This Soup is a Powerful Health Food

During the winter you see people everywhere touting the effects of chicken soup. The first thing people say when I feel under the weather is “lay down and have some hot chicken soup.” This first piece of advice is amazing because resting does your body good. The second piece might have been true once, but probably not so much today.

In this post, you’ll learn…

  • When chicken soup was a powerful health food
  • How bone broth is made
  • Top benefits of bone broth
  • A tasty chicken soup recipe for your health

So when was the chicken soup a powerful health food?

The last time broth most likely had real healing properties was when your Grandma was still making it from scratch. And for some of us that could have been our great or great, great Grandma. So what’s changed so much since then?

We start with the heart of the soup itself… the chicken (well at least the carcass)!

Before the time of the electric can opener and the isle full of Campbell’s chicken soup cans, there was a soup made from scratch. Or should I say scrap? Before the time of chicken stock that could be bought off the shelf at the grocery store, the base of the soup was made at home from scraps left over from the animal carcass, and discarded vegetable ends. It was then boiled and simmered down for hours and, eventually, pieces of chicken and chopped veggies were added to this amazing broth.

How is this broth made?

It’s the health benefits of the broth and not the chicken soup that we want to dive into. Our ancestors were able to utilize the whole animal by cooking down the parts that were not easily chewed or couldn’t be digested, like the feet, beaks, and bones. By cooking them down, they were able to consume their nutrition in a broth, which is now referred to as Bone Broth [1].

What’s in bone broth [2]:

  • Collagen
  • Glutamine
  • Calcium
  • Sulphur
  • Glycine
  • Proline
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Glucosamine
  • Sulphate

What are the benefits when I’m sick?

While all these sound fantastic, when used to battle sickness, studies found that it helps to reduce inflammation in the body and when used to treat upper respiratory infection it can reduce symptoms and shorten the time it takes to heal.

Other added benefits of eating this healing bone broth soup while battling a cold are hydration from the broth itself, and the nutrients to help your body heal not only from the broth but also the chicken and vegetables.

Not all broth is created equal.

While there are remarkable benefits of regular bone broth, another addition that is being used is the inclusion of collagen protein. This aids in the recovery of muscle and joint tissue and is often combined with chondroitin in the formula which also aids in rebuilding healthy tissue. This type of protein brings a body healing and recovery component to the already nutritionally powerful supplement.

Not all chicken soups are created equal.

While the thought of preparing your soup from scratch when you’re feeling under the weather might be less than appealing, one thing you want to stay away from is canned, high sodium soups. Instead, one great alternative is to start with a bone broth powder, packed with all the goodness of homemade bone broth, and mix with water to reconstitute. It’s quick, easy, and will have those nutrients inside your body going to work on healing what ails you in no time. For a more hearty substance try our easy Bone Broth-Chicken Soup recipe for the fastest way to have some almost made from scrap soup when you’re feeling under the weather.

Bone Broth-Chicken “so easy you won’t mind making it when your sick” Soup


  • 2 Tbsp Bone broth
  • 8 oz water
  • ½ cup chicken breast and chopped veggies


Warm in a small pot for just a few minutes until veggies and chicken are hot. For a larger portion double all ingredients and warm in the same way.

Bone Broth can be added to just 8 oz of hot water and sipped like a hot cup of tea as well.

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