Take the Challenge… With Me!

Happy New Year!

If you haven’t been paying attention the past few days, we are gearing up for the 2X Shred Challenge!

And boy do I have a surprise for you!

To kick off the start of this challenge, I wanted to register for it myself. Yup, that is right, I will be doing the challenge right along with you! That means I am going to have to depend on you for support and inspiration, just as you will depend on others for the support necessary to reach the end and get to your goals.

And if you haven’t signed up already… what are you waiting for!?!?

This isn’t the first time we have held a challenge, and every time we do, I learn more and more on how to stay dialed in and succeed. Here is what I have learned over the past few years:

  1. Be Held Accountable: Whether you depend on the Morellifit Family to help hold you accountable, or the people in your life, having others behind you and rooting for you is a must. There will be days where you will feel like you want to quit, and you will need someone to keep you on your feet. Other times you will see the results and feel on top of the world, and you will need others there to celebrate your progress with you so that you stay inspired. When you are inspired, you can inspire others and change their lives as well.
  2. Have a Plan of Action: You need to have a plan to follow so the everything is laid out for you, getting rid of any roadblocks that may occur. The more you plan, the more you will be prepared for anything that comes up, including days you feel discouraged or days you find yourself eating out.
  3. Follow the Plan: What could be more important than making a plan? Following a plan! You can make all the plans you want, but if you don’t follow through, it all begins to unravel. Do your best to stay dedicated to the plans that you have set in place.

If you haven’t checked out the 2X Shred Challenge yet, you can do so by clicking here.

This time we are holding a challenge that is broken up into two parts and will end with us giving away over $10,000 in cash and prizes.

And there are many chances to be a winner. 

For our Grand Prize, we will select a male and female winner. Each of these winners will get $2,500.

We will then select a male and female second place winner, who will each receive $1,000.

Then for a lucky male and female challenger, we will be giving away a year subscription to an exclusive Custom Nutrition Package, which includes a year’s worth of Custom Meal Plans.

But that is not all. Because this Challenge is taking place over 60 days, and people will see results pretty quickly, we wanted to award their hard work. So at the halfway point, 30 days in, we will choose a male and female with the best 30-day transformation to receive $500 each.

Not only will you see a new you, but you could be holding cash by the time this is all over!

What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

We even have several packages to choose from, so you can decide what best fits your budget and what you think you will need to crush this challenge.

With our Quick Fire Package you get:

  • 21 Day Metabolic Reset with Detox Organics
  • Exclusive access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Online Training Platform

With the Burn Package you get:

  • 21 Day Metabolic Reset with Detox Organics
  • Exclusive access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Online Training Platform
  • 5 Week Signature Custom Shred Plan

And with the Inferno Package you get:

  • 21 Day Metabolic Reset with Detox Organics
  • Exclusive access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Online Training Platform
  • 5 Week Signature Custom Shred Plan
  • Supplement Stack of Protein, BCAAs, and X-Cell

Let me explain some of these things…

We are starting our challenge off with the 21 Day Metabolic Reset with Detox Organics. This is a 3-week program where you eat with the goal of resetting your body and allowing it to detox. Plus it is used to JUMPSTART your nutrition. This will get your body ready to burn fat like never before.

Because after the three weeks are up, it is time to shred down! That means you will be eating and training towards your goals and now that your body has been cleaned out and reset, it will burn fat faster than it was capable of weeks before.

You also get Detox Organics, a new brand new supplement that has over 10 pounds of vegetables, herbs, and plants in one little scoop and tastes like chocolate. I kid you not. This stuff is amazing, both in the benefits it provides for you and how amazing it tastes. See for yourself once you join the challenge. You’ll have to taste it to believe to believe it.

With every package, you will also get access to my Private Facebook Group. This is only available to certain people, such as those who participate in challenges. This is also where you will get online support, have a community of people on a journey just like yours, and you will have direct access to me!

You will also get access to our Online Training Platform, where we provide you with exercises and workouts that will maximize your efforts, whether your training is taking place at home or the gym.

If you opt-in for the packages with the 5 Week Signature Custom Shred Plan, you get a Custom Meal Plan that is very specific. Not only is it designed specifically for you, just like our normal Custom Meal Plans, but it is also specifically designed to help you buckle down and really shred!

Ok, I Signed Up… Not What?

Once you sign up, you will start getting your first email with instructions on what to do. One of the FIRST things you should do is join the Private Facebook Group. I can’t tell you how crucial it is for you to do this. In fact, all of our past winners were all very active in the group, because it helped to keep them on track and pushed them harder. It is this added support that helped to get them through the challenge and it will help you get there as well.

The second thing you should do is to start taking your pictures. Yup, you will have to take some BEFORE picture to be entered in for the prizes.

And trust me, you want to be in the running for the prizes.

It is not necessary to take your measurements, but I encourage you to. This is because the more you know about how your body is changing, the more rewarding it is. This is the real test on how you are doing throughout the challenge, not what the scale says.

Here are some things to remember to do (and not do) throughout the challenge to track your results:

  • Stay Off the Scale: Often, the scale can be deceiving. While you are doing the challenge, you will be burning fat, but you will also be workout out. This means that you will gain some lean mass. Muscle always weighs more than fat. So, this means that you could weigh more or the same, but look completely different because you burned fat and gained muscle. The scale is not a good indicator of your results. It has no idea about fat to mass ratio and so can be incredibly misleading.
  • Measure Your Progress Other Ways: The real way you should track your progress is with your measurements. This is why I encourage you to get a loose tape measure and measure your waist (around the belly button), thighs, and arms (around the bicep).
  • Take Your Measurement First Thing: You want to keep a steady record of your measurements, but I would recommend you don’t do them every day. Pick a day, once a week. Take your measurements first thing in the morning before you consume anything, on the same day of every week. This will give you numbers so you can see where you are heading and what is changing.

Tip to Start Planning Our Your Meals:

If you know me, you know my favorite carb is the sweet potato. In fact, I love it so much I wrote an entire book about it, which will be out later this year, called The Sweet Potato Diet. I encourage you to eat as much of them as you can throughout this challenge… well, as much as you can while sticking to the 21 Day Metabolic Reset Guide and your meals afterward. The sweet potato is insane for fat loss!!!

And the Biggest Tip of All!

The biggest tip that I can give you for the upcoming challenge is to be aware.

Be aware of what your goals are and what you really want for your life. Don’t be at the end of just another year, asking yourself the same questions.

Many of you are going to enter this challenge because you are aware of the change that needs to be made for your health.

Remember, I am here for you, and we are going to stay connected throughout this entire challenge within my Private Facebook Group, where you are apart of a community of like-minded people on a journey just like yours.

We can do this together, you and I.

I am asking you to join me in this challenge and to hold me accountable, and I will hold you accountable. We will make sure we succeed together, as your success is my success.

I can’t wait to see your transformation and to have your support. And I can’t wait for the opportunity for you to allow me and my Morellifit family to join you on your journey and be a part of it.

Click here to join the 2X Shred Challenge so that we can all have a better, healthier year ahead of us. 

See you on the inside.


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