You Define Your Purpose, So Stop Searching For It

Are you searching for purpose in your life and you haven’t found it yet? Is it something you yearn for, struggle with and feel like you need, but you are just not there yet, asking yourself, “What am I here for?”

The reality is, it is not always that clear.

One thing I have learned is this: When you do your best every day, that is all anyone can ever ask for. Every day you need to be asking questions and making yourself aware. Through being aware of yourself, you are able to better see the things that need to change. You are in a better position to admit to yourself the things that you need to alter in order to become better throughout your life.

No matter who you are, we all have things that we need to change and improve upon in order to become better. There is no such thing as a perfect person, so this means there is no person who can’t benefit from being more self-aware and more open to the things that need to change in their lives. The perfect person does not exist.

Together, we can strive for excellence and use self-awareness to change our perspective, so that we can see things in a new way and adapt as needed. This leads us to see things and think of things, in ways we would never have before.

So what is finding purpose and how does this all play into it?

What if finding purpose is just about experiencing life and being aware of those experiences. By being aware of those experiences you can then share and use those very experiences to then teach others?

The purpose is not about ‘things’ or obtaining lots of money and objects, but obtaining experiences, good or bad, and being able to teach other through those experiences. What if the fulfillment comes through serving others by teaching them what you have learned?

By being aware and auditing your experiences, you can take all of your trials and tribulations, and reach out to others who are also going through similar circumstances, serving them through leadership and by teaching them what you learned during your experience.

Success in my eyes is the purpose and the fulfillment that comes from the act of serving others. We get too caught up in trying to find our perfect mission and purpose in life that we don’t pay attention to the experiences we are already living, and therefore don’t take the time to learn everything we can from it. If we don’t pay attention, if we aren’t aware, and we don’t learn everything we can, we miss out on the opportunity to help and serve others. We miss out on what potentially could be our purpose and the fulfillment that comes with it.

Maybe this is why you are missing your purpose, maybe you are searching and reaching for something that doesn’t exist. Maybe you are spending too much time seeking out the perfect mission in life, so much that you are missing the opportunity that each new experience brings.

As life brings various circumstances in and out of your life and you experience the ups and downs, I invite you to take those experiences and turn them into an opportunity to serve.

At the end, it is about the growth that you gain through the experience of life and how you then serve others through that growth.

Please…stop reaching for that one single purpose because maybe it just doesn’t exist. Often times the chase can take us further away from the experience of life, and ultimately further away from the fulfillment we all yearn for…

Don’t let the experience of life get in the way of experiencing life.

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