$100K Challenge – Up For Grabs $100,000 In Cash & Prizes


Maybe you have seen it before, maybe you have just heard of it. Or maybe you didn’t register last time, and felt like you missed out on a huge opportunity! Well, the 100k Challenge is back! And registration starts January 1st.

What is the 100k Challenge?

The 100k Challenge is a chance to transform your body into your dream body, win 100k in prizes, the top one prize being a private luxury resort stay with our Morellifit Coaches and Michael, and join a community of excellent support while you do it!

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Here’s a peek at the top prize, and the top prize winner’s amazing stories…

These amazing transformations have changed their lives, and you too have a chance to change your life and win big.

Don’t miss out on 100k in amazing prizes, and the body of your dreams!

Click here to sign up for the next 100k Challenge starting January 1st!

You don’t have to do it alone. You have the help of the coaches, our amazing meal plans, our trusted Elite workouts, and the 100k Challengers! Our support system is there to keep you on track and to help you win both the body of your dreams and a chance at 100k in prizes.

*This challenge is now closed. Click here to stay notified of our next 100K Challenge!

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