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7 Full Body Exercises That Burn 3X The Calories

Next time you go to the gym, try this intense, full body workout that will really have you working up a sweat. These are the types of workouts you can get when you become an Elite member. When you join us, we will give you a full calendar of workouts every month that constantly changes so you never get bored. When your workout changes your body never has a chance to adapt and you never get tired of doing them.

Full Body Fat-Burner Workout:

Warm up:

  • Butt kicks 1-2 minutes
  • Jumping jacks 1-2 minutes
  • Leg swings: 20 each leg

Circuit 1

  • Upright row 3 x 20
  • Alternating knee to squat with dumbbells 3 x 10 each leg
  • In and out abs with towel 3 x 30

*Repeat circuit 3 times

Circuit 2

  • Weighted Sumo squats with pulse and jump 3 x 20
  • Shoulder press 3 x 20
  • Side oblique plank tap 3 x 20

*Repeat circuit 3 times

Circuit 3

  • Weighted pistol squats 3 x 15 each leg
  • Front dumbbell raise 3 x 15 each arm
  • Ball Pushups 3 x 20

*Repeat circuit 3 times

Circuit 3

  • Weighted pistol squats 3 x 15 each leg
  • Front dumbbell raise 3 x 15 each arm
  • Ball Pushups 3 x 20

*Repeat circuit 3 times

Circuit 4

  • Walking side squats (stay LOW) 20 each way
  • Hammer curls 3 x 15 each arm
  • Ball hamstring curls 3 x 20

*Repeat circuit 3 times

If you like this workout then make sure to sign up for Elite, where you will get butt-kicking workouts every day on an ever-changing calendar. This means you will continually get brand new workouts so you never get bored in the gym and your progress remains continuous. We have so many workouts and nutritional resources within Elite, including our Forum, where you get access to a personal trainer and nutritionist. This is someone who really knows their stuff and can answer any training or nutrition question you have. 


Why Testosterone Is A Hormone That Women Need Too

When we think of testosterone, we think of the hormone that men are always trying to boost to get more muscle mass. And yes, this is the male hormone that has a crucial role in the development of male sexual reproductive tissues, muscle and bone, and body hair.

But this hormone isn’t just for men. Women also produce this hormone in the adrenal glands and ovaries, and it plays a significant role in their bodies. When talking about testosterone, we are no longer just talking about men’s health, we are also talking about women’s health.

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • Top myths that women believe about testosterone
  • What testosterone actually does for women
  • How to tell if you have low testosterone as a woman
  • When you should consider a testosterone replacement

For women, testosterone levels are at their highest around age 20 and then begin to decline throughout the rest of their life, unlike men who start to drop testosterone levels around the age of 30.  Just like men, women can also experience low testosterone levels, and that can have an unhealthy impact on their lives.

When women reach a point where they are not producing enough testosterone on their own, it is often advised to begin hormone therapy. Many women, however, may be apprehensive about this decision.

There are many myths that are believed when it comes to women, testosterone, and hormone therapy replacement, also known as T therapy (1).

Top Women and Testosterone MYTHS…

  • Masculinizes females

The presence of testosterone alone does not create masculinity in women, and true masculinity is not possible. Many women who produce low testosterone, such as post-menopausal women, are given testosterone replacement therapy, and in turn, it can even stimulate femininity. While those who are given doses that are too high can see results of increased hair growth, this side effect is not permanent and can be reduced with lower doses of testosterone (2, 3).

  • Testosterone causes hair loss

Because testosterone is often associated with men, and men are associated with hair loss, women fear that it can cause them to start losing the hair on their head. There is no study that shows testosterone to be the causation of hair loss. In fact, one-third of women experience hair loss and thinning hair as they age. It has been demonstrated, however, that low testosterone, as well as other life factors, can contribute to hair loss (3).

  • Testosterone increases breast cancer risk

While in the past some studies have suggested a possible association between breast cancer and increased testosterone levels, more recent studies have shown these studies to be limited and with no proof of causation. In fact, clinical studies have proven that testosterone can help protect women from breast cancer and have positive effects on breast cancer survivors (4, 5, 6).

  • Testosterone causes aggression

While it has been shown that anabolic steroids can cause aggression, the same does not occur with T therapy. A study published in Maturitas indicates that 90% of post-menopausal women who use T therapy have a decrease in depression, anxiety, irritability, and aggression (7).

What Does Testosterone Do In Women?

  • Maintain sex drive

As women grow older, especially after menopause, they begin to feel a dip in their sex drive and this can often be the result of lower testosterone levels. After menopause women see a drop in both testosterone and estrogen, but testosterone production is reduced significantly in comparison to estrogen. Studies show a correlation between testosterone and women’s sexual health (8).

