-day.

Zinc and Magnesium are something I take every day, and one of the biggest reasons that I do is to help me sleep. Because I have such a hard time falling asleep at night and staying asleep, it has become one of my most essential supplements.

Not to mention these minerals are essential to your body’s needs.

Although deficiency in these two minerals is uncommon, it may be recommended to supplement for nutritional reasons, as well as to help treat and prevent certain medical conditions.

Zinc and Magnesium are both used for different things within the body.

Magnesium is vital to the function of your organs, including your heart, kidneys, muscles, and bones. It can be found in a wide variety of foods, such as leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, potatoes, and chocolate. Deficiency in this mineral is usually due to medical conditions like viruses and digestive diseases. It can also be caused by excessive consumption of coffee, alcohol, soda, salt, and stress.

Zinc, on the other hand, can be found in foods such as red meats, poultry, whole grains, dairy, and beans. This mineral is used for growth and development. It is also vital to the health and function of your immune system and overall healing of your body. Deficiency in Zinc is caused by poor nutrition and over-consumption of alcohol.

Although most of us may not be deficient in Magnesium and Zinc, supplementing with it can be beneficial and help aid your body in functioning optimally.


  1. Better Immune System – Studies show that zinc is crucial to our immune system. Not having enough Zinc in our system can make you more susceptible to infection, especially as you age. Supplementing with Zinc can restore your immune response within 2 months and can reduce the incidence of infection (1).
  2. Increased Testosterone – Supplementing with Zinc can help raise your testosterone levels, especially in males who are deficient and are producing less than they should (2, 3).
  3. Reduces Cramps – Taking magnesium can be beneficial if you suffer from nocturnal leg cramps. It can also help to reduce cramps in women who are pregnant (4).
  4. Improves Inflammatory Stress – Research suggests that people who suffer from chronic inflammatory stress can find some relief by increasing their intake of magnesium, especially those over the age of 51 (5).
  5. Reduced Cortisol Levels – A study published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition shows that an increased intake of magnesium can help reduce overall cortisol levels (6).
  6. Performance Enhancement – Magnesium can increase your performance by increasing glucose availability in the blood, muscle, and brain (7).
  7. Faster Recovery – Taking a magnesium supplement can help you get a better night’s sleep, especially for those who are suffering from insomnia by improving sleep time, early awakening, and sleep efficiency. Because sleep is connected to better and faster recovery, supplementing with magnesium can lead to faster recovery time (8, 9).

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There are many different reasons why you should include a Zinc and Magnesium supplement into your daily routine, whether you are looking for an edge in your performance and recovery, better sleep, or a better immune system.

When searching for a Zinc and Magnesium Supplement, you will often find them combined together in a ZMA supplement. ZMA stands for Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, and Vitamin B6 and is often advertised as a recovery or sleep aid that is used by athletes and bodybuilders.

If you don’t want to take a supplement and want to make sure that you are reaching the recommended daily dose of Magnesium and Zinc, getting on a Custom Meal Plan can help make sure you are eating a nutritious diet that is sufficient in these vital minerals.

Our Custom Meal Plans are made for your body and your goals, using the foods you like to eat. These meal plans can also help to make sure you are naturally getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Even if you are eating all the foods that you should be to get enough Zinc and Magnesium into your system, or taking a ZMA supplement, if your gut isn’t healthy, it could lead to your body not absorbing enough nutrients from the food you are consuming and thus lead to a deficiency. Taking a supplement like X-Cell can help you with nutrient absorption and make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs from the foods you are eating by helping to repair your gut lining. Supplements, and the food you eat are much more beneficial when you are able to absorb all the possible nutrients.

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