Stay On Track While Traveling (behind the scenes footage from NYC)

When you are on vacation, there are plenty of opportunities when you are outside of your normal routine to eat poorly or stop exercising. Instead of falling off the wagon, there are things you can do to continue burning fat while on vacation. You don’t have to lose progress just because you are not at home. Here are some tips to burn fat while traveling.

  • Walk everywhere.

When on vacation, often it’s easy to feel rushed and can tend to make taking a taxi everywhere a good idea. But, if you can plan accordingly and map out where you’re staying to where you need to go you can arrange to have the ability to walk to some of the places you’re going. Hotels are often centrally spaced and something as simple as walking to a convenience store or to a restaurant that is close to the hotel can help you add extra steps to your day. Every step counts and can help you burn more calories.

  • Find local fair.

Eating out can be the biggest halt to fat burning when on vacation. To avoid this, search out all the local restaurants and avoid big chains. Big chains can be found everywhere and tend to go calorie heavy in their dishes to keep you wanting more. Instead, look for local restaurants that offer healthy dishes and maybe even a better taste of what is unique to the area. Looking online at the menu’s will help you choose healthy places to eat. Another great spot to look is at street vendors. Often big cities and even countrysides boast street stands that serve fresh fruits or meats. Try and stick as close to your meals at home and just let them add the flair for you. You can still burn fat with good foods while trying new things.

  • Work out in your hotel room.

Fat burning at the gym has become much easier as hotels increasingly add gyms. But even if your hotel doesn’t have a gym, or you’re staying with friends who don’t have a home gym, there are ways to get in your exercise. Programs like HIIT Max can be followed along with on your phone and don’t require any more equipment than your own body. If you are in a spot where the weather allows, going outside for a jog to see the area is a great way to see more of where you are vacationing while getting a great workout in. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your exercise. Any exercise is good and will help you burn fat. Local activities like hiking, jogging, park workouts, outdoor gyms, and climbing walls are all great extra workouts.

  • Be prepared with snacks that are healthy.

Bringing snacks with you for the plane, in between meals, and for downtime when traveling is a great way to stay on track with nutrition. Burning fat requires both nutrition and exercise. But if you are not prepared on the nutrition side then it can sabotage your best efforts to exercise on vacation. Jerky, nuts, and fruit that doesn’t spoil are all flight-friendly and easy to tote with your luggage. These snacks are good to hold you over in all the layovers or driving you might have to do. Plus, it will help you keep your hands out of the mini bars! Don’t forget to pack your protein in smaller containers to get you through the trip. Protein is a great way to stay full and hold you over until your next meal. Plus, you can make sure you’re fueling for your workouts. 

  • If you run out, be sure to restock.

If you run out of snacks and healthy things to munch on, don’t be afraid to go to a convenience store and restock. If you bring enough for the plane, you can buy more when you get where your going and not have to use your whole suitcase for food. Most places have gas stations and convenience stores close to hotels or on most corners. Stories like that tend to carry plenty of travel convenient snacks like jerky and nuts. Some even carry fresh fruit.

Plan ahead by doing your research to help you stay on track. Looking up accommodations close to where you want to visit and being able to walk places will help you burn fat while going the places you were already planning to be. Plus, locating stores that will have snacks for you can help save time when trying to find healthy food. The same goes for restaurants and finding healthy choices on menus. Restock on what keeps you on track and keep a gym program on your phone or laptop to use when a gym is not available. Vacation doesn’t have to mean falling off the wagon. It just means being prepared to win is important to burning fat. Enjoy your healthy vacation with just a little bit of planning.

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