How To Perform a Perfect PullUp – Start With Resistance Bands

Check out the video below before reading this blog post, then read to learn:

  • How you can do an assisted pull-up
  • Why you should aim for gradual improvement

OK – now that you know the correct way to perform a PullUp and an assisted PullUp, let’s go into more detail on the process involved.

Assisted Pull-ups

If you’re having trouble with PullUps, or simply want to increase your repetitions (and strength) then you should make a big effort with assisted PullUps.

If you persist, you will be shocked at how quickly you advance. You will gain strength, power and build lung capacity (as they tax your core muscles).

* If you don’t have any bands, you can grab one or a whole set on Amazon.

  • The blue band

If you have trouble performing one PullUp at the moment then I would start with at least the blue band.

  • The green and red bands

If you’re doing a few PullUps now, but you want to increase your volume, then you could go with the green or red bands.

Aim for gradual improvement

Essentially your goal should be to move from more resistance to less resistance and then to finally performing PullUps without bands.

Each and every time you perform PullUps, you should always try at the very beginning to perform one or more without the band.

Do not avoid this exercise. We all start somewhere. I couldn’t do PullUps for a very long time. And, even a lot of people who have been doing them for years are still doing them incorrectly. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “do the thing, and you shall have the power.”

This couldn’t be truer. Attempt to do some every day, and know that even giving 100% without performing one is creating results.

There is nothing better for your upper body than some hardcore PullUps!

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