Low testosterone levels are not just a result of menopause, but can also happen to women who are younger, especially if she has had her ovaries removed.

  • Bone Health

As women age, and especially during post-menopause, it is common for women to begin to lose bone density and strength. Maintaining normal testosterone levels is essential for maintaining healthy bones and keeping them strong. When testosterone increases, so does bone density (9, 10).

  • Manage Pain

Studies show that higher levels of testosterone in both women and men are associated with higher levels of pain management. One such study showed that joint and muscular pain significantly improved in post-menopausal women after testosterone replacement therapy  (711).

  • Cognitive Health

Research shows that testosterone may be important to the cognitive health of both men and women. A 26-week study conducted on 92 healthy post-menopausal women were given testosterone replacement therapy, rather than estrogen therapy. After the 26-weeks were up, the women saw a significant improvement in both verbal learning and memory. This can be important for women as they are at a higher risk for dementia than men (12).

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Women?

For most women, testosterone levels are not something that is thought of, especially at a young age. And this is because most women do not suffer from low testosterone levels and when they do, it is post-menopause or after they have had their ovaries removed. This is because the ovaries are one of the places responsible for the production of testosterone and once they are removed, women produce 50% less testosterone than they had before.

If you have gone through menopause, had a hysterectomy, or lost pituitary gland function and felt a decrease in your sex drive then your testosterone levels are something you want to keep an eye on. If you have not gone through any of these three situations, you can start supporting a healthy hormone balance now as you begin to get older, especially once you are past your early twenties, as this is when testosterone production starts to drop.

Should You Take a Testosterone Replacement?

Many women turn to T therapy to replace their lowering levels of testosterone. If you suspect that you are deficient in testosterone, be sure to talk to your doctor who can diagnose you and determine the appropriate treatment.

Until therapy is needed, there are many ways that you can support healthy testosterone production, and that is through a healthy diet and exercise. Studies have shown a correlation between lifting weights, as seen in our Weights for Women program, and a healthy level of testosterone production (13, 14).

But the best and most natural way to get testosterone is to eat foods and the workouts you do. Here are 5 foods you should include in your diet and a workout that is sure to boost your testosterone!

  • Oysters
  • Eggs
  • Pomegranate
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms

Torch 500+ Calories With This Short Lower Body Blast

Everyone at one point or another hits a plateau, and we all want to speed up our results and get to our goals quicker. By adding weights into your workout, you can both increase your progress and avoid any plateau that you may hit.

Here is a free workout that will work both your glutes and legs. Check out the full workout below and follow along:

Lower Body Burn:

  1. Curtsy Lunges with Dumbbells: Squat in between 20 reps x 3.
    – Make sure you aren’t compromising form for weight.
  2. Pistol Squats: 15 each leg x 3.
    – Don’t let your knees go over your toes. Hold a heavyweight and put most of your weight on your heels.
  3. Side Lunge Squat with weight: 20 reps each leg x 3.
    – Keep foot faced forward, so you don’t stress your knees.
  4. Glute Towel Slide: 15 reps x 3.
    – Put all of your weight on the standing foot. Keep weight in the heel. Go as deep as you can.
  5. Jump Squats: 30 jumps x 3.
  6. Sumo Pulses: until exhaustion: (aim for 30 pulses) x 3.

The great thing about this workout is that you can do it at the gym or home. No fancy equipment is needed. All you need is some weights and you are good to go. This is the same type of workout that you can find in our Weights for Women program, and it has been used by thousands of women to lose weight and tone their body. 

It has been a popular myth that lifting weights alone will naturally make you bulk up when, in fact, that isn’t the case. What happens is it helps you burn fat faster and target specific areas. To bulk up, you have to eat the diet of someone who is trying to bulk, and you have to put a lot of work into it.

Weights aren’t just useful for targeting fat, but they are great if you hit a plateau. If you find yourself at a place where you can’t seem to make any more progress, and your goals appear to be slipping away, try adding in some weights to get over this and get back on track to your goals.

If you enjoyed this workout, then check out Taylor’s full body workout. Or, check out Weights for Women, a comprehensive program dedicated to workouts just like this.

Levl, the Fat Burning Breathalyzer!

Levl, which premiered at the 2016 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas, is the newest gadget for the fat burning world. This device is a breathalyzer that can actually detect how much fat you’re burning just by analyzing your breath.

