Carb and Sugar Free Wine That Gets You Shredded

We’ve all seen articles highlighting the benefits of drinking wine. It is something that we have been told for years, and to give these articles some credit, there have been plenty of studies showing that red wine can actually help you live longer by fighting back against some of the leading causes of death and aging. In fact, light to moderate consumption of wine is associated with a 20% drop in overall mortality, 14% decrease in cancer, and 22% decrease of death from coronary heart disease [1].

In this blog, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between modern-day wine making and traditional
  • Why DryFarm Wines are better for you than your typical wines
  • The Top Natural Winemaking Rituals that DryFarm uses

Studies have shown that wine is good for your heart and can help with cognitive function as you age. The journal Acta Neurologica Scandinavia published a study where they followed subjects for 7 years and found that over the period people who consumed a light to moderate amount of wine were associated with better cognitive performance. This was not found among those who drank spirits or beer [2]. Although cognitive performance can begin to slow down as we age, the consumption of wine helps to retain and improve cognitive performance.

There are many health benefits of drinking wine, but what if I told you that not all wine is created equal?

Although there is a lot of research to back up the health benefits of wine, especially red wine, there are also many things found in conventional wines that may not be so healthy for you. In fact, some of the things you will want to avoid altogether.

Let me explain. 

The process of modern-day winemaking has changed so significantly that the consumption of wine can start to have negative side effects, such as trouble sleeping and an overall uneasy feeling. How can something so healthy, make you feel so unhealthy?

Well, that could be because it is. As mentioned, modern day winemaking has changed dramatically from traditional, organic wine. Many of today’s wines that you find at the grocery stores or wine shops have a higher alcohol content and higher amounts of sugar, which is added. These wines also have chemicals that are added to try and make them more enjoyable, as these chemicals are used to improve texture, color, and flavor.

Did you know that there are 76 chemicals that are approved by the FDA to be added to our wines? Also, because farming has changed, chemicals such as fungicides, mycotoxins, and phthalates can end up in our wine, all of which can negatively contaminate the drink [3, 4, 5]

To reap all of the benefits of wine, without consuming the negative chemicals, which lead to unhealthy, negative side effects, you need to make sure that you are drinking quality wines sourced from organic farms.

This is where Dry Farm Wines come in, a company that I have found has a passion for nature and public health, and to them, the enjoyment of wine is an important part of living well. They are also committed to supporting family farmers and artisans that share their passion.

Because the company is so picky about the farmers they source their wine from, they make sure that the wines all share common natural farming and winemaking rituals.

Top Natural Winemaking Rituals

  • Natural, organic or bio-dynamic viticulture/farming
  • Dry farming, no use of irrigation
  • Old growth vines, generally 35-100 years
  • Hand harvested fruit from low yields
  • Minimal intervention in the vinification and aging
  • Wild native yeast in fermentation
  • No commercial yeast for flavor alteration
  • No or minimal filtering/fining
  • No or minimal use of new oak
  • No or minimal addition of SO2 (sulfites)
  • No chaptalization (adding sugar to the grape must in fermentation)
  • No chemical additives for aroma, color, flavor or texture enhancement

We believe that what this company is doing is unique and we believe that they offer a healthy alternative to the conventional wine that people turn to.

In fact, I’ve been drinking one or two glasses of this a night and getting more shredded. That’s right, I’m drinking wine nightly, and my BMI is going down.

You know how picky I am about the products I use, so this should tell you just how high this company’s quality standards are. I want the best for myself, and I also want the best for you.

We have done the research and understand the significant benefits of drinking wine, as well as the personal and social enjoyment that people get from it.

Dry Farm Wines has created a wine that is diet friendly, and statistically sugar and carb free. This company knows that sugar is public health enemy #1 and they believe that sugar has no place in health optimization. They understand how damaging it can be. This company lab tests their wines for the sugars that are often found in today’s wines and ensure that theirs contain less than 1g/L sugar, statistically making the wine sugar free. They also ensure that this is naturally occurring, not adding or taking away anything from the wine to achieve this.

These wines are absolutely perfect for our lifestyle and work flawlessly with our meal plans. This is why soon if you want to be able to enjoy a glass or two of wine on your Custom Meal Plan, we will be able to work this in for you easily. You won’t have to change anything or guess when or how much you can have, as we will do it for you.

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