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Banish Bloat With These 7 Detox Tips


1. Get Fruity

So many folks think that detox juices have to be all veggies, and that fruit is banned.

This is not the case.

The natural sugars in fruit are completely different to the sugars you get in candy bars and cakes and will help lift your mood and energy levels.

Include 1 fruit serving per 2 vegetable servings.

2. The Darker the Better 

On the topic of fruit, the darker it is, the better it is for you.

This is due to the fact that dark-skinned fruits have better protection from the sun, and so keep their nutritional values more effectively. Think blackberries, blueberries, and elderberries.

Thick-skinned fruits such as mangos, limes, and pineapples work on the same principle too.

3. Look at the Liquid

You can use water in your detox smoothies, but why would you, when varying the liquid component adds flavor, texture and extra nutrition?

Almond milk is a real winner, as is coconut water, coconut milk, and even the juice from fresh fruits such as lemons and limes.

4. Go Green

As much as possible, aim to include something green in your drink.

When combined with other ingredients you won’t taste these at all. So get some spinach, kale, broccoli, or even lettuce and aloe vera leaves in there.

5. Make it Nice with Spice

One incredibly simple tip to make your smoothies so much tastier (yet few people know about) is to add a dash of spice to each one.

If you’ve not tried ginger, cinnamon, or even a dash of natural sea salt with your concoctions, you’re seriously missing out. A little of these goes a long way.

6. Neat n’ Sweet

A big problem many people face when making their own detox drinks at home is working out how to make them sweet without adding a ton of syrup, sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Well, that problem can be solved by raiding nature’s store cupboard.

Raw honey and agave nectar are godsends and don’t forget that many sweeter fruits, like bananas, apples, papaya and apples pack more than enough sweet punch on their own.

7. Factor in Fat


In a weight loss smoothie?


Your body needs healthy dietary fats to function optimally, produce hormones, and burn body fat as fast as physically possible.

Some easy ways to get in a small serving of this essential nutrient is by adding in a small handful of almonds, walnuts or pistachios to each drink, or blending in half a tablespoon of macadamia nut oil or coconut oil.

There you have it…

7 ways to not only make your detox even more effective in terms of weight loss, fat burning, metabolic rate and energy levels, but also in taste.

Because what good is following a diet, if you don’t enjoy it!?
Why detox, though?

It’s that typical scenario …

You feel fat.

Your abs are bloated.

You’re sluggish, tired, and downright miserable with your physique.

You know you need to “diet” – but it’s just such a horrendous thought.

Weeks and months of grilled chicken breast, broccoli, garden salads and egg white omelets are not appealing in any way whatsoever.

Plus, from past experiences, you know that actually, it can take a while to see the benefits from such an eating plan. So not only are you depressed and bored with what you’re eating, but you’re not even reaping the rewards.

There must be a quicker way, right?

Enter the Detox

Now, before jumping to conclusions – detoxing probably isn’t what you think it is.

When done right, detoxing is a fantastic way to –

  • Get rid of stomach bloating
  • Lose stubborn fat
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Flush your system of harmful toxins
  • Eat real food
  • Improve sleep quality and mood
  • Give your weight loss a kick-start

⚠️ Are you ready to prevent cravings, reduce appetite, and beat the bloat?
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And yes, you can have delicious meals that fill you up, provide you with taste and flavor, and don’t leave you feeling about as energetic as a wet paper towel.

Not only that but if anything, your feelings of vim and vigor will increase, as you’re supplying your body with a whole host of powerful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

The secret is adding delicious detox smoothies and shakes to your diet, using the tips above.

A proper detox diet, containing a couple of daily drinks as per these guidelines, along with balanced, clean meals is just about the best way anyone, no matter what level of experience can use to:

  • Beat the stomach bulge
  • Get a rapid start to losing weight while feeling great
  • Reset the body’s metabolic profile
  • Feel lighter, leaner and healthier
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Lose fat in a fast, safe, sustainable manner

So try it – you might just be surprised

Carb-Cycle With Candy

Since having my kids, a holiday that is becoming a firm favorite of mine is that of Halloween.

I mean, how often do I get to dress up as one of my daughter’s favorite characters from Sesame Street? Oh, if you want to see WHO, then just watch my video below.

Anyways, Halloween is nearly always associated with candy. And cookies. And cakes. And chips. It’s a carb minefield! A common question I get asked is ‘what do I do over the holidays? Well, I’m going to tell you…

And keep reading after the video to learn…

  • How to set up a 3-day carb cycle
  • How to make your carb cycle work for you

So, what we are going to do is actually use all those tasty candy bars and treats, and use them in a ‘mini-carb cycle’. This will not only help us survive the night – but allow us to continue to cut body fat.

So how do we set up a 3-day carb cycle?

In this instance, we are going to use Halloween (Friday) as our base point, and work from there. I am going to break it down day by day so you know exactly what to do, and what not to do, so you don’t gain any unwanted weight over the holidays.

To get set this up, we need to be sure that there is a day either side of our ‘cheat day’, so in this case, it’s going to be Thursday and Saturday.

  • Thursday

This is where we cut our carbs, and we are going low carb. Now, what does low carb actually mean? Well everyone is different, and variables such as training, body weight and daily activity all come into play. But I’m going to make it really easy for you.

