Natural Workout Supplements

Workout Supplements

Just because something is natural, doesn’t mean it is healthy. And at the same time, just because something is synthetic, doesn’t mean it is unhealthy. However, these assumptions usually have a basis in truth and it makes sense to want to focus on natural foods and supplements over unnatural ones.

You can also do this without sacrificing your gains and without falling short of your goals, because there are many workout supplements out there that are sourced from nature, are safe to use and are 100% effective.

Here is a list of the best natural workout supplements to add to your stack.


The process of extracting caffeine from coffee beans to make decaf coffee is not natural, nor is it pleasant. And the caffeine that is taken out of the coffee is then sold to soft drink manufacturers, as well as being sold in powdered form. It’s perfectly safe for human consumption, but if it’s a natural product you seek, you should steer clear.

However, in its original form caffeine is perfectly natural and can give you the boost you need for your workout. Instead of consuming a pre-workout shake that comes loaded with caffeine and a host of other synthetic ingredients, just have a strong cup of coffee. You’ll get the same stimulation, but without all the added fillers that these supplements so often contain.

Coffee was the pre-workout drink of choice before the supplement industry built a market based on pre-workout stimulation. And for many natural bodybuilders and fitness fanatics, a strong cup of coffee is still the preferred way to go. To get your organic coffee fix, check out Grind.

Protein Powder

Protein powders are not just the reserve of bodybuilders, or at least they shouldn’t be. There are a number of benefits associated with regular consumption, not least of which is increased muscle synthesis, which leads to muscle gain and can contribute to fat loss. Consumption of protein along with strength training has also been shown to be an effective preventative treatment for sarcopenia, which is a degenerative loss of muscle mass and increase in body fat.

Protein can help you to build, repair and retain muscle, but you probably knew that already. So how else can it benefit you? Well, there are several studies out there connecting consumption of protein supplements with a reduction in blood pressure and a decreased risk of diabetes.

Protein supplements may also be able to help build the body’s natural defenses by boosting antioxidants. One of the most important antioxidants is glutathione, which is actually produced by the body. The supply of this antioxidant is dependent on the amount of cysteine we consume, with protein being one of the best sources of this.

Just make sure that the protein you consume is organic and free from an artificial ingredient, like our Organic Vegan Protein Superfood.

Amino Acids

Natural Workout Supplements

Branched-chain amino acids are not produced by the body, but they are found naturally in the food we eat and are considered essential to trigger protein synthesis. In other words, without BCAAs, there would be no muscle growth.

You will find BCAAs in most of the protein that you consume, but professional bodybuilders and strength athletes also benefit from consuming additional BCAAs throughout the day, especially when entering a calorie deficit and looking to preserve muscle. We have our own brand of BCAAs here on Morelli Fit, combining the highest quality amino acids with a subtle natural flavor that makes daily consumption enjoyable and easy.

There is also an electrolyte blend to keep you pushing through those final reps. Speaking of which…

Natural Gatorade Alternatives

Gatorade is basically just sugar and coloring. It’s not natural and it’s not the sort of thing you should willingly be putting in your body. You don’t need it either, because there are many healthy, natural alternatives out there that will keep you hydrated and will also provide an additional burst of salts, sugars, minerals, and amino acids to give you an extra push in the gym.

One of the best drinks for this is coconut water. It is loaded with potassium, has zero fat and very few calories. It does have a low sodium content and very few carbohydrates, which is not ideal, but it forms a solid base for a workout drink of your own creation. And unless you’re a professional athlete training for hours on end, you don’t need those carbs or that sodium and coconut water will be much better for you than calorific and synthetic Gatorade.

If you can’t stomach the taste of coconut water then try watermelon juice instead. It’s not quite as popular, but it should be. It tastes great and it comes loaded with hydrating minerals. There is also a healthy dose of lycopene in watermelon juice, a phytochemical that is currently receiving a lot of attention for its cancer-killing properties.

Superfood Mixes

Build Muscle Fast

Not everyone likes eating vegetables and if you’re one of the countless Americans who dread their daily dose of greenery then it can be difficult to get the essential nutrients you need. That’s where green food or “superfood” mixes such as Detox Organics comes into play.

It is an all-natural, all-organic superfood concoction that gives you a wealth of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes without the need to spend a small fortune at WholeFoods or to work greenery into every meal that you eat. Obviously, real food is always the best way to go and it’s wrong to suggest otherwise, but supplements exist out of a necessity for convenience.

They exist because we don’t always have the time, the money or the inclination to eat a complete balanced diet and to do everything the “right” way. And when it comes to optimum health and wellbeing from a 100% natural supplement, these mixes are perfect.

Some supplement companies are even mixing them with protein and advising on post-workout consumption, but recent research suggests that mega-dosing with antioxidants after a workout can hinder muscle growth and these superfood mixes are packed with antioxidants.

So, by all means, buy them and drink them once or twice a day, but try to avoid combining them with post-workout shakes and make sure you buy organic, otherwise, there is just no telling how many pesticides, preservatives, and other nasty chemicals will be mixed in with those potent greens.

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