This device comes in two parts, a docking station and a tube for you to breathe in. Once you breathe into the tube, place it into the docking system, which will then show you on the front of the dock how much fat you are burning. A corresponding app that you download goes into greater detail of what is going on, such as just how many calories you are burning at that time. This is a great way to keep track of what your body is doing and how efficient it is being.

This is an incredible device and the way it works is just as amazing. It works by analyzing levels of acetone, a proven method for detecting fat burning. The way Levl works is by detecting the amount of acetone contained within your breath, which is an indicator of how many calories you are burning and whether or not you are in a state of ketosis. We fuel our bodies by consuming carbohydrates, which is turned into glucose. When we have burned all of our carbohydrates, our bodies turn to burning fat instead. Acetone is created through the process of ketosis, a time in which your body is burning fat, so the more acetone in your breath, the more fat you are burning.

Until now, we have had to rely on blood and urine tests in order to know how much fat our body is actively burning, but this device allows for a more convenient and more personal review of our body’s efficiency. This can be used alongside our Custom Meal Plans to create a better diet so you can more easily keep track of what works and what doesn’t, and plan your meals accordingly. It can also be used with our training programs, such as HIIT MAX™, Weights for Women, or our Custom Training Programs so that you can maximize your results!

For more information on the study Levl uses for their product: Anderson, J. C. (2015). Measuring breath acetone for monitoring fat loss: Review. Obesity, 23(12), 2327-2334.

Macros For Fat Loss & General Health – Beginner Pt. 1

Looking to shape up your diet plan? If you’ve been reading about nutrition, you’ve likely heard the term ‘macro’, along with the words proteins, carbohydrates, and dietary fats tossed around over and over again.

You have a good idea of what these mean, but when it comes to setting these up in your diet, you’re confused as ever.

Some sources say you should be eating 30% protein in your diet while others say 1 gram per pound is the right number to hit. And when it comes to carbohydrates, the advice is all over the map.

Don’t feel confused by this. In terms of structuring your macronutrient intake, it’s never a black and white picture.

Not only do you need to consider what your goals are – be it fat loss, muscle building, aerobic improvement, and so on, but you also need to consider the workouts you are doing.

An intense weight lifting program is going to require far different types of macros in a day than an easier going cardio workout will.

Customization is Key for Fat Loss

This said, let’s back up a moment.

The Real Secret To Beginner Fat Loss Success

Before you let all this confusion regarding macros overwhelm you, it’s time to forget about it.

That’s right. The biggest mistake I see beginners who are looking for fat loss, making is getting too wrapped up in the details.

It isn’t going to matter if you are consuming 100 grams of carbs or 150 grams of carbs per day if those carbs are coming from white bread, sugary cereals, and processed foods. In either scenario, you will not be seeing results.

Until you get the basics down first – that is, sound nutrition coming from wholesome foods, your macros simply don’t matter.

As a beginner, you can see dramatic success – a major transformation even – if you just focus on eating the right foods. Only once you’ve done this for 60 days and feel confident you can make wise food choices wherever you go, should you begin worrying about macros.

Perfecting Step 1 and Losing More Fat

So I challenge you, for 60 days, to eat a completely clean and natural diet. This means choosing lean protein sources, plenty of vegetables, small doses of nuts and seeds, along with moderate amounts of fruit. Opt for berries for the best results as these are rich in antioxidants and lowest on the GI scale.

Add small doses of complex carbohydrates from white rice, quinoa, and sweet potato around your workout periods to fuel your muscles and you will be all set.

This also means cutting out any forms of sugar and processed carbs, staying away from all deep-fried foods or those high in unhealthy saturated fat, as well as forgoing all alcohol for this 60-day time frame.

Once you have achieved this, then we’ll talk about macros. But for now, this is the bigger priority and should be your only focus as it pertains to nutrition.

If you need help knowing which foods are allowed and which aren’t, pick up one of my programs, such as HIIT MAX™ or Weights for Women, and follow the macro list & grocery guide included. If you eat all the foods on this list and that’s all you worry about, I promise you, you’ll be loving how you look and feel in no time.


How to Spot Reduce and Target Fat

The question I get asked every single day from people all across the world is “how do I spot reduce or target fat?”

In other words, they want to know how to get rid of flab, specifically in one area of the body such as the thighs, stomach area, or arms.

So, if you are wondering how to target that last bit of fat you just cannot seem to get rid of, the short answer is you simply cannot “target” and reduce fat in one specific area. While it is true that you can tighten muscles in a specific region, you cannot spot reduce fat.

To reach your goal, you are going to have to burn fat and calories via a well-rounded, full-body workout routine.

That’s what this post and the video below is all about:

  • Why training with weights burns more fat
  • How you can use machines instead of weights
  • How HIIT helps you burn fat

So, what is the absolute best way to burn fat and burn calories?

Fat Burning with Weights

The first and best thing to burn fat is weight training.

If you are not hitting the weights, you are doing yourself a disservice. To burn fat you must do some weight training.

Simply running, no matter how often or how far, will most likely fail to provide you with the results you desire. And, if you are already running on the treadmill morning, noon, and night, chances are you are not getting the results that you want, or you are going to hit a fat-burning plateau.

You must implement weights to get over this fat-burning plateau. Try using free weights before your run. Or, make a schedule where you do aerobic exercise every other day, and weight training on the days in between. Contrary to what many may think, weight training is essential for women as well as men. Our Weights for Women program shows you how to implement weights to target body fat.

Using Machines Instead

If weights of any kind are foreign and unappealing to you, I recommend hitting the gym to use their exercise machines.

What I recommend is upper-body/lower-body workout protocol. Go from an upper-body machine to a lower-body machine with a little bit of rest in between and continue to do that. Pick a total of eight exercises and continue to go back and forth for 40 to 50 minutes. Doing so proves far more beneficial when it comes to fat-burning than an hour of cardio.

Then to finish it off your weight training (or machines resistance training); do some HIIT training, High-Intensity Interval Training, for short bursts followed by some rest.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) consists of short bursts of intense exercise with brief breaks in between to rest. HIIT burns fat and calories exceptionally well and at an accelerated rate.

Weight train (or machines) for forty minutes, followed by twenty minutes of some form of HIIT.This right here is an amazing training session protocol to reduce fat and burn calories. It doesn’t get any better than this.

⚡ Related: Learn Why HIIT Is So Powerful For Fat Loss

Burning Fat with HIIT MAX™

For those interested in really burning fat, I recently launched HIIT MAX™. It’s a full-fledged High-Intensity Interval Training program. Hundreds of people downloaded it within the first forty-eight hours of its release. And I have received numerous emails from individuals reporting success from using the program.

HIIT MAX™ is an inexpensive way to effectively engage in HIIT. It is far less expensive than a personal trainer and can be done from the comfort of your own home. I recommend trying it out. It may or may not be right for you. Either way, be sure to implement some sort of high-intensity interval training into your exercise routine.

In conclusion, there is no short cut to reduce fat in one specific area. However, following the above methods will help you reduce fat in the area you are targeting as well as in any other areas where excess fat is lingering.

Implement this.

Let me know below in the comments how this is working for you.

Stay in touch with me.

And until next time, take care.

How To Put On Lean Body Mass


Are you a hard gainer or an athlete looking to put on some lean mass in the off-season?

Or perhaps you’re just someone looking to gain some lean body mass to keep yourself fit. No matter who you are, it’s important to use hypertrophy methods when working out.

Keep reading after the video to learn more about:

  • TUT
  • How to achieve TUT

What does that mean?

This means you are training with an external load (weights), and that you are training each set until your muscles fatigue.

With that in mind, we now have to look at time-under-tension (TUT), which means the amount of time your muscles resist weight during a specific set.

Time Under Tension (TUT):

  • 0 seconds to 20 seconds = Strength
  • 20 seconds to 40 seconds = Strength/Hypertrophy
  • 40 seconds to 70 seconds = Hypertrophy

So now that we know the desired training effect (i.e., lean mass gains), we need to change the stimulus enough to create the correct dose response.

If we are looking to use hypertrophy methods to increase lean body mass (LBM), then we need to make sure our TUT for the given set falls somewhere between 40 and 70 seconds.

⚠️  Are you ready to improve endurance and have a faster recovery time?
Be sure you are consuming BCAAs throughout your entire workout!

How Do We Achieve a TUT of 40 seconds to 70 seconds?

In order to create hypertrophy, we need to overload the eccentric phase using lower loads.

In the video, I go over both the concentric phase (shortening) of the lift as well as the eccentric phase (lengthening) of the lift.

Upon proper execution, you’ll likely experience a completely different training effect (immediate) than what you are used to.

While I certainly recommend varying your training between both strength and hypertrophy methods. If your goal is lean body mass (LBM), then adjust your training accordingly to favor the latter.

Remember, losing fat and/or gaining lean muscle takes time. So be patient. Stay consistent. Progressively overload the muscles and you will undoubtedly reap the benefits from this protocol.

If you want to discover challenging workouts that will give you great results, check out my training guides, such as HIIT MAX™, Real Mass, or Weights for Women. These are programs designed to keep you going and the results coming.

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