Speed Shred 60 Total Body Training System

Are you ready for the challenge of your life?  If you’ve been on workout program after workout program without the results to show, it’s time that you hopped onto what may just be the most insane workout program you’ll ever try.

Are you ready for the challenge?

You’ve seen home workout DVDs before.  Insanity, P90X, Turbo Jam – you might have even tried one or two of these before.

But I promise you that Speed Shred 60 is going to completely blow these programs out of the water and revitalize the way you see fitness.

What is this program?

Glad you asked.

The Speed Shred 60 Total Body Training System 

I get asked so frequently how to burn fat, build muscle and achieve insane levels of fitness that I wanted to create my very own program, built upon my training philosophies.

I will warn you, though, this program is not for those who don’t want to work.  You will be put to the test with this 8-week program that is broken down into 4 different phases, each phase lasting two weeks.

Each phase builds upon the last so you’ll see steady and ongoing progress as you progress through the 60-day program.

Within each workout, you’ll perform a series of different movements.  The first is a pure strength exercise designed to build muscle and boost strength.  Next, you’ll move into an isometric movement, which will catapult your muscular endurance to levels you’ve never seen before.

From there, you’ll move into a core phase, which will help flatten those abs, while giving you the strength you need to execute every other exercise in this program.

Finally, you’ll finish off with a dynamic phase, designed to build real-life strength that you’ll feel in every lifestyle activity you do.

Trust me, if you can get through to the end of the dynamic activity, you will be seeing unbelievable fitness improvements and fat loss like you’ve never known before.

The even better news is that all you need to complete this program is one single pair of dumbbells and an open space.

This makes it absolutely ideal for doing in your home or wherever you choose to workout.

What’s Included…

When you pick up the Speed Shred 60 Total Body Training System, you’ll receive:

  • 60 days worth of unique workouts, each designed to challenge your body in a new manner
  • A six-pack ab guide to help you discover how to flatten your midsection
  • Dozens of the most effective ab exercises on the planet
  • A full nutrition prescription – never question again what you should be eating for optimal fat burning
  • A grocery list so that you know precisely what to purchase when you head to the grocery store
  • A full exercise library that contains step by step videos of how to do each and every exercise – it will feel like I’m right there by your side
  • An exercise journal so you can track your progress
  • A macro list to make following the nutrition program easier than ever
  • A BMR calculator so you can easily enter your stats and know precisely what your target is for your fat loss diet plan

All of this will be yours when you make the commitment to work on your body for 60 days with this program.

Is it as good as all the other programs out there?

Let me tell you, it’s better.

And I’m not just saying that because I created it.  I’m saying it because I believe it.

Try it for yourself and see. If after the 60 day period, you don’t believe you’ve seen the results you wanted to or you don’t feel satisfied with the purchase, simply email me and I’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

I am that confident that you are going to love what this program has to offer.

So ask yourself, are you up to the challenge?

You can either keep going as you currently are with your workout program – and continue to see the results you’ve been seeing.

Or, you can wake up 60 days from today with a brand new body.

The choice is yours.

What will your future hold?



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