Stay Guilt Free This New Year’s Eve (10 of the best party drinks and snacks)

New year’s eve is one of the best nights of the year. I think you deserve to celebrate a year of hard work.

So, if you’ve been working out and burning fat all year, then you should reward yourself.

However, you can have fun without putting on the pounds.

There are generally lots of fattening foods at these events, but there are also lots of healthy opinions. Here are the snacks and drinks that I will be eating. I encourage you to do the same.

In this post, you’ll see:

  • My go-to drinks for weight loss this New Years
  • Top party snacks for weight loss

Top Fat Loss Drinks:


1. LaCroix Natural Sparkling Water (Flavored) & KettleOne Vodka

This will make for a tasty drink and you can enjoy yourself at the party. There are no calories from carbohydrates, so you will stay in a state of ketosis.

With that said, try to limit your intake as those calories still need to be burned off. However, it won’t halt your weight loss progress like most other drinks.

2. Glass of Red Wine

There is research showing that one glass of red wine (four to six nights per week) can help you to live longer. It can increase your good cholesterol (HDL). There are also certain antioxidants in red wine.

Good bacteria is found in red wine which helps with your digestive tract, and can make you leaner (according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition).

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3. Glass Of Champagne w/ Berries

There are only 87 calories in one glass of champagne. You will only gain 2.8 grams of carbohydrates, which your body can easily cope with. The berries add a nice secondary twist to the flavor.

4. Lite Beer (Amstel lite)

Containing just 95 calories, this is a great option to choose. There are only 5 grams of carbohydrates in one bottle. This is a great option for men and women who want to be social without ingesting too many calories.

5. Flavored Vodka (KettleOne Orange) and club soda or tonic.

Flavored vodka has a low-calorie content in comparison to other alcoholic drinks.  The minimum alcohol content for flavored vodka is 60 proof (30% alcohol by volume).

This means there are 30% fewer calories, as there is less alcohol. The rest is made up of water content.

Top Weight Loss Snacks:

1. Nuts

You can’t go wrong with nuts, and you can keep snacking on them during the evening.

But, you can eat just any type of nuts. Choose from the almonds, macadamias, cashews, and walnuts. Don’t sweat it though, if there is a mix of nuts go ahead and grab a handful or two.

2. Guacamole

Your best bet is to find some veggies as opposed to traditional chips. If you have access to some gluten-free chips you could go for those.

3. Deviled Eggs

These are a great choice, as you get your fat and protein needs to be met. If you’re entertaining, then just cut hardboiled eggs in half. Sprinkle some chili pepper and some olive oil to add extra flavor.

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4. Dark Chocolate Cacao

Dark chocolate is a good snack to choose at a party. It is loaded with nutrients, which have a positive effect on your health. But, don’t confuse it with the chocolate loaded with sugar.

Cacao contains antioxidants, Theobromine, Phenylethylamine, essential minerals, and vitamins. Also, dark chocolate contains 15% fewer calories than other chocolate. It will also prevent the cravings for other salty and sweet foods.


5. Lean meats

You can fill up on meats, as long as they are lean cuts.

You will get the best sources of protein and good fats from the lean meats. You will find some type of meat at most events and parties, so this is a great choice.


Remember to have a great time this New Year’s Eve. You can be social and enjoy the foods you eat by just being selective.

Use the tips above to prevent weight gain, and start 2014 in the best possible way.

Whether you’ve been on a Custom Meal Plan or an effective training routine, you’ve to work hard all year and you deserve to have a little bit of fun.

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