All I need you to do on this low carb day is take your body weight in pounds and divide it by two. That’s the maximum number of carbs you are going to have today. Sure you can do less, but definitely, don’t do more than this. Make sure you have eaten all of your carbs in the AM, as you need to keep the PM carb free

  • Friday (Halloween/The ‘cheat day’) 

Now by Friday, your body is going to be starved of carbs, and its basically going to be begging you for some. This is where we cheat. And we cheat hard!

 I want you to do one thing for me, though – I DON’T want you to feel bad for it.

Now as I mentioned above, everyone is different. You might be the kind of person that cheats by going crazy with carb-filled treats all day long, and that’s cool. Me personally, I like to keep most of my meals healthy then go nuts over a couple of meals and have everything I want.  Personally, I find it gets better results but whatever works for you is fine with me too.

  • Saturday

This one is the easiest to describe but can be the hardest to do, because when I say no carbs. I mean none. Nada. 

If you have been following me for some time, you will know I normally have two Quest bars on my low-carb days, and one on my no-carb days. But, after eating like crazy the day before, you have to be strict with yourself today.  Otherwise, the carb cycle just doesn’t work.

You have to starve your body completely of carbs on Saturday. The neat thing is that when you get to Sunday you will realize: ‘wow, this is what carb cycling is all about’. You will feel great and look great.

This is just is a 3-day version of what I go through in-depth with my new carb cycle-book – ‘Carb Cycle Max’ – which is coming out in a week or two.

What else do you need to know to make this work?

Well firstly, on your low-carb days you still need some energy. We are going to get that energy from fat. Not much, about 20-25 grams of fat max. You don’t want to go over this number as otherwise the carb-cycle won’t tap into those body-fat stores and you will undo all your hard work.

Secondly, on the no-carb day you might be a little bit more tired and have slightly less energy than usual; that’s totally normal.  Personally, I don’t find it too hard as, well, I’m a coffee drinker!

So there you have it, my definitive guide to cheating in the holiday season. So, go and carve that pumpkin, grab some candy, get dressed up and get lean too!

I understand that it can be frustrating to figure out what you should and shouldn’t be eating, especially when you want to begin to carb-cycle, so why not let us take care of that for you? Check out our Custom Meal Plans and let a Morellifit expert nutritionist design a nutrition program designed for your specific needs.


How Much Do Daily Macros Matter?

If you’ve been hitting the gym more regularly and starting to think about what goals you hope to achieve with your fitness program, there’s a good chance you’re spending some time reading about nutrition.

In doing so, you’ve heard the term ‘macro percentage’ before, referring to how many grams of proteins, carbs, and dietary fats you should consume on a day to day basis.

What should your macro percentages look like? You’re likely wondering if you’re doing this right.

Before you get yourself all worked up over this and likely toss in the towel feeling confused and overwhelmed, there are some things you should understand first.

Keep reading after the video to learn:

  • Why you need to get your diet under control before worrying about macros
  • Where I think you should start for better nutrition

Macros Do NOT Matter Until You Can Eat Right

Perhaps the biggest mistake you could make at this stage is to get overly concerned with macro ratios before you’ve figured out how to eat well.

If you base your macros around foods that do not support proper health and optimal body functioning, guess what?  You won’t like the end result anyways.

Sure, there is a group of people – the if it fits your macros concept who believe that as long as you eat ‘x’ number of calories per day and ‘y’ grams of proteins, carbs, and fats, that’s all that matters.  And it may be true. If you need to consume 1600 calories per day to lose weight and you eat one pizza and a cheeseburger, you may hit that 1600 calorie mark and see some weight loss.

But will you be healthy? Clearly not.  Will you lose fat?  Chances are you won’t. It’ll be the muscle that you’re burning up instead.

If you desire a lean fit physique –as well as a youthful and healthy and body well into your 70’s and 80’s, you do not want to only focus on calories or macros.

Sure, they are important, but only after you have already trained yourself to eat proper foods.

My Recommended Starting Point For Better Nutrition

So what route should you go? For 30-60 days, you must focus on building good eating habits.  A habit takes some time to become ingrained in your behavior patterns, which is why I recommend 30-60 days.

For this time period, 90% of the time, you should be eating whole foods as close to nature as possible.

This means lean meats, plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits in moderation, some nuts and seeds along with a few safe starches such as sweet potatoes and white rice.  It’s also imperative you eliminate alcohol and sweets entirely. If you want to be healthy, these must go – no exceptions.

Do this for 60 days straight and once you’ve done this, now you can start focusing on your macro ratios. At this point, you’ll be building your diet of foods that do your body good and support lean muscle tissue and fat loss. Trust me, your results will be far more in line with what you were hoping for.

When you do start counting, realize that protein can fluctuate slightly from individual to individual, but should be set at around 1 gram/lb of body weight. This typically equates out to around 35-40% of your total caloric intake.

This now leaves about 60% of your intake to devote to carbs or dietary fats. Remember these are the energy providing nutrients, they offset each other.  You can consume more carbs but if you do, your fats should be lower.  If you eat more fats, your carbs will go down accordingly.

This is the concept I utilize is the carb cycling approach, which I firmly believe is the best way to get leaner, build more muscle mass, and improve your health both in the long and short-term. It gives you the best of both worlds and soon, my book will explain exactly how to set up a proper carb cycling diet. When you’re at the point of counting macros, this is the concept you will want to use. We even offer Custom Meal Plans, where we can help you get on track, so you don’t have to worry about what you should and shouldn’t be eating. We design every meal to the individual.

So… don’t rush out and start counting macros, fix your eating patterns first.  Start there and your results will show immediately, then once you do finally start counting macros MAGIC will happen — my promise!

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