Our 30-Day Challenge Superstars and How to Join Them

Another season, another Super Shred, and countless more M-Fitters reaching their goal!

If you participated in our recent Scary Shred for Halloween then you may have just won yourself a big prize! All prize winners are below. I chose these myself based on the most impressive transformations, and when you see them for yourself you’ll understand just why these guys impressed me so much.

But the beauty of Scary Shred, and all of our shredding programs, is that everyone’s a winner. In just thirty days all entrants underwent a massive physical transformation, shedding pounds of fat, adding pounds of muscle, and experiencing all the satisfaction that goes along with those changes.

If you missed out on this program then don’t worry, as I have an offer for you that will more than make up for it. Right now you can get the same fat-busting tools that entrants to the Scary Shred had. In fact, I have created a fat-burning bundle valued at over $400, and if you order right now it’s yours for just $99!

$99 to get all the tools you need for a rapid, healthy weight loss over the next 30 days. You just need to supply the hard work and the sweat—I’ll supply everything else.

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You should never feel depressed because of the way you look and you should always be confident in yourself. You are not defined by how you look on the outside after all. But the problem is, while we all know that, we’re all guilty of feeling a little down when we don’t look our best, and feeling confident, strong, and often times invincible when we do.

That’s why these programs are so important. Not only can they help you transition to a fitter, slimmer, stronger, and healthier version of yourself, but they can empower you in a way that nothing else can.

Just look at the smiles on the faces of our winners (the prizes are coming your way!)

Top 3 Men

3. Justin Girolimon

Just like Frankey, Justin was able to drop a few pounds of fat and create some awesome definition. A lot of hard work has gone into this transformation, and that’s why Justin is one of my winners.

2. Frankey Nava

Frankey was far from overweight, but I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that he was carrying a few extra pounds. But he put in the hard work, he trimmed down, and now look at him!

1. Christopher Coleman

This is pure fat loss at its best. Just look at how much slimmer my man Christopher is! I’m impressed. This is a truly awesome transformation, and that’s why Christopher takes the top spot.

Top 3 Women

3. Sydney Stafford

Sydney has done a great job of toning up and trimming down, dropping pounds around her mid section and thighs while beefing up those biceps!

Don’t forget, if you missed Scary Shred then you can catch-up and undergo your own transformation with this exclusive Fat-Burning Stack, now available for just $99 (a value of over $400!). It’s not an official Shred Challenge so there are no prizes on offer, but I’d still love to see your transformations and to show the MFit community. So, if you want to appear in an email like this, or on our website/social media pages, try this fat-burning stack now and show me what you’ve got!

2. Michelle Sanchez

Great work all over from Michelle, and just look at that smile. That’s the grin of a woman who is damn proud of what’s she has done, and so she should be!

1. Jezabel Yanez

The biggest transformation goes to Jezabel, who lost huge amounts of weight during the Scary Shred. I’ve been through a similar transformation myself many years ago, and I know how much it takes to see changes like that, so I have nothing but respect for Jezabel and her efforts, and indeed for everyone who entered Scary Shred and gave it their all.

Well done J, and well done everyone!

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