Top 5 Foods To Help Lose Belly Fat [BREAKING]

Foods To Help Lose Belly Fat

Did you know that you can be overweight and still be healthy? (1In fact, if you exercise, but are overweight, the chances are that you are healthier than that person who is at the right weight, but doesn’t exercise.

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While this is nice to know, it doesn’t really help you, especially if you are exercising in the right way, but your weight loss has stalled.

Getting rid of belly fat can be one of the hardest areas to lose weight from. While you may actually be healthier carrying an extra few pounds, we want you to look healthier, too!

So, keep reading, and you will find what the top 5 foods are to help lose belly fat.

By making a few small changes to your diet, it will have an amazing effect on burning fat, especially belly fat!

Before we get into what foods you can eat, you need to make sure your exercise program is right for fat loss. Check out our HIIT MAX plan.

In this post you are going to learn how:

  • MCT oil will help lose belly fat.
  • Strawberries will help lose belly fat.
  • Red peppers will help lose belly fat.
  • Eggs will help lose belly fat.
  • Steak will help lose belly fat.

MCT Oil Will Help Lose Belly Fat

Coconut Oil Lose Belly Fat
For those of you unfamiliar with MCT oil, it’s most commonly found in coconut oil, or real butter. That said, you can even find 100% pure MCT oil which comes as a liquid.

In its simplest definition, MCT is a fat, otherwise known as a medium chain triglyceride.

Now, you may be wondering how a fat can help burn belly fat. So, let us show you how.

A study in 2008 used 31 participants to see if MCT’s had any effect on fat loss. What the study found was that participants who used MCT’s, lost more fat than those who took no MCT’s. (2)

The fat loss results don’t stop there…

Participants were also able to lose fat from all the major sites on the body, including the most stubborn areas like the belly! (2)

The most interesting aspect of this study was that they compared MCT against olive oil. While olive oil is certainly a healthy fat, it seems MCT is better at helping lose belly fat. (2)

Strawberries Will Help Lose Belly Fat

strawberry lose belly fat
Strawberries will help lose belly fat, in fact, any food that is high in vitamin c will have this extraordinary effect.

Here’s how vitamin c works to help lose belly fat…

In 2005, a study looked at the vitamin c status of overweight individuals. The results revealed, those overweight people who had low vitamin c levels, found it harder to lose weight. (3)

Put another way, if you have low vitamin c levels the amount of exercise you do could potentially have no impact on weight loss.

In fact, when vitamin c levels increase, you burn 30% more fat when you exercise! (3)

An easy way to increase your vitamin c levels is to simply eat more foods that contain this vitamin. In turn, you will burn more fat and lose weight.

Red Peppers Will Help Lose Belly Fat

Peppers To Help Lose Belly Fat
Most people will be completely unaware of this, but peppers, specifically red peppers, increase the amount of fat you burn.

It turns out, that adding red pepper to a meal increases fat burning. This increase in fat burning comes solely down to red pepper, and not as a result of including any exercise.

A study looked into the effect of red peppers and fat burning. What they found were that women who ate red peppers at a meal burned more fat than those women who had none. (4)

The study went on to state that red peppers also increase the amount of thermogenesis. This means that the body needed to use more energy to digest this meal, and as a result could lead to even more weight loss. (4)

Eggs Will Help Lose Belly Fat

We all know eggs are healthy and tasty, especially the whole egg. But did you know that eggs will help lose belly fat, too?

In 2009, this is exactly what a study found. (5) The study compared eating a bagel or eggs for breakfast.

What the results found was that the participants who ate eggs for breakfast instead of the bagel, ended up losing more weight! (5)

There are many reasons why this happened, but the main reason is that the protein found in eggs will help keep you fuller for longer. (5)

Steak Will Help You Lose Belly Fat

If you ever needed an excuse to eat steak, this may be the one to use as steak, or any other red meat, can help you lose belly fat.

Steak contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals which can help aid in the digestion and breakdown of food. (6) As a result, the body needs more energy to help with this process, and can result in weight loss when eating in a calorie deficit. (6)

That said, the main reason why steak is so good at helping lose belly fat is that it is a high protein food. (6)

Just like our eggs that we mentioned above, steak helps with losing belly fat because of thermogenic effect, and keeps you fuller for longer.

By eating foods that keep you fuller for longer you will have fewer reasons to snack, or overeat at meal times.

Wrapping Up

By making just a few small changes in the food you eat, you can see how much of an effect this has on losing belly fat. In the case of red peppers, the weight loss results came from including no exercise, but just by having a healthier diet.

That said, we always recommend including both diet and exercise for a well-balanced approach to weight loss.

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