Do Grains Kill Your Gains?

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There can be a lot of mix-up about whether grains are good for you or whether you should stay away from them.

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The main issue with consuming grains, especially those that contain gluten, and why they can actually kill your gains, is because they cause inflammation and problems to our gut health.

The most damaging of the grains are wheat, and this is because it contains the most gluten. The information that we have been told is often confusing and sometimes just downright wrong. For example, throughout the years we have been told that whole wheat bread is much better for us than white bread, but in reality, they two are actually very similar as in they are both bad. In fact, in many ways, whole wheat can be even more damaging than white bread because it contains more gluten, which is what we want to avoid, as it causes more inflammation.

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat and some other grains that are very difficult for our body to break down and digest. Because it is so hard to break down, this is what causes an inflammatory reaction within our gut and increases gut permeability. The more permeable our gut is, the more things that can pass through into our bloodstream that we don’t want in there.

Why does gluten do this? 

The gut is designed to only let thing into your bloodstream that will do certain processes, called tight junctions. So for things to get from the gut into the bloodstream, they have to be allowed in.

Our gut has little villi, which are little finger-like structures on our intestinal walls that help us absorb nutrients and wheat actually damages these villi. This is what can lead to leaky gut syndrome or a permeable gut.

By avoiding certain grains, you can prevent this issue, decrease inflammation and increased your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Here are commonly used items to avoid to: 

  • White bread – This bread is full of wheat, is heavily processed and has had everything pulled out of it, except for the starch, which is why it is white. When you pull everything out of the grain, it is called bleached flour, which means everything that this grain consists of is gone except for the starch itself.
  • Whole Wheat – In items made of whole wheat, such as whole wheat bread, every aspect of the grain has been utilized, and additional gluten is added, which is what we don’t what. We want to avoid gluten, not add extra. This is what makes wheat bread worse than white bread.Sprouted grains – If you are on one of our Custom Meal Plans you have probably seen sprouted grain bread and that is because this is the best type of bread that you can consume that does have wheat in it. That is because it is raw, in a lot of ways (besides the fact the bread is baked).

    What this means is the grains are considered to be more alive than you would find in other bread, and this is because they were sprouted before they were utilized. This helps to decrease the phytate and phytic acid within the grains. However, this can also have its issues, as it can stop the body from absorbing nutrients.

Now, here are some good grains that you can consume: 

  • Quinoa – Although it is often believed to be a grain, it is actually a seed, and when going for a seed, just as in grains, it is always better to get them in a sprouted form. Because quinoa is actually a seed, this makes it a great alternative for grains.
  • Oats – Although a grain, oats in their natural form do not contain gluten but are often processed using the same equipment that wheat is processed, which can add in the gluten. So, when shopping for oats, what you want to look for is a gluten-free steel cut oat. Steel cut oats will be better for you and they taste better. When you buy them, they are the entire oat, they have just been cut down.

What does all this have to do with gains?

For some people, they can consume grains, and it doesn’t affect their ability to put on muscle or get into shape. However, for many of us, certain grains can have a negative impact. We always want to steer you in the direction of being as healthy as you can be, putting your health first. And that is the goal of this, to provide information so that you can improve your overall health and quality of life.

Consuming grains that contain gluten and cause inflammation, that is known to cause damage to our guts and decrease the nutrients that we are getting from the foods we are eating, can slow your metabolism and keep your body from reaching its maximum potential.

By reducing the grains you eat that contain gluten and going with healthier items, your body will be able to respond in ways that it hasn’t before. You will have increased energy, you will feel better, lose more weight by increasing your metabolism, and you will be stronger.

The Verdict: Grains will not necessarily kill your gains (surface), but can have an adverse effect on your overall health. And since that’s what we are most concerned about we suggest you eat them in moderation.

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