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I recently sat down with Jane Barlow, from Barlow Herbal, to talk about her LDM-100 detox. Every week I get tons of emails asking me questions about detoxing and the types of stuff that may be trending, like the teas, lotions and other magic potions that are on the market. While there are some out there that are good, Jane’s beats them all, as it is a different kind of detox.

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A few weeks ago, I tried Jane’s LDM-100 detox, a product that I believe everyone needs to know about, so I wanted to go over our conversation, what LDM-100 is and what my experience on it was…including the rash I got!

LDM-100 comes from the plant, lomatium, and was created by Jane’s father and as a teenager, she began to take it. Over the next 40 years, Jane continued to take and work with the plant and the detox made from it. Because this plant is only grown in a particular part of the world, it is not very well known or widely used.

If you’ve been following me on social media, you saw the rash I got after taking this. Over the years, Jane has had a lot of experience with LDM-100 and has seen many people get the same rash that I did. While only 7% of people that take this detox will get the rash, she believes that the reason people get it is that it pushes out a viral load that has built up within your tissues over the years. As most of my followers know, I once had a past with drug addiction and so I almost expected a greater risk of getting this rash due to the toxins I had put into my body for so long. Luckily, if you do get the rash, it is a one-time thing as Jane assures me that people who get it, only get it once with no future problems.

For me, it wasn’t an issue as now, my biggest concern is my health and I want to be at my best. If this is what it was going to take, I was all in. I was 5 days into the treatment when I began to break out in an itchy rash that covered my entire body, beginning at my head and working towards the end. It may sound and look horrifying, but in reality, it really wasn’t that bad.

The amazing part is not the rash I had experienced, but what I experienced afterward. Since taking it, I feel so great and have so much energy! While this isn’t the only benefit that I have seen from LDM-100, it is definitely the biggest. I feel like it has cleaned out my body, allowing everything, including my metabolism, to run as it should.

What Else is LDM-100 Good For?

LDM-100 isn’t just great for detoxing, but it can be used when you are sick or even as a preventative so you don’t get sick. For example, I got sick not too long ago, took the LDM-100 and felt 100% better within 24 hours. Jane herself takes it during cold and flu season to prevent herself from getting sick.

As Jane explained, there are so many places in our modern world where we gather toxins. Whether it is old habits, like in my case, or through what we have eaten throughout our life or the polluted air that we breathe. These are things that, for the most part, are unavoidable. Most of us can’t avoid living in a city and so we can’t just stop breathing the polluted city air.

It is also normal, as we get older and become more aware of ourselves and our environments, that we will go from bad habits, such as drugs or even just bad eating habits, to wanting to make ourselves better and wanting to improve our lives. LDM-100 helps almost give you that clean slate, so to speak, removing the toxins that have built up throughout your life so that you can go on to living a healthier lifestyle.

This is different from the trending detoxes, but it is also different from real detoxes, like our 7 Day Detox Drop. With these detoxes, what you are doing is giving your body a break and allowing it to repair itself, while LDM-100 gets deep into your tissue and cleans out the toxins that have built up and are left behind, even after other detoxes.

LDM-100 is something that Jane normally sells to doctors, but wants to expand her product and make it available for the everyday consumer. Check out Jane’s website for more in-depth information on lomatium and the LDM-100, as well as how to buy your own bottle so you can clean out your body from all the built up toxins.

Also, if you enjoy us seeing experts like Jane, please let us know so we have more featured guests just like her.

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