Top 3 Tips to Save Time and Lose Weight

We all know that nutrition is so important to our health. And it can either get us to our goals or sabotage any effort that we may make.

If there is one thing that I am told over and over again, it’s that most people tend to fall off track because they don’t feel like that have time to cook every meal, day in and day out.

And I get that. I am busy too! So busy, that if I had to cook every meal, every day, I would fall off my meal plan too. Between work and kids, there just are not enough hours in the day to regularly cook each meal from scratch.

Save time and lose weight by…

  • Prioritizing and planning
  • Prepping and storing your food
  • Use a quality service if you have the chance

We all have things going on in our lives, and most of us have jobs and families to look after. We are constantly on the go, and when we do have downtime, we want to spend it with our family and friends, having fun, not cooking. This is where we slip and allow ourselves to end up in the drive through to grab food for dinner, or just ordering a pizza.

The good news is that there are some great ways to save time. They are all easy to do and will help you stay on track to your goals!

1. Why are Prioritization and Planning So Crucial?

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Saving time begins before you even start cooking. Before you do anything, you have to commit to sticking to your nutrition and make it a priority. This means making your meals important to you and committing to making it work. The things we prioritize, are the things we make the time for. So the first step is making meal prepping a priority so that each week we make the time, one way or another, to do it. For example, if you find you love your favorite TV shows and want to make time to watch them, you find a way to plan your meal prep during that time so you can do both and still get ahead on dinner.

Then once you’ve made it a priority, it’s time to get a plan together. Before you even go to the store, plan out in advance what you need to get. And then make sure you stick to your list. If you don’t stray from the list, and only have healthy food in your cart, you are less likely to have unhealthy food hanging around the house.

To plan out what you want to get at the store you will need to plan out what meals you will be having throughout the week. The best way to do this is to write out meals weekly or to get on a Custom Meal Plan and choose your meals right off that list. On the meal plans we make sure only to put foods you like, so sticking to them is easy. Plus they are tailored to your body and your goals. Another great place to find recipes is right here on our blog! We have tons of great, delicious and healthy, recipes for you and your family.

2. What is the Best Way to Prep and Store Your Food To Cut Down Time?

The key to saving time throughout the week is all in the prep! Pick a day or two throughout the week that suits your schedule best and use that time to cook all of your meals until your next cooking day. In this time you will be preparing and packing every meal so that all you have to do is grab them, heat them up and you have a delicious meal for any time.

When you prep your food the best thing to do is to cook all of your protein at once, all of your veggies at once and prepare all of your sides at once, rather than making each meal individually. For example, to save time on vegetables, you can grab 1 of 2 large baking sheets and put on several types of veggies and season different sections differently for variety. Then you can either pack away your protein, sides, and veggies separately, or you can go ahead and divide them up and pack them as meals.

You will want to invest in a good set of storage containers. Personally, we like Pyrex because they last a long time and are made of glass, rather than plastic. Any glass storage container with a BPA free lid works, or even BPA-free containers in general. If your food is going to be eaten within the next couple of days, go ahead and store it right in the fridge, but if you’ve made a batch of something that you are planning on eating over the course of weeks or months, then store it right in the freezer.

3. What if I Don’t Want to Always Live Off Leftovers?

While planning and prepping can save a lot of time, I know you don’t want to live out of storage containers all the time. Sometimes we do want a freshly cooked meal, and you know what? You deserve it! So the best thing to do is let someone else shop and portion your food for you. There are food services out there that provide healthy food on a subscription-based service that is delivered right to your door. Services such as Butcher Box and Sun Basket deliver food straight to your door. Butcher Box delivers fresh, high quality, grass-fed meat so you can skip the store and are guaranteed that the meat you are getting is pasture raised. Sun Basket, on the other hand, delivers full meals to you fresh, already portioned out and with everything you would need to prepare the meal. Plus, they are delicious! And a great alternative you dining out at expensive restaurants where you can’t be sure what they are putting in your food.

This service was so convenient, and we did a review about our delicious experience with Sun Basket.

Making the time to cook and making sure you are eating healthy can be a real challenge, but knowing what to eat in the first place can be really difficult as well. Especially when it comes to eating for your goals. Whether you are trying to put on lean muscle or lose fat, nutrition can be pretty tricky. But, we can make it easier on you by letting you pick the foods you want to eat and then figuring out how much you need to get you to your goals. Every Custom Meal Plan is tailored to each individual, based on the foods they enjoy, their body, and their goals. Don’t let not knowing what you need to eat or how much stop you from getting to your goals!

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