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7 Ways To Know How Much Water To Drink Each Day

With so many varying opinions on daily water intake, who do you listen to?

Some experts say 8 glasses, some say 10, and others will tell you to drink a gallon. Well, the reality is that most people don’t get anywhere near those amounts.

So, don’t worry so much about finding the perfect answer – just drink more water.

We all know the body needs water, but the amount needed will vary each day. The variation depends on physical activity, current health condition, and the weather.

Drinking_Water-300x209With that in mind, here are 7 factors that will determine your daily intake:

  1. Your water consumption and weight have a positive correlation.  The heavier you are, the more water your body needs.
  2. Daily exercise output. How much you’re perspiring during exercise, the type and duration of the exercise all affect how much water you should be drinking. Do you have a fever or diarrhea? Your body loses additional fluids in these cases, and more water can also help flush out the body of toxins, possibly helping with these conditions.
  3. Are you pregnant? It’s hard work making a human! The Institute of Medicine recommends that pregnant women drink about 10 cups of water per day.
  4. Are you breastfeeding? Large amounts of fluid are required in order for your body to produce breast milk for your baby. The Institute of Medicine recommends that women who are breastfeeding drink about 13 cups of water daily.
  5. Are you at a high altitude? Altitudes greater than 2,500 meters can trigger increased urination and rapid breathing, which use up more of your fluid reserves.
  6. Are you in a dry or humid climate? Hot or humid weather can cause you to sweat and requires additional fluid intake. Heated indoor air can also cause your skin to lose its moisture during the wintertime.
  7. Alcohol and caffeine intake. These types of beverages strip the body of water.

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One other thing: if you eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, about 20 percent of your water intake may already be coming from the foods you eat.

It is important to really listen to your body. If you listen closely, your body will tell you exactly what it needs and when it needs it.

Water_Jug-300x235Drink a good amount of water upon waking up first thing in the morning. Your body needs to revitalize itself after sleeping for many hours and will give you a boost of energy to being your day. Do not attempt drinking the majority of your daily water intake all at once; spread it out throughout the day.

Taper off as you approach bedtime. Drinking too much water before bed can result in interrupted sleep patterns, leaving you tired the next day.

Experiment with your water intake; make a log for a few days to a week and track when and how much water you drink and then record how you feel throughout the day.

You will notice a major difference (in terms of mood and energy) when you are properly hydrated. You will also be able to burn fat more quickly